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Holiday Gift Guides 2021- Last Minute Gifts

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  1. Laneige Lip Mask– This lip mask is one of my favorite secrets for getting lip stick to look great and stay on all day. You put it on at night, and your lips will feel amazing all day long!
  2. Apple Watch Band– We’ve had an apple watch band on almost every gift guide the last few years, and this one is no exception! This leather band is thicker so it’s great for men, and comes in a few different colors.
  3. Madewell Paper Clip Necklace– This is such a great price point for a really pretty necklace, and I was shocked that you can still order it in time for Christmas!
  4. L’Occitane Hand Cream– Pretty much anything French feels like a fancy gift, right? I love this classic hand cream.
  5. Bath Bombs– These bath bombs are made with shea butter so they are extremely moisturizing, they’re made from all organic ingredients, and of course we love anything with beautiful packaging!
  6. Playing Cards– It never feels like the holidays to me without a million games of cards, and these decks are really pretty to look at. Such a fun gift to add to your stockings.
  7. Valentino Perfume– Warm and feminine but still subtle.
  8. Earbud Cleaning Putty– Anyone that has AirPods knows the pain of cleaning them, and this putty makes it so easy. A great stocking stuffer!
  9. No-Show Socks– Supportive, don’t fall down, and are true no-shows!
  10. Hair Bows– These hair bows are an amazing price, and come in the cutest prints and materials.
  11. Wood Hair Brush– I’ve heard this brush is comparable to the Mason Pearson but at a fraction of the price!
  12. Leather AirPods Case– An easy gift for your teenager, and you might as well snag one for yourself while you’re at it.
  13. YSL Cologne– A classic!
  14. Weighted Charger– I love that this cord is long enough to reach wherever I need it to, and the weight keeps it from falling off my nightstand.
  15. Mens Pomade– Finding a good hair pomade for men comes with a lot of trial and error, but this one is a tried and true winner!
  16. Air Tags– Hook these onto keys, AirPods, Phones, etc and never spend time looking for them again!
  17. Mandalorian Lego Set– Star Wars Legos are all the rage this year. Fun for boys and girls!
  18. Notebook– Pretty notebooks are always a welcomed gift!
  19. Marker Set– This market set is great for any age, and has so many fun colors.
  20. Coco Floss Set– I will never go back to ordinary floss again. This set comes with some new flavors as well!
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