DIY Wrapping Paper + Our Holiday Wrapping Essentials

Wrapping gifts for the holidays might be more fun for me than opening them. I love using a variety of ribbons, papers, and even making my own wrapping paper! I posted a few videos on my Instagram story of some basic kraft paper I splattered with watered down white craft paint to use in a gift exchange, and I got so many questions! I figured it was time to give a full tutorial and – spoiler alert – it’s REALLY easy.

What you will need-
Kraft paper – This can be any color that you want! I almost always have brown, white and black on hand. I don’t like to use the really thick version – it doesn’t hold tape as well as the thinner versions like the one linked here.
Acrylic craft paint– Once again the colors are totally up to you on this. You’ll want about as much water as paint, mixed in a cup.
2 Paint Brushes– You’ll want a brush that is a little bit fuller, so it will absorb more of the watered down paint.

Step 1: Pick the color of paint you’re wanting to use and add enough water so that it will easily drip off of the paint brush.
Step 2: Roll out your kraft paper somewhere dry- you can even do this inside if you just layer more paper underneath to protect your floors!
Step 3: Grab your two paint brushes, dip them in the paint and splatter away! Leave the paper out flat for an hour or two while the paint dries completely.

I love projects like this for signaling that you really put some thought into your gift. It’s all about those personal touches, isn’t it? I used this paper to wrap up prints framed in spray-painted Walmart frames! Ha! But I think the time and personal effort put into the whole gift made it all a lot more special.

Here are a few more of my wrapping favorites!


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