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Holiday Gift Guide 2021- Runners Edition

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Check Out All Of Our 2021 Gift Guides:
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  1. Master the Marathon Book – I’ve always love running, but it’s been a while since I’ve consistently trained. This year, I signed up for a marathon and the information in this book, written by and for women, is truly so helpful! I feel like I am training smarter and better than ever, as an almost 40 year old!
  2. Pre/During/Post Workout Beverages that aren’t hard on my stomach – BCAA’s / Protein Drink / Chia Gu / Electrolytes
  3. Cropped Tank – I buy almost all of my workout clothes at Nordstrom Rack. I find really cute Nike, Zella, Adidas and Under Armor clothes there for $15/20 each. Nothing motivates a great workout like cute workout gear, am I right?!
  4. Foam Roller Set – The difference between the way I feel after a long run when I stretch and roll out and when I skip it, is truly night and day! It’s worth taking the extra 10 minutes to help your body heal faster and better.
  5. Hokas – A cult favorite for a reason. I’ll be honest, they are not cute (though, these are the cutest of the Hokas, I think). I can run 10 miles in these and my feet will feel GREAT at the end of the run and not tired at all (my legs are a different story). It’s like running on two little clouds!
  6. Handheld Water Bottle – If it’s hot and I’m going on a long run not close to a gas station, this is the water bottle I turn to. It stays tight against your hand so it doesn’t feel like you’re holding it the whole time.
  7. Tiger Balm Pot & Pads – I LOVE Tiger Balm for sore muscles. It’s not too warm and not too cold (like BioFreeze) – it’s just right and, it’s not for everyone, but I even like the camphor in the scent.
  8. Sunscreen Stick – I never leave home without sunscreen on my face and this stays on, no matter how much I sweat during a run.
  9. Body Glide – I like my sports bras to fit very tight for running, and Body Glide is a MUST for avoiding chaffing.
  10. Sunglasses – If I wake up a little later than planned, I wear these sunglasses on my long runs. I hate running into the sun, but these stay on really well and look kinda cool too! No need to rock the 90s Oakleys look!
  11. Liquid Collagen & Trim – I have a 55 year-old friend who runs four marathons a year, every year, and swears by this liquid collagen for joint health. I have been taking it for about six months now and not only do my joints feel great but the new hair growth is insane – a total bonus!
  12. Belt Band – A great place to stash money, keys, phones and snacks. It’s not like a fanny pack where things bounce around.
  13. Compression Socks – These socks, along with my Hokas, do a great job of keeping my feet dry and feeling great.
  14. Superflex Leggings – I like the 7/8ths length of these leggings (and how about the under $20 price tag?!). This length is really cute with crew socks like the compression ones above.
  15. Apple Watch Band – This band color is the perfect cafe au lait neutral and is totally sweat-proof! I like the slimmer sides of the band.
  16. Stroppwaffels for runners – STROOPWAFFELS!!! For runners!! Need I say more? A great stocking stuffer!
  17. Headbands – Nothing worse than sweat in the eyes during a run! These are cute and do the job!
  18. Bra with Phone Pocket – When I’m wanting to run really light – no belt, nothing in my pockets, I pop my phone in the back of this sports bra and head out! You barely notice it’s there. Set it and forget it!
  19. Penetrex – No smells, no heat or cooling – just gentle but targeted and effective pain relief.
  20. Recovery Sandals – Again, not the cutest shoes ever made, but if you ran 15 miles in the morning, these sandals will be your best friend for wearing around the house the rest of the day!
  21. Hat– Sweat wicking, cute and SO lightweight! This is my favorite running hat that feels like a visor, but you don’t have to wear a visor. Win-win!
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