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Holiday Gift Guide 2021- For Kids & Baby

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  1. Wooden Instrument Set – This set comes with so many different instruments! Such a fun and educational toy for little ones.
  2. Pajamas – Hannah Andersson knows how to do pajamas. This is a fun yearly tradition for our Christmas jammies!
  3. High top Vans – High tops are so cute, especially on little kids. I love the colors of these ones.
  4. Chelsea Boots – Any shoes that kids can put on by themselves are a win!
  5. Spot It Game – This is such a fun game for all ages. Even the littlest kids can join in on the fun, and it takes less than 10 minutes to play.
  6. Parka – Love that this jacket is gender neutral, and it looks so warm.
  7. Bead Kit – This is great gift for your older kids that will keep them entertained for hours!
  8. Tubby Todd Baby Set – My friends that have babies absolutely swear by Tubby Todd, and the scents are amazing!
  9. Fabric Doll – I love these cute dolls, and love that they come in a variety of skin tones. You can find tons of accessories for them as well!
  10. Baseball Cap – This is such a good kid-sized baseball hat.
  11. Bike – In Arizona it’s just barely getting nice enough to ride bikes outside, and this one is SO cute.
  12. Night Light – This night light doubles as a sound machine, alarm clock, and you can control it all from your phone.
  13. “A River” Book – This book has the most beautiful illustrations, and is a great story about the power of imagination.
  14. Playhouse – I spent much of my childhood playing outside in and making treehouses, forts and sheds that we turned into playhouses, so I always like to put a playhouse in our backyard if I can. This one is super cute as-is, but would also make a really fun DIY project to spruce up!
  15. Push Bubble Puzzle – These pop-its are all the rage right now, and I love that these ones double as a puzzle.
  16. Art Easel – My kids love to paint with me and this easel is a great size, with plenty of storage.
  17. Lego Bouquet – These are SO cool! Such a fun project for older kids, and would be so cute on a shelf in their room!
  18. Doll Bed – Its amazing that DOLL furniture is this pretty! Margot is getting this bed for Christmas.
  19. Rain Boots – There is nothing cuter than a little kid in rain boots! These come in so many colors.
  20. Train Table – Train tables are great for hours of imaginative play. I love that everything fits in the drawer underneath for easy clean-up!
  21. Tonie Interactive Cube – I’ve heard so much about this interactive cube. It tells stories, sings songs, and so much more- all without a screen! Such a cool imagination booster.
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