My Favorite Christmas Tree Decorations

We usually put our tree up in our living room, but this year I felt like mixing it up! We moved some furniture around and put the tree up in our front room window. I love how it looks from the street! Don’t you love seeing neighbors’ trees all lit up in their windows?!

Here are my steps for decorating a pre-lit tree:

  1. Cotton tassels – I use about a yard per foot of tree!
  2. Wood bead garlands – Again about one strand per foot of tree.
  3. I prefer tree collars over skirts!
  4. I like to add black ornaments into my mix of new and antique ornaments. I stick with neutral colors here mostly!
  5. I tie one foot lengths of cut ribbons all around my tree for texture and color.
  6. Little brass bells finish off the look!

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