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Holiday Gift Guide 2021- For Him

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  1. Leather Ballparks Book – This books is just COOL. If you have a sports fan in your life, this book needs to be on their coffee table!
  2. Neoprene Duffel Bag – I love that this bag is waterproof. It would be perfect as a small carry-on, or even a gym bag.
  3. Quilted Jacket – Cozy, comfy and stylish.
  4. Beanie – There is a wide range of quality when it comes to beanies, and you’ll just have to trust me when I say this one is GOOD.
  5. Laser Level – I can’t even tell you how many projects a laser level comes in handy for. Something as big as building furniture, and as small as hanging pictures. This thing is a life saver!
  6. Leather Charging Tray – A place for him to throw all of his electronics to charge overnight, but they’ll still look contained and organized!
  7. TheraGun Massager – Nothing relieves muscle soreness quite like this massage gun!
  8. SpikeBall – Such a fun game for him to play with his friends, co-workers, or a family night out in the yard.
  9. 3D Tic Tac Toe – Fun for a coffee table or a desk – it’s sculptural and actually really fun to play!
  10. Laser Tape Measure – A laser tape measure saves SO much time, and so much hassle. It almost feels like magic!
  11. Hightop Nike Blazer – These are some really classic sneakers that can be dressed up or down.
  12. Portable Charger – This tray is amazing. See the little three gold dots? Simply set your phone down on the dots and it CHARGES!!! No cord in the phone needed! It’s beautiful and easy. I have one on my bedside and I’m thinking of getting one for Michael’s office.
  13. Enneagram Book – If you love the Enneagram as much as I do, you’ll love and appreciate these small but mighty daily devotional books dedicated to each of the nine numbers. I have been reading about the Enneagram for a few years now but I learned SO much about myself through reading the book about 3s. Michael is a 2 and he feels the same about his!
  14. Toiletries Bag – Who doesn’t love a new toiletries bag?! Especially one this good looking!
  15. Solo Portable Fire Pit – If you’ve never seen or used a Solo fire pit, prepare for your mind to be blown! It creates an amazing fire, with no smoke. Set it up in the backyard for s’mores night, or take it up to the mountains!
  16. Pill Box – It’s a pill box, but it’s also cool. :)
  17. Nike Zip-Up Jacket – A bit structured and VERY warm!
  18. NightBall – It’s a soccer ball that lights up for playing night games now that it’s dark at 5pm.
  19. Retro Bluetooth Speaker – So vintage looking (it’s also giving me Tivoli vibes!) but a way more reasonable price point!

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