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Holiday Gift Guide 2021- For The Home

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Check Out All Of Our 2021 Gift Guides Here:
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  1. Bakeware Set – I love that this bakeware comes with a little rack to keep it all organized in your cupboards!
  2. Gold Scissors – You know you’re old when you start buying pretty scissors just for fun. This gold pair is beautiful and you cannot beat the price.
  3. Electric Kettle – Hot water never looked so pretty!
  4. Cutting Board – I love irregular shaped cutting boards, and this mango wood has the best tones.
  5. Frame TV – I’ve been a huge fan of the Frame TV ever since it came out. Mixing functionality with beauty always wins!
  6. Juniper Print Shop Heirloom Print – This is a print that we recently released titled ‘Heirloom’ by Hannah Winters, and it looks so good on the Frame TV! (We did a whole blog post about putting digital downloads on your TV, you can find that here!)
  7. Dining Chairs – Wishbone dining chairs are such a classic shape that won’t be going out anytime soon. These ones are on Amazon, and at a really great price point
  8. Bottles – These bottles are beautiful. Use them for your bar cart, or fill them with your favorite vinegars, oild or syrups. I even think they’re pretty left empty on a shelf.
  9. Pillow – I love the pattern on this hand-blocked pillow, and the neutral tones will fit into any space
  10. Pitcher – This black pitcher is a great size, and I love the handmade look of it
  11. World of Interiors Subscription – A friend of mine gave me a subscription to AD as a birthday gift years ago and it was the coolest! Every month I thought of her as I enjoyed flipping through the beautiful pages!
  12. Faux Olive Tree – This 8ft. faux olive tree is one of my favorites, and has been a go-to for so many projects recently!
  13. Flatware Set – Some classic flatware is always a good idea, and this antiqued silver is so cool. It looks like pewter but is actually dishwasher-safe stainless steel! We have this set and LOVE it.
  14. Hand Soap – An exfoliating and moisturizing hand wash is so important for these winters months as the air gets drier, and this one smells amazing!
  15. Cloth Bowl Cover – These reusable cloth bowl covers are not only pretty, but good for the environment. I find them so much easier than dealing with plastic wrap.
  16. Mortar & Pestle – A pretty mortar and pestle belongs on every kitchen shelf!
  17. Throw Blanket – This blanket is SO soft, has the prettiest tassels, and comes in some really beautiful colors.
  18. DISC Interiors Book – DISC Interiors creates the most beautiful, organic spaces. I love looking through this book for inspiration, and the olive linen cover makes for some really beautiful decor.
  19. Mason Cache Mixing Bowl – If it’s good enough for The Great British Bake Off, it’s good enough for us! These mixing bowls are a kitchen staple.

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  1. Marble & Gold Cheese Tools – With the holidays approaching, I start to expect a lot of charcuterie (I am definitely not complaining). These marble and gold tools will automatically elevate any holiday party.
  2. Striped Cutting Board – A cutting board is the ultimate gift (for yourself, or a loved one). Whether it’s on display in your kitchen or being used to serve your favorite hors d’oeuvres, I love the striped detailing on this round board.
  3. Always Pan – This pan has a cult following for a reason! Anything that is pretty enough to be left on the stovetop at all times, but is also super functional deserves some recognition. I’ve given it as a gift a few times this year and there is ALWAYS a follow up note about how much they love this pan! It’s awesome.
  4. Cotton Throw Blanket – Rust is one of my favorite fall/winter colors, and this crinkled cotton is so soft and lightweight
  5. The Nordic Baking Book – This book is filled with amazing recipes for the holidays, and stunning imagery of one of my favorite regions. Nordic culture truly does baking better than anyone else!
  6. Wool Dryer Balls – Did you know that wool dryer balls can soften your linens and cut down your drying time? Plus these ones come in some really fun colors!
  7. Mandoline Slicer – One of my favorite things to do on Sunday afternoons is take inventory of the fridge and pantry and turn whatever we have on hand into a yummy soup! This mandoline has been a lifesaver when it comes to chopping up all my vegetables for soups and salads.
  8. Marble Stacking Game – A grown up version of Jenga that is perfect for the coffee table
  9. Wooden Picture Ledge – I love this simple, affordable picture ledge. Hang it by itself, or combine a few to make a longer shelf.
  10. Loloi Area Rug – We used this rug in our Juniper Print Shop holiday shoot this year, and the colors are so beautiful! A few of our team members ended up buying the rugs for their own homes too after the shoot.
  11. Match Cloche – Something about lighting a candle with a match from a pretty container makes me feel like I’m living in a Jane Austen novel, and we could all use that feeling every once in a while!
  12. Large Mugs – These mugs are great for a large cup of hot chocolate, or even soup! They’re handmade, which makes them even more special.
  13. Ribbed Glass Cups – I love a basic but pretty drinking cup, and these fit that description perfectly!
  14. Cottage Berry Basket – The name of this colander alone is enough to make me love it. It can be used to wash and serve your berries! Your mother-in-law is guaranteed to be impressed.
  15. Kitchen Towels – Flour sack dish towels are the very best for drying dishes, and I love the basic lines on these ones.
  16. Dog Bed – A dog bed that will actually add to the vibe of your home, instead of detracting. Thats a tough find but this one really pulls it off!
  17. Copper Kettle – Copper is one of my favorite materials to use as an accent in the kitchen, and this kettle looks perfect on any stove top.
  18. Agate Coaster – These coaster are the perfect way to add a pop of color to any kitchen or coffee table, plus they bring in a really fun natural element.
  19. Vase – This vase reminds me of something fun I would find in a thrift store, and the price isn’t too far off either!

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