One Room Challenge: Week 7 – Gentry Project Main Bedroom Reveal!

Today is an exciting day!! We installed the Gentry Project main bedroom for the One Room Challenge this week and I couldn’t be happier with how this space turned out! It’s all of my favorite things a room can be – colorful with neutral foundations, textural, layered and eclectic. Here’s a look at how the…

Today is an exciting day!! We installed the Gentry Project main bedroom for the One Room Challenge this week and I couldn’t be happier with how this space turned out! It’s all of my favorite things a room can be – colorful with neutral foundations, textural, layered and eclectic.

Gentry One Room Challenge-9

Gentry One Room Challenge-32

Gentry One Room Challenge-7

Gentry One Room Challenge-1

Here’s a look at how the room started when we got our hands on this old, dated house a few months ago. We’re wrapping up the entire house this month with our partners at the Treehouse Group Contracting. They’ve been awesome to work with and everything is looking so great! Get ready for LOTS more pretty spaces from this fun project. :)


We pulled out the carpet in here, installed new squared off windows, pulled down yellowed wallpaper and painted the faux beams a soft gray color. Since the ceilings are only about 8.5 ft tall, softening the color of the beams really helped the ceiling to feel higher.



If you remember from this post, we planned on hanging a soft leaf pattern wallpaper in here, but decided against it in the end. Wallpaper is SO pretty, but I know it’s not a look for everyone. We decided to stick with just white walls in here and let the curtains and the rug be the pattern stars of the room.

Gentry One Room Challenge-31

vase (similar)  //  sconces

Speaking of the rug, Dash and Albert’s Kota rug was really our starting point for the design. The color variation and the pattern here are complete perfection. It really is a gorgeous rug, just like everything from Dash & Albert!

Gentry One Room Challenge-13

rug  //  pom pom blanket (similar)

And I LOVE how the DIY grid pattern curtains turned out!  Check out this post for the full tutorial. I used navy and black fabric paint in a brush pen to freehand a grid pattern. It only took a few hours to do all six panels and I’m so happy with how these look hung on our pretty black iron curtain hardware! (Pro tip: skip the clip option in favor of curtain rings and use drapery hooks for a more custom look!)

Gentry One Room Challenge-21

Those Yucca plants are faux and they are seriously convincing. They are a great price for a really good faux plant (we bought two of them for more fullness).

Gentry One Room Challenge-42

Gentry One Room Challenge-22

HYACINTH print  //  POPPIES print  //  gold chain frames

Can you even handle this caramel leather bench?! It’s from Article and it is absolute perfection, right down to the tufting and the brass x-base!

Gentry One Room Challenge-43

leather ottoman (similar)  //  serape (similar)

This gorgeous chair is also from Article. It is the prettiest shade of warm blue gray and I love the wooden frame! Like all of the Article pieces I’ve ever used over the years, these two pieces are completely gorgeous and really well-made.

Gentry One Room Challenge-53

side table  //  arm chair

Gentry One Room Challenge-37

Gentry One Room Challenge-35

This cute white side table and those GORGEOUS nightstands are some of my favorites. I love, love, love the nightstands! They’re the perfect size and the slightly cerused finish is so pretty in person!

Gentry One Room Challenge-15

bed  //  sconces  //  nightstands

Gentry One Room Challenge-30


Gentry One Room Challenge-10


The striped blanket at the foot of the bed is so fun, and I’m obsessed with the oversized tassels!

Gentry One Room Challenge-44

Guys, this gorgeous oatmeal linen platform bed is so beautiful! I could not have been more impressed with it when it arrived, especially considering the crazy-affordable price!

Gentry One Room Challenge-29

The pink tassel pillow was a test run for some ideas I’m throwing around for a Juniper Studio pillow line. Tell me, guys. would you buy a pillow this size? I love the blush color and those cute little tassels! I’m having a lot of fun with this new pillow line and I can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve been up to. :)

Gentry One Room Challenge-28

The beautiful hemstitch white cotton sheets, the rust pillow shams and the SHOCKINGLY SOFT ivory coverlet are all from Pine Cone Hill, a favorite source of mine for gorgeous bedding.

Gentry One Room Challenge-33


The art in the room is all from Juniper Print Shop. The tree print is called COTTONWOOD and the city scene here below is called MERCER. They’ll be in the shop very soon along with ten other new prints that you’re going to love! :)

Gentry One Room Challenge-49

Gentry One Room Challenge-50

The HUGE brass mirror is so pretty. The glass is slightly antiqued and I love how it adds a little bit of moodiness to this light, bright space!

Gentry One Room Challenge-12

Gentry One Room Challenge-40

brass mirror  //  white vase (similar)  // BOUGIE print // Her Name is Mud cactus planter

I think it’s perfect hanging over the DIY dresser we made with the extra long drawer pulls. Isn’t this color so pretty in here? Especially with that gorgeous navy lamp!

Gentry One Room Challenge-51

floor lamp  //  brass mirror

Gentry One Room Challenge-52

I hope you guys have loved following along with this makeover as much as we’ve loved doing the projects! I’m so proud of this space and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the Gentry Project!

Gentry One Room Challenge-20

faux yucca plants

Gentry One Room Challenge-4

Now! Don’t forget to check in on all the reveals today! There’s a wholllllllle lot of gorgeous happening on the internet today! :)

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And here are all the links and sources in one place!

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Beam color: Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

Wood floors: Delaware Driftwood from Lumber Liquidators

DIY Curtain panels

Curtain Rods and Rings

Dash & Albert Kota Rug

Oatmeal Linen Queen Bed

Faux Yucca Plants

Leather Ottoman (similar)

Serape on Ottoman, vintage  (similar)

Article Nord Galaxy Gray Chair

Brass floor lamp


White Side Table

Brass Antiqued Round Mirror

Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket (similar)

Black and Brass wall sconces

Navy table lamp and linen lamp shade

Indigo striped throw (in basket)

Pine Cone Hill White Sheets

Pine Cone Hill Ivory Coverlet

Jenny’s Print Shop HYACINTH

Jenny’s Print Shop POPPIES

Gold Chain frames

Jenny’s Print Shop BOUGIE

Jenny’s Print Shop MERCER and COTTONWOOD coming soon!

White vase for Dahlias (similar)

Vase with Eucalyptus (similar)

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86 thoughts on “One Room Challenge: Week 7 – Gentry Project Main Bedroom Reveal!

  1. Seriously so beautifully done. I’ve been looking forward to the room and it did not disappoint! On pins and needles for the new prints!

  2. Wow Jenny, gorgeous as usual!!! I’ve been really looking forward to this post and it did not disappoint. Loved the tutorials for the room also. Totally going to give those curtains a try this weekend. Your the best, thank you!!!!

    PS I would buy ALL the pillows..

  3. It turned out so great! I just LOVE your work. And yes I would buy that blush pillow in a heartbeat. Please stock that exact one in your shop!!

  4. I read through this post carefully hoping to get a link to that amazing pillow so if you make them available I would buy one in a second! So gorgeous

  5. This room is beautiful—layererd, soft, and textural. I love the way your curtains and dresser turned out. You have such talent for creating. As long as it is not crazy expensive, I will buy that exact blush pillow. It would be perfect in my master!! Can’t wait to shop all the lovely things you are pulling together!

  6. Love the room! We have an over-sized lumbar kilim pillow on our bed and it’s perfect. I can’t wait for the new pillows and prints!

  7. Gorgeous room! Is there a source for the big gold/brass frame with the tree print (Cottonwood I assume?) or was it custom?

    1. Same question! I know you’ve done posts on fram s for your prints in the past, but I’d be curious which ones you used in this project, both the brass and the white (the white looks like IKEA but I know in the past you’ve mentioned that they use funny dimensions so not always optimal?)

  8. The room is beautiful. I have been looking for a pillow that size to use on my bed. I would love one with a cover that is super soft and cozy. All I have found are pretty, but a bit on the stiff side.

  9. Just like everything you do — the whole room and everything in it is just BEAUTIFUL! And I could NOT be more excited for your pillows — ESPECIALLY one that size! I have the one you did (about that size?) for Cup of Jo’s bedroom refresh stuck in my brain as something I want for my downstairs sofa. I would also love to see something that size that’s kilim inspired!! (Just in case you’re asking. Ha!)

  10. I 100% need that pink oversized pillow in my life. Like today. Please, oh please get those for your shop!!

  11. I’ve been looking at those sconces for a while…can I ask, did you not put lightbulbs in, and if you did, which ones did you use so that they wouldn’t hang out the bottom.

    The room looks magnificent, by the way.

    1. We don’t have lightbulbs in yet but there are shorter bulbs with full size sockets! Just ask the lighting person at your local hardware store to grab you a couple! That said, I think these would look awesome with white globe vanity bulbs peeking out the bottom! :)

  12. Hi there! This looks AMAZING!! Where is the basket that the Yucca plants are in? Recreating that look in my living room!

  13. I scrolled through to specifically find out where to get the blush bed pillow- please make it happen!

  14. LOVE it Jenny! That DIY drapery works amazingly and from before to after, you have completely re-imagined the space. Love your styling and my favorite pieces of furniture have got to be the bench and the side table! Modern, contemporary in style yet feel so cozy and at home in this casual retreat! That navy rug is beautiful and I adore your pink pillow on the bed!

    7 weeks just like that and you have nailed it!

  15. I ordered a sample size of the Kota Indigo rug after I saw it in one of your preview pictures. I LOVE the color and pattern, but I hate the feeling of it. Has it softened up at all since you’ve had it? I know the description says “rough hand,” but it’s like sitting on sandpaper.
    I want to get the full size for aesthetics so badly, but can’t imagine laying/sitting on the floor with the kids with the way it feels right now.

  16. No joke, I’ve been dreaming about a long pillow on my bed ever since you DIYed one for Joanna Goddard’s bedroom YEARS ago. That may have been when I first started reading LGN even! I have a body pillow that I use when pregnant and always side eye it, like “Do I have the skills to sew a beautiful cover for you??” (Answer: I wish but nope.) So I would absolutely buy that pillow.

  17. I would for sure love to buy that big pillow! This room is so good. The curtains, all the layers of interest, and the new prints. You’re killing it! I love how you make a bed, it feels so effortless and looks so clean. You know what caught my eye-the nightstands that almost feel oversized, but they fill the space under the windows so well. Thanks again for all the inspiration. You’re my fav:)

  18. Please tell me that the rust shams on the bed are somehow still available? I could not find them on Pine Cone Hill.

  19. i LOVE that pillow. it was one of the things that made me stay on the ORC in the first place. i mean, the whole room is gorgeous of course, but i was hunting for the source of it so i could buy it for myself! great job on the room!!!

  20. I love love love the room. everything looks gorgeous. I’ve been eyeing that bed in King but I can’t believe a bed that inexpensive is that good of quality. May have it give it a go!

    Also, I was wondering, do you think that tasseled bed throw would work on a King? I’m having trouble finding large throws for the end of our king bed that are stylish.

  21. Such an amazing change ! So thrilled for you! And I love the fresh and airy look. It has warmth and charm that makes you just want to plop arcoss the bed and watch a good movie. Kudos on a great makeover. ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  22. Yep, I would def buy that pillow either for my bed OR one of my kids if it came in a smaller size. Admittedly, it would have to be priced reasonably, I can’t spend $200 on a pillow. Maybe in my next lifetime?!

  23. I would definitely buy that pillow. That’s the main thing I was looking to purchase from this post. Agree with previous poster re: pricing. But it is seriously gorgeous!!

  24. I love this room so much I think I’m going to copy it for my own bedroom makeover! I love the nightstands and how oversized they are… does anyone know of a cheaper version??

  25. LOVE the long pillow!!! I would definitely purchase <3

    Do you have recommendations about how large a piece of art should be for over the bed? I'm on the hunt for something now (most likely will come from Jenny's print shop ;-) ), but am trying to figure out the best length for a full vs a queen, etc. Is there a trick for this?

  26. yes on the long blush pillow, I’m always looking for this size pillow for reasonable price and have hard time finding, this is a perfect pillow, color and all

  27. Beautiful room! I love the rug! (And yes, definitely would buy that pillow if it’s jn my budget!)

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