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If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, you know all about our Gentry Project. I thought I would give you a little back story here! While I have LOVED doing client work for most of my career, some really big things are happening this year with Juniper Studio that have made it tricky to feel like…

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, you know all about our Gentry Project. I thought I would give you a little back story here!

Gentry Demo-3

While I have LOVED doing client work for most of my career, some really big things are happening this year with Juniper Studio that have made it tricky to feel like I have a good handle on that client relationship that is so important to me.  So for a few months now I have not been taking on any additional clients while I focus on these new business ideas. It’s been scary to branch out and to have to turn down really cool client opportunities (there were a couple of commercial jobs that were so tempting!!), but I know that it’s so important to say no thanks to good things so we can say yes (more like, YES!!!!!) to the really great things.

Gentry Demo-24

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Many of you know that we live and work in Mesa, AZ, my home town, and I care deeply about this community of half a million that still feels like a small town. We have a great stock of historic and mid-century homes just waiting to be loved on and prettied up for the sweet, hardworking people that live here and want to raise their families in this community.

Gentry Demo-19

Gentry Demo-20


One of my dreams for more than a decade now has been to rehab old houses in Mesa and other communities in the East Valley of Phoenix, and then also do a pop-up shop in the finished house before selling it. The timing finally felt right this year to move my design business to this model, and the stars aligned when my friend and brilliant real estate agent Amy from Sonny Daily introduced me to the amazing people at Treehouse Contracting Group. Honest, careful, cost-conscience and FAST are all words that come to mind after working with Treehouse as the contractors on the Gentry Project. Seriously, I can’t recommend them enough if you are looking for a good contractor in the Phoenix area!


Gentry Demo-10

Gentry Demo-16

This post is not meant to skip over all of the good stuff, I promise! We’ll dig deep into the design process and plans with tons of posts and even video reveals that I’m super excited about. It’s mostly meant to be an update on why I am not taking on new clients for at least a few more months and a formal intro to this project that so many of you have shown love for on Instagram already! The really fun part is starting to happen, so I hope you’ll continue to follow along! The flooring goes in next week, which is when a project really starts to take shape for me. I can’t wait to see our beautiful white oak floors installed! And our custom modern iron frame front door going in the week after that is going to be a show-stopper! :)

Here’s a little video I took on my phone right before all the demo started. (Warning: the production quality here is coming in at a level zero! Ha! I promise the new videos will be a LOT better!) It was funny for me to watch this again and remember just how bad this house was before. The kitty litter rake in the gravel bath tub surround?! (gasp!) It was also funny to hear all the layout plans we had in the beginning that we have switched up now. Sometimes you just gotta get in there and open up some walls before you can really feel what needs to happen in a home, am I right?

I can’t wait to finish up this Spanish-modern, California-cool home in the next couple of weeks! Here are some of our inspiration images below. What would you like to see happen in this house?























Check back in tomorrow for a round up of our favorite Spanish inspired tiles that we’re sourcing for the Gentry project!

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35 thoughts on “Juniper Studio – Gentry Project

  1. So very excited for this! And I thought one of the inspo images was from Lauren Conrad’s house which I love and I was right! Great minds!

  2. Beautiful! I have a GREAT idea…. since you can’t take on any BIG clients because you have big things going on. How about taking on a “little” client? That would be ME! Little ole me in Houston, Tx. I have an idea for a gallery wall in my living room. I would L.O.V.E. to have your magical touch on it. What do you say? It would be a win = win! ;) I am kidding (but not) – I do so love your work.

    1. Thanks Sandra! What a compliment! I wish I could fit it all in! It’s so fun to work with and get to know lovely people like you! xo

  3. Go Jenny! I am nearing the end of a rehab that I have been working on for nearly three months and am ready for it to be OVER now. Your project is going to take considerably longer, I think. What I’d like to see done with the house is for you to keep the blue toilet, I have always loved them (green too, but not pink and never black – ew). That is my vote.

    1. We were tempted by the blue for about two minutes, but it is just too quirky for the look we’re going for! Also its a weirdly small size, so it just wasn’t really working across the board. Next time! There are lots of colorful bathrooms in all these midcentury homes in Mesa! :)

  4. I’d love to see some character left in the house. I know this isn’t a historical master piece or anything, but it definitely has some fun charm. Like the arches when you walk in the front! I love seeing homes that aren’t the exact same as everything else on the block.

    1. Yes – you nailed it on the head! We are working to remove all the quirky and unnecessary while keeping/introducing some character! :)

  5. What a great idea! I love seeing renovations done well. One question: are you keeping the living room sunk? I am very excited to see the continuation of this series.

    1. We are, actually! I would normally opt to fill, but it actually sort of feels nice in the space? It fits the house and the extra ceiling height is a huge bonus!

  6. This is so cool! I can’t wait to see the end result. I love seeing spanish-inspired design that isn’t weird faux-stone and lots of beige.

  7. Love the idea of combining a reno with a pop-up store. Wish I had at least one entrepreneurial bone in my body. This is going to be fun to follow. Thanks!

  8. Jenny
    This is so fantastic. Great Job. I love everything you did and would be forever grateful for the source of the kitchen counter stools. Thank you

  9. I love that you’re keeping the wooden beams! It reminds me of Cindy Crawford’s home that she designed with Michael Smith – it was feature in Elle Decor about 10 years ago. I have it pinned and dream about owning a house like that someday..

  10. Gorgeous house and love the inspiration! I absolutely can’t get over that upholstered bed with wood frame in the picture third up from the bottom. Any chance you know where it’s from? Thanks!

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