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Using Etsy to Source Vintage and Unique Pieces

Vintage pieces are the soul of a room! I’m a firm believer that you can make inexpensive home products sourced from big box stores and the internet look expensive when you can combine them with the right vintage pieces.

Overstock Room Giveaway-58

sofa  //  rug  //  coffee table  //  chandelier

Overstock Room Giveaway-21

STARLITE print  //  chairs  //  lamp

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Vintage pillows are an easy place to start if you’re feeling timid. They are colorful, textural little pieces of art! Just like a great pair of statement earrings with a simple t-shirt, a fun vintage pillow can trick the eye and make the whole room look more expensive!


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Throw blankets are the next step in vintage shopping that feels accessible but fun! I love a good Moroccan throw with giant tassels! The bonus is these throws can be easily dyed if you’re not finding the exact color you’d like for your bedroom.

Brooklinen LGN 191

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PATHS print  //  Juniper Studio Home Lumbar Collection  //  lamp


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bed  //  rug  //  wall sconces


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I’ve said it before, but vintage runners are a must for me in every kitchen I design! They bring warmth and soul to what can feel like a cold space otherwise.

Gentry Kitchen-1 (4)

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5-shiplap-kitchen-59608-0618 (1)

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vanity  //  stool  //  mirror  //  sconce

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Studio Kitchen Reveal-6

HYACINTH print  //  POPPIES print  //  black planter

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If you click through some of these linked rugs below, you’ll find a few of our favorite rug sources! You can follow their shops and see all the beautiful pieces these sellers list daily! Treasure hunting at its most convenient! :)


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

Another easy way to incorporate vintage pieces into your home is through pottery! I am a straight up ceramics hoarder!! I have closets full of the stuff and each piece is genuinely priceless to me! And lucky for me, my sister is also a potter and she is constantly letting me use her pieces for projects! :)

Gentry One Room Challenge-37

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FEMME Styled

5I5A5668 copy

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Kara's Kitchen-67

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5I5A9706 copy

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I especially love the ceramic pieces that look organic and extra drippy/imperfect! That is what’s so great about vintage pieces – their unique, one of a kind qualities. I hope you find some treasures in our favorite shops here! xo


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10 thoughts on “Using Etsy to Source Vintage and Unique Pieces

  1. I LOVE Etsy…so wonderful that shoppers support small businesses. So many great finds for vintage and creative artists. Great decorating ideas and your sister’s pottery is beautiful❣️I normally wholesale to stores but opened my own shop ( it is so rewarding having one of my own! Thanks for the shout out for Etsy! Have a great day , Betty

  2. Great sources – thank you! I love the colors and geometric patterns on kilm pillows, but I’m not sure about wool pillows. Do you find them to be stiff or itchy? Maybe they’re made from a type of wool that’s very soft???

  3. Thanks for highlighting Etsy as a place for home decor. I have followed you for years and even bought a few things from your yard sale in DC years ago. Now I live overseas and I recently opened my own shop on Etsy with finds from European flea markets and antique shops. (

    Thanks for inspiring so many in home design!

  4. Etsy has so much great stuff for sale, and pretty cheap too. From Home Decor to Custom Clothing, that’s my go-to place! Love those pillows!

  5. I loooove vintage rugs and have a couple but I always struggle with them slipping around or getting messed up any time a dog runs through the house. Any suggestions for legit pads/grips to help with that?

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