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Gentry Office Reveal

If you remember from this post about the original layout of the Gentry house, we added to the total square footage of the house by converting a large workshop area off the back of the garage into a new mudroom, family room and a fourth bedroom. Today we’re showing you how we staged this fourth bedroom as a home office! For the step by step process of how we decorated this space, don’t miss the stories in my highlights on my Instagram feed.

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5I5A5552 copy

SUMMER DAY print (similar) //  white metal basket (similar) //  blue bowl (similar)

5I5A5597 copy

SOHO print (similar) //  desk chair (similar) //  white desk  //  24×36 picture frame

5I5A5424 copy

bookshelf, vintage (similar)  //  white desk  //  desk chair (similar)

lamp (similar) //  fiddle leaf fig (similar)

5I5A5502 copy

lamp (similar)  //  bookshelf, vintage (similar)  //  gold pencil cup  //  tray (similar)

5I5A5693 copy

SOHO print (similar)

Loloi just launched a new line of beautiful rugs called the Porcia collection and they invited us to use one of these new rugs at the Gentry house. I was immediately drawn to the one we used here for the office (the color is Red/Beige) but truly the whole collection is stunning and I would have been excited to use any of the rugs here! The collection was design to give the dimensional look of mosaic tiles and I’ve never seen anything like it! It’s super unique. It almost gives the nubby, textural look of a jute or seagrass rug, but with the color and look of patterned rugs we all love so much!

5I5A5581 copy

5I5A5798 copy copy

bookshelf, vintage (similar)  //  desk  //  desk chair (similar) //  wood side chair (similar)

lamp (similar) //  window shade (similar)

5I5A5682 copy

desk  //  desk chair (similar) //  fiddle leaf fig (similar)

It was so fun to roll out the rug in the space and be surprised to find subtle touches of some of my favorite colors in the rug – rust, peach, coral, olive navy, ivory, and black were all there! It made it really easy to pick the furniture for the staging! We started with this white metal desk that doesn’t make this small space feel too overstuffed with its open legs. The window is not centered in the room, so we knew we’d want a taller storage piece in the left corner to help draw the eye up. I love how this vintage rattan shelf brings out the warmer tones in the rug.

5I5A5414 copy

5I5A5636 copy

5I5A5517 copy

5I5A5529 copy

To bring some balance and height to other side of the room, we placed the AMAZING faux fiddle leaf + basket combo. It was a total steal at $129 and I couldn’t recommend it more!

5I5A5649 copy

5I5A5326 copy

The black leather chair was a lucky last minute find. I think every room should have at least a small touch of black. It adds contrast and acts like a punctuation mark in a room.  And how great is that gold X-brace on the legs of the chair?!

5I5A5563 copy

5I5A5607 copy

I wanted to bring in a few blue pieces into the room to help those blue parts of the Loloi rug to pop out even more. I LOVE our new indigo stripe pillows (coming soon!) on these super cute and affordable cerused oak arm chairs!

5I5A5354 copy

SOHO print (similar) //  ZIPPER print  //  24×36 picture frame

5I5A5511 copy


5I5A5490 copy

5I5A5578 copy

I also searched through my photo archives to see if there would be any good blue images to print out for this space. I found these two photos I took the last time I was in NYC. They felt perfect for the space as soon as I held the prints next to each other and saw the interesting contrast of colors and perspective and architectural styles. We just uploaded them into the print shop today too! You can check them both out here – SOHO print & ZIPPER print.

5I5A5763 copy

5I5A5440 copy

SOHO print (similar) //  ZIPPER print

5I5A5712 copy

I love how that sun flare in the blue print pulls out some of the coral and peach undertones in the Loloi rug. I’m super happy with how this space came together. I know I’d love to work in this home office if the Gentry house were mine (and I’m still sort of wishing that is was!) :)

5I5A5606 copy

5I5A5326 copy

Thanks to Loloi for sending us this beautiful new rug! Check out their new Porcia collection here. To purchase Loloi rugs, check out or, or you can email to find a retailer near you.




desk chair (similar)

side chair (similar)

bookshelf, vintage (similar)

faux fiddle leaf fig  (similar)

desk lamp (similar)

white metal baskets (similar)

desk tray (similar)

gold pencil cup

blue bowl (similar)

black baskets (similar)

pink vase (similar)

In the Company of Women – book

Chanel – book

Tribe of Mentors – book

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14 thoughts on “Gentry Office Reveal

  1. Beautiful room! What you are able to find on Amazon and Wayfair always amazes me! I must be really bad at searching.

  2. I love it! I have a white desk and these two chairs for my office but haven’t finished it yet. Great inspiration. And I need that zipper print stat!!

    1. Hi Sarah! The shade was a purchase from Lowes a few years ago. You can check JC Penney, Overstock and Amazon for similar! Hope that helps!

  3. love it! i’m interested in that desk. does it roll around a lot? i tend to lean when i’m on my laptop and i’m wondering whether it’s practical.

  4. I love everything about this office! Now, to make it happen in my cubicle! (Haha) Also, where did the Keep it Simple piece come from? Thank you !

    1. Thanks Mary! The little frame is from Target! They have a new little end cap in most stores where everything is only $6! :)

  5. It looks lovely!!! Now you could buy Indian home decor online in USA at best price from a wide range of Indian style Lamps, articrafts, bedsheets, wall décor and other Home Décor products at Karmaplace.

  6. Outstanding office. Love everything about it. Did not see it, if you mentioned it, sorry I did not see it, but where did you purchased your beautiful rug?

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