Changes in our Library and the Prettiest Rug from Loloi!

Some of you saw on my Insta stories recently that I got a new rug from my friends at Loloi and it sparked a revolution in my library! We moved all the furniture around and it looks better than ever in here if you ask me!! rug  //  linen sofa //  coffee table  //  basket…

Some of you saw on my Insta stories recently that I got a new rug from my friends at Loloi and it sparked a revolution in my library! We moved all the furniture around and it looks better than ever in here if you ask me!!


rug  //  linen sofa //  coffee table  //  basket  //  lamp  //  pillows


The new rug is from Loloi’s brand new Javari collection and this specific rug is called Berry Sunrise. I remember seeing the Javari collection displayed in the (insanely popular) Loloi showroom at High Point last market and thinking that the collection would be a big hit. Every rug in the collection is beautiful!



I love that colors in fashion and home are going a little more on the warm side. Warmer colors can be so cozy and flattering! But don’t fret if your whole house is covered in the cooler tones that were more popular a few years ago! The new rusts and olives and mustards mix SO well with the cooler tones as long as there is a healthy does of white and black and other neutrals in your space (like my linen and leather sofas!).



(pillows  //  throw)

(PS A bunch of you have been asking about my new leather Sven sofa from Article. Yes, I love that sofa as much as when we installed the same one in Lucy’s living room! It is beautiful and incredibly affordable for the quality and I LOVE that it ships so fast. Two thumbs up!)



And how great is this camel leather and rug combo?! I love that this rug has pretty much every color in the rainbow but it is also somehow super neutral and low-key. I am a HUGE fan. We have been using this room so much more recently since we moved things around and added the pretty, new rug!



You can buy the Berry Sunrise rug online HERE or you can email to find a local-to-you retailer to see the rug in person. I think you’ll love it as much as I love mine!


(cloud prints – $15 each from Jenny’s Print Shop!)


Loloi Rugs is a sponsor of LGN. All opinions are my own.

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52 thoughts on “Changes in our Library and the Prettiest Rug from Loloi!

  1. Where did you find your curtain rods/clips? I have a SUPER long set of windows and was hoping to find a wood or brass rod that would fit – I have had NO luck! SOS! :) The library looks fab!

  2. Ok – my question is, how is it to vacuum? I’ve bought woven rugs and one was a bear to vacuum. Sounds funny, but rugs can be awful to clean when they are horrible to vacuum.

    1. Not a SINGLE BIT of fluff with this rug so far!! We’ve had it for about a month now and no shedding at all. Super easy to vacuum and hides all sorts of crumbs and real life mess. Seriously love.

  3. Love the rug! I wonder if it comes in a skinny runner so I could use it in the kitchen. Where did you get your drapes?

  4. It looks beautiful! But what happened to those amazing club chairs that used to be in the room? Just reassure me that you didn’t get rid of them and that they’re happy in their new home. I remember they were such an incredibly lucky find!

    1. I will never get rid of those! They’re being moved into my NEW STOREFRONT/DESIGN OFFICES!!!!!! :) More news coming soon! xo

      1. Ha ha! Hannah and I had the same thought. I scrolled down to the comments in a panic, trying to figure out if you had gotten rid of those chairs. They are so amazing. I bet they’ll look awesome in your new space.

  5. Hi! Would love to get the link for your curtains when you get a chance. (Also, I have a Margot, too! :)

    1. Absolutely beautiful room. I would also love to know your wall color. It looks like a perfect neutral. Thank you.

  6. I would love to know where the little white multi-legged stool is from! Guessing vintage but I am in love so thought I’d ask just in case…

  7. Apologies if you’ve already blogged about this, but what frame is that on the cloud prints? It’s nice to see them in situ looking so fantastic. Love the rest of the library, too. :-)

    1. Hi Aidel! These frames are from Michaels! They are 20×30 and close to $25 each I think? I bought them on sale (but when is Michaels NOT having a sale on their frames, right?) :)

  8. gorgeous space! i love catching snippets of the evolution of this room. can you share source for the black & white tray?

    1. It was a find from Restoration Hardware outlet (only $150!). It had bad water damage but I sanded and paint the top white. Love the size especially!

  9. Jenny, lovely rug! I’m excited for all the changes in your home and in your professional realm. Professionally, will you produce more tables like your oh so pretty hexagon table featured here? How can I get one? Many thanks!

  10. Lovely room and that sofa! to die for!
    My question is about the plants – how frequently do you water them and how do you keep them healthy?

  11. How about that tall standing mirror? Beautiful! Do they sell any smaller versions?

  12. Your library looks amazing!! I love your upholstered sofa. Is the link you provided for a “similar” one? I noticed that the one in the link has wooden feet and is not upholstered the way yours is. Also wanted to know how big (how many feet long) your sofa is and if it is down filled or foam? Any info you can share would be great!

    1. I have the exact same questions too regarding the sofa. Great looking room, Jenny! Congrats on the new office space.

  13. This rug is so beautiful, and I would love to use it in my dining room. Unfortunately, I have carpet in my dining room (can’t change it). I currently have a cheap, thin rug there to protect from my toddler’s messes, but with the weight of the pedestal table, the chairs sliding in and out, and one corner being a major traffic zone, the rug is always bunching. Do you think the Loloi rug could still work on top of beige carpet and be heavy enough to at least lessen the bunching? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

  14. Love this rug, wonder what size is it? and approximately the size of your living room? what sort of light does your living room receive?

  15. How do you like that linen sofa? I’m looking to replace my current one that has down cushions and backs because I hate the way it is so squishy and flat all the time.

  16. I also love your curtains! May I ask how you customized the rod? Did you also do that through Loom?

  17. Love the new look and how it pulls everything together. I was wondering about the material of the rug since it’s mostly polyester. (That’s why there’s no shedding.) Wouldn’t it show wear and tear down the line or am I thinking of the old way with polyester stuff? :)

  18. What a gorgeous gorgeous room! I just ordered this rug from Wayfair and am looking forward to receiving it, but am having some second thoughts. My floors are really dark stained – walnut. Does this rug look dark in person or is it muted and light?

    1. How was the rug? I just ordered it and am nervous of it being darker in person.
      did you like it?

  19. Hi Jenny!
    I’ve been reading reviews about the Article Sven sofa and many say there is a large gap between the seat cushion and the side arm of the sofa as it ages. Have you found this to be true?? How do you like the sofa the longer you have/use it? Thanks!

    1. Hi! I haven’t notice that yet, but we’ve only had the sofa for a few months now! I’ll keep an eye out and update my comment here if we have any problems!

      So far we are loving it! :)

  20. While shopping for rugs, I always think about lifestyle. I like to place an elegant looking rug in my home. Rugs also add sophistication to your space.

  21. Hello! Your library wall is perfect. Could you tell me where the lights at the top of the shelves came from? Thank you!!

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