Master Bedroom Makeover with Brooklinen!

One of my obsessions is really great bedding. I’m the person that checks tags on sheets in guest rooms and at hotels – I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect cotton sheets that are soft, cool and that wash well! canopy bed  //  rug (similar)  //  blue plaid ottoman  //  pom pom throw armchair  //…

One of my obsessions is really great bedding. I’m the person that checks tags on sheets in guest rooms and at hotels – I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect cotton sheets that are soft, cool and that wash well!

Brooklinen LGN 16

Brooklinen LGN 2

canopy bed  //  rug (similar)  //  blue plaid ottoman  //  pom pom throw

armchair  //  pillow on chair  //  fiddle leaf fig  //  lamps 

Brooklinen LGN 13

canopy bed  //  lamps  //  vase

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Brooklinen bedding (over 12,000 five-star reviews on Google speak for themselves!) so when Brooklinen reached out, I jumped at the chance to try their luxurious bedding and to do a mini makeover of our bedroom!

Brooklinen LGN 1

Brooklinen helps you save money by skipping the middle man and selling exclusively through their website to people all over the globe. Brooklinen bedding is made with five core qualities in mind: long staple fibers, single ply yarn, 80 and 60 yarn threads, quality thread count, and unique finishing, all explained here for those of us that really love these details!! :)

Brooklinen LGN 4

Brooklinen LGN 20

pom pom blanket

Brooklinen LGN 12

canopy bed

You can buy Brooklinen bedding pieces separately, but you can save more by buying bundled sets. I chose the Luxe Hardcore Bundle which has a sheet set with a fitted and flat sheet and two pillow cases and also a duvet cover that comes with two additional pillow shams. The Luxe bedding is just that – incredibly luxurious, and at an accessible price point.

Brooklinen LGN 6

picture frame  //  black & white tray 

One of the things I love the most about the bundled sets is you can mix and match colors and patterns. We have a dark blue Chinese rug in our bedroom and I thought the powder blue sheets would be such a pretty combo and a fun change from all white bedding!

Brooklinen LGN 10


The SUPER cool grid pattern duvet was love at first sight and reminded me of the curtains we did in the One Room Challenge reveal! I love how perfectly this pattern mixes with other bedding like the vintage throw on the foot of the bed that I dyed that rusty red color and the long lumbar pillow that we’ll be selling soon at Juniper Studio!

Brooklinen LGN 5

lamps  //  vase

Brooklinen LGN 9

For this little makeover I also sewed these leather straps onto the linen curtain panels and hung them from our canopy bed. You can see more of this tutorial on my Instagram story highlights. I love the softened look and how it helps fill in that blank space above the headboard!

Brooklinen LGN 7

Brooklinen LGN 17

I also painted those abstracts for this makeover and I love how the hints of blue in the paintings looks with the new Brooklinen sheets! So soothing and peaceful! They are now available in Jenny’s Print Shop!! I hope you love them as much as I do!


PATHS I print

picture frame  //  black & white tray  //  lamp  //  clock (similar)

Brooklinen LGN 19

PATHS II print

Brooklinen LGN 8

I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH print  //  mini gold frame 

So, I’d love to know, which bedding pattern is your favorite? I almost picked the small stripe for our room. I love our new bedding so much I’m going to grab a set for our guest bedroom! The great news for me and for you is Brooklinen is kindly offering $20 off and free shipping with the code LGN! Just click here to redeem your discount!

Brooklinen LGN 11
Brooklinen LGN 3

I hope you loved this little makeover! As always, please leave a comment in you have any questions about what I did here in the bedroom or the sources! I had a blast making all these small but mighty changes and I’m blown away at how it feels like we have a completely new bedroom by mostly just changing the bedding!

A HUGE thanks to Brooklinen for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own. :)

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57 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Makeover with Brooklinen!

  1. I super love it! You so effortlessly blend neutrals and colors. I’d love to see more of the pretty desk in the corner as well!

  2. OMG! I love this. So cozy and a great mix of modern and antique. Those nightstands are gor-geous! Quick question, where is the art from? I love the watercolor-ish lines. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Gigi! I’ve got one coming up soon. We are doing some big reno projects this year and I can’t wait to share the changes to the floor plan! :)

  3. Just tried to redeem the special discount and rather than free shipping and $20 off it looks like it’s giving me a $20 gift card towards a future purchase?

    1. Hi Beth,

      The code should be working now! You should be able to get the discount and free shipping. Let me know if you have any more problems! Thanks!

  4. I love how it all came together! I do have a question though: how do you turn off your bedside lamps when you are in bed? They are so far away from the bed! Did you run the cord along the back of the dressers? It looks gorgeous anyway and I’m very intrigued!

  5. Sorry I can’t look at the bedding. I’m too busy gushing over your kid’s adorableness. How do you get anything done with that face around you.

  6. Beautiful!! I was so excited to see a new post! Will the lumbar pillows be available online or just in your studio? Thanks!

  7. Would love to know how you dyed the vintage throw?! I have a beloved afghan knitted by someone dear to me whose now passed, would love to update its late 70s/early 80s color scheme!

  8. My favorite part are your art prints. The colors are divine! Cannot wait to swipe them up on the shop.

  9. I love all the different looks you come up with. They always look great and I have been following you for many, many years. I really love the watercolor prints and was curious about the frames you used for those. They are exactly what I’ve been looking for in my kitchen.

      1. Is there a way to view your insta stories after 24 hrs? I’d love to see the tutorial as well! The art looks amazing

      2. Yes! The stories are in my highlights under my bio info. It’s the circle that says BEDROOM MAKEOVER. :)

  10. I am interested in painting flagstone. In a fit of annoyance, I painted our fireplace black and I hate it now. :(

  11. Gorgeous as always but those nightstands pop the most to me and I can’t seem to find the source – do you mind sharing?

    1. Hi Liz! They are vintage from the White Furniture company. I found them in Pennsylvania at an auction house. Hopefully you can hunt some down on eBay or craigslist!

      1. I love them too! Could you help me nail down what style these are, or what search words to use, so I could search for something similar more easily?

  12. Loving all the textures and colors. Had no idea you were going to put that curtain/leather project on the bed- so good!!

  13. As always, I am amazed at what you are able to do with the house you purchased. I must admit I didn’t have the vision for what you’ve been able to do there —those BEFORE photos were pretty daunting! I am wondering if you’ve ever done a follow-up post on your home’s exterior. It was such a wacky mix of calico-cat brick and wooden Victorian spindles– I would love to see what you’ve done with it!!!

    1. There was a post a couple years ago about our front door and you could see the changes we made to the exterior make it look a little more farmhouse and a little less victorian, but we are getting ready for round two of changes this year. New roof, new landscaping, some additional changes to exterior of the house. I can’t wait! :) Our house was never exactly what I dreamed of having, but we’re getting there and honestly, it is a dream neighborhood. We never plan to leave, so it feels like a good investment for us to make more changes. :)

  14. What dyes do you use?
    Do you mix colors? If so, do you use a quide?
    Do you use your washing machine?
    I dye a lot. Instant gratification for little $. Recycling.
    Big fan, Kate

    1. I just dye in my bathub with Rit! I used the wine color here, but I love experimenting with mixing colors! Works great every time! :)

  15. We have a couple sets of Brooklinen Luxe sheets and honestly? They’re perfect. They get better as you wash them, too! I’m holding out for a very pale pink set ;)

  16. Love what you did with this room. You are so very talented. Just started a blog myself and added a little tribute to Little Green Notebook!

  17. Hello
    Love the prints, especially the frames!
    Can you provide a source??
    Love the bedroom so much…

  18. I love comforters, but get so annoyed by duvets. The ties never seem to stayed tied to the comforter then the comforter slides down inside the duvet. Am I the only one with this struggle? Full disclosure, I am way to lazy to retie the duvet every morning!

  19. True, great bedding can be the difference between a good night of sleep and a terrible one. And people overlook it so often, I’ve done that for a long time… thanks for the super complete post, gotta say I loved your entire room^^

  20. I see that your closets are now white. Did you have to take them apart and sand them down to repaint them? Also, what is the source for the handles? I love them!

    1. Hi Sara! I just rolled on the white! We painted our walls Classic Gray a few years ago and painted the Pax wardrobes at the same time. Nothing stays the same around here for too long! :) the handles are also IKEA – just sprayed gold!

  21. Hi, I clicked through the link to the bed, but it seems to be similar and not exactly the same. Would you mind sharing the link to the actual bed if you have it? Thank you!

  22. It’s beautiful!! Everything!!
    I saw the tutorial on Instagram on how you made the frames. It was FANTASTIC!! Will you sharing that in a blog post?

  23. Hello Jenny ~ This room is beautiful! In your InstaStory you mentioned you painted your fireplace. We have a similar one with the same stone type and I’m wondering what paint method you used? We’ve been talking about painting it but it makes me anxious!


  24. Thanks for the info! I just ordered the luxe bundle and I’m excited to try it out. I’m renovating my home right now and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referenced your blog during my renovation. Thanks for being so generous with your sources and your ideas!

  25. So far so good. I haven’t washed it yet. I know there’s been complaints about it falling apart after one wash. It is soft and big. I bought the queen size and it is bigger than a normal queen. Which is totally fine with. For the price, I’m happy with it.
    Any ideas?

  26. Hi Jenny!

    I love the room! I’m wondering where you bought the buffalo check ottoman? I’m obsessed!


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