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Gentry Living and Dining Room Reveal

ASPENS print  //  AUGUST print  //  black planter //  letter board I’m SO excited to show you the #gentryproject living and dining rooms today! To see before photos of this space, check out my first post about the Gentry project here. Many of you followed along while we were staging this house and doing these decorating and…



ASPENS print  //  AUGUST print  //  black planter //  letter board

I’m SO excited to show you the #gentryproject living and dining rooms today! To see before photos of this space, check out my first post about the Gentry project here. Many of you followed along while we were staging this house and doing these decorating and DIY projects on my insta stories (they’re still saved in my highlights if you’d like to see more details on my process). We figured out a lot of these furniture pieces and DIYs on the fly, but I think it all worked out in the end and I’m so happy with these pretty rooms!


armchairs  //  sofa, vintage (similar)  //  rug


dining table (similar) //  gray shell chairs  //  woven leather chairs  //  rug (similar)



The starting point in the living room was this AMAZING RUG.  It checked all the boxes for me – soft, beautiful colors and totally affordable!! If you’re looking for a new living room or bedroom rug, you really should check this one out! I especially love how it looks on our new engineered wood floors from Lumber Liquidators. I got so many questions about this flooring and I’m honestly obsessed with it! I wish I could go back in time and put these in my house.


rug  //  curtains  //  roman shades

5I5A0463 copy

rug  //  woven stools, vintage (similar)  //  bookshelf (similar)

The bookshelf in the living room was one of my favorite projects of the install. We turned this unfortunate but affordable piece from a big box furniture store into something modern and unique and perfectly suited to this space. You can see the whole process in my stories but the basic idea is I bought two units but only used three of the four metal stands. The shelves are actually more like trays, so I screwed them together end to end, spray painted them Heirloom White and installed the shelves upside down so they looked more like planks than trays!


ASPENS print  //  AUGUST print  //  SPLASH print  //  black metal bins (similar)

I shared lots of styling tips in my stories too, so be sure to check out those highlights!


SPLASH print


The rest of the room came together easily with a vintage blue sofa I had in storage and two of these comfortable and insanely affordable arm chairs! I love them with our rug!


The leather poufs are from CB2, the coffee table was a Restoration Hardware outlet find and the little woven stools are from a local antiques store. I love all the texture and warmth they provide to the room!


black and white dash pillow  //  pink pillow (similar)  //  striped pillow (similar) 



coffee table  //  brass tic-tac-toe, vintage (similar)  //  glass knot 

white and gold tray

I’m obsessed with the new fireplace and have zero regrets about removing the oversized beehive fireplace. The subtle pattern and color of the cement tiles combined with the warm wood mantle feel right at home in this new space! We opted to keep the styling pretty simple here since there’s so much going on in the rest of the room. We just layered an old thrift store mirror we painted matte black with some simple vintage candlesticks.


curtains  //  roman shades (similar) //  rods  //  rings


That tall table in the corner of the room is one of my go-to designer tricks. I like my sofa tables to be different and I usually like one to be extra tall with an extra large lamp on it. I found this hex shaped marble piece at thrift store and the table base separately at an antique mall. I painted the base black and it looks like they were always meant to be together!


sofa, vintage – similar  //  leather poufs  //  HOLLYWOOD print


The lamp was a thrift store find that I spray painted a satin olive green. I love it now!


white ceramic vase (similar) //  small basket, vintage (similar)  //  sea glass beads



We’re working on a full post just about the huge canvas art hack we did above the sofa here, so stay tuned for that! The general idea is we had a local print shop (Cox Printing in Mesa) print our HOLLYWOOD from Jenny’s Print Shop on 10 mm premium indoor vinyl. It cost $130 for this HUGE 79×55″ print. We also bought just the frame and not the canvas of this IKEA art. The brass finish is being discontinued and people have been sending us DMs saying they are getting the frames for $5 in stores! We might just go and stock up! To mount the vinyl in the frame you just follow the (actually very easy) instructions from IKEA and that’s it! Super simple, incredibly affordable and such a statement piece in this huge, long living room!





The dining room is open to the living and I’m equally as obsessed with this space! The knock-out piece for me is this STUNNING chandelier we designed and made with Lucent Lightshop. CAN YOU EVEN WITH THIS LIGHT??? Brass down rod, black cotton cording, birch bracing, white paper shades!!! Be still my hear! Lucent delivers perfection every single time.


KNOTS I print  //  KNOTS II print  //  BLUE DESERT print


woven leather chairs  //  gray shell chairs


dining table (similar)  //  rug (similar)


These woven leather dining chairs are also my favorite! We will be carrying these in our shop but you can find the same exact ones now here! They are comfortable and so unique! I got a million questions about them on Instagram and at our open house.


woven leather chairs  //  rug (similar)


I love how perfectly they pair with our super affordable gray shell chairs. These were only $180 for all four!


The rug was a steal (just $99 from Pottery Barn!) but it’s sold out now. Here is a very similar one. I love how the graphic stripe pairs with the more traditional pattern of the living room rug.




I hope you love these spaces as much as I do! Here’s a list of all our sources below, but please feel free to ask any questions in the comments!


Rug – 10×14 size shown in this space

Sofa – vintage, similar here

Arm chairs

Dusty pink throw blanket

Leather Poufs

Coffee table


ASPENS print

AUGUST print

SPLASH print


Faux fiddle leaf fig

Floor lamp

Carved wood side table

Roman shades

Curtains – IKEA Ritva

Curtain rods

Curtain rings

Wood floors – Lumber Liquidators Delaware Driftwood

Wall, trim, ceiling color – Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Fireplace tile – Cement Tile Shop

Mantle – Mahogany with Classic Gray stain



Chandelier – Lucent Lightshop

Dining table

Leather chairs

Rug (similar)

Gray shell chairs

KNOTS I print

KNOTS II print


Bar stools

Counter top material – Cambria Matte Britannicca quartz

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54 thoughts on “Gentry Living and Dining Room Reveal

  1. Looks great, thank you for sharing! I’m wondering the source for the wood, round side table next to the couch (or something similar).

    1. Thanks Tracy! That was a vintage find from an antique mall. The maker’s tag says Minton-Spidell Los Angeles. Hope that helps! xo

  2. I love everything about this! Particularly the living room rug. The link you included doesn’t go to the exact rug…just the main website. Would you mind sharing the link to that specific style of rug? Thank you! :)

    1. I can’t believe it, but it looks like it’s completely sold out everywhere now! We will update the post and my stories the second any retailer gets more in stock! It’s by Nuloom and is sometimes called Fancy Traditional Rust Rug. Hope that helps! xo

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous and you are amazing and all the amazing things I can think of! But question…are you selling the house with the furniture or giving them the option to buy the furniture? or putting it in storage for other flips? just curious! this is just so great!

      1. That’s so awesome! Now come to Jackson, Mississippi and do the same thing so I can buy the house you flip!!

  4. I really enjoyed the progress you posted on your IG stories as this was coming together. The bookshelf and large format print are genius!!! The table with the hex top is also stunning. Those lucky new homeowners! They must be pinching themselves.

  5. I have been following this story for a while now and I love seeing it all come together.
    I know you did a story on installing the curtains and how you use the clips, how do I find my way back to the story and look at it again? I really want to give it a try for my daugther’s room. Will you let me know? Thanks so much.

  6. Hi! I have loved following this project, it makes it so much more exciting finally seeing everything come together!! The planter in the corner of the living room? Where is that guy from???

    1. Hi Gina! That was a Homegoods find! If you live near a store, you should definitely try to snag one! They are super affordable for the size and look (I think it was $129?) and comes with the planter and base! Score!

  7. LOVE how you re imagined the bookshelf (and loved following the process along in your stories!). Beautiful space and OMG THOSE FLOORS.


  8. This is all SO PRETTY!!!! I’m helping my good friend whose home burned down think through everything as she plans for the rebuild and I pinned basically every single picture in this blog post to show her. You guys do such a good job finding things that are really affordable and also that look really beautiful and full of character. xoxoxo

    1. What a compliment! Thank you Lynne! Best of luck to you and of course to your poor friend! I can’t imagine many things harder than losing everything in a fire. :(

  9. Hi Jenny!
    Any chance I can buy the rug from you if you no longer need it? I’m local and can pick up!

    1. Hi Lidia! The new owners have asked to buy a lot of the staging furniture, but if they don’t end up buying it, we’ll probably end up doing a sale here. Stay tuned for more info!

      1. Thanks so much for responding! If they don’t decide to keep it, I call dibs!! Also, can’t wait til you start your shop, want to buy it all (don’t tell my husband)!

  10. You are a genius. I love your tips, hacks, out-of-the box thinking on everything you do. How did you go about attaching that hex marble top to the new base? Safety is always on my mind.

  11. You are a magician! Love these spaces!
    Also, wondering about where you got the white planter with cactus that is on the table to the right of the blue sofa. :)

  12. I feel so lucky I got to tour this in person!!! Will your ‘mudroom’ be part of another room or post?! It is sort of in the dining room. I hope you give a brief tutorial! I want to duplicate in my laundry room. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  13. Thank you so much for this tip about the giant IKEA frame. I’m very excited to get some Jenny’s Print Shop prints framed like this! Can you give a little more detail? Is the size you printed the image exactly 79×55″? Just want to make sure I order exactly the right thing given the cost of the print.

    Thank you again! Its beautiful!

  14. There is absolutely nothing I don’t love in either room! So gorgeous. Proof yet again that style and livable and comfortable can go hand in hand. Love how you transformed the shelves. I can never understand why most mainstream furniture stores continue to peddle so much dark and heavy stuff that looks like it belongs in a cave.

  15. Beautiful! I love your work! I have the same rug in my living room and I LOVE IT! I got it from rugsusa.com
    Hope that helps someone!

  16. Bringing the whole room together is this stunning, shaggy Ashik Wool Rug. Having previously bought a Moroccan rug from West Elm and chatted to their design team about how rugs add depth to spaces  I knew a rug would be central to my design. In my last post, I had just bought the rug having spotted a discount on their newsletter (one worth watching) and the night I came home to the finished room I unfurled it with glee.

  17. I love it! It all ties so well together!
    If you don’t mind me asking where didn’t u get the top for the World Market carved round side table? I had a similar idea a while back and didn’t find sthg the right size. I went with easiest solution at time which was(still is) a plywood disk with marble contact paper on top( don’t judge ). I’d rather have a stone disk there instead . Yours looks great!

  18. I simply can’t wait for your SHOP! In the meantime 2 questions on the living room shelving unit. 1-do you think the trays can be sanded down to a lighter finish? 2- do you think the iron bars can be screwed/adhered into a wall for greater stability . Or maybe it’s the trays that can be ?
    Appreciate your time xx

    1. Hi Christine,

      I doubt the trays could be sanded, the flat part of the tray was a thin veneer. But you could always get some wood cut to fit? The shelves can definitely be secure to the wall. There is hardware included. Hope that helps! xo

  19. Love this room, especially the fireplace! Any advice on how to get a clean beam mantle like this? Most of the beam mantles I’ve been finding are rustic and antique but I’d prefer something cleaner and more contemporary like this. What is the type of wood that you used? Is it hollow or solid? Any tips would be great!! Thank you!

  20. hi there,
    I am wondering how you think your print “Hills” would look blown up to 79×55 on that vinyl as posted above?

  21. I just bought a place and have been slowly browsing the interwebs for decor ideas. I am IN LOVE with your style!!!!!! The Leather chair is life but no longer online. any suggestions?


  22. All I can say is wow, what a beautiful, harmonious relaxing and yet chic space…you have wonderful eye …when can I move in ? hahaha…no, really?

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