Using (and Not Using) Wood Flooring in Kitchens

I’m still here — and still pregnant! :) The good news is after weeks of…

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DIY Carpeting Spiral Stairs

Remember a while back when I bought this rug to use as a runner on…

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Bedroom Refresh and Wood Tile

I’m up at my parents’ house, helping them start the planning process for a big…

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DIY Geometric Cube Painted Floor

For the longest time, I’ve had plans to paint a geometric cube pattern on an…

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DIY Extra Tall Baseboards

I love tall, chunky baseboards and I’m not ashamed to say it! :) Beefy floor…

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DIY Wide-Plank Floors (Made from Plywood!)

I really wanted old-looking white floors for our new studio space. I actually saw some…

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