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Evergreen House: Mudroom Reveal (and Our Favorite Moody Paint Colors!)

The very last room we have left to reveal from the Evergreen project house is the mudroom! If you remember from other posts about this flip house, we completely changed the floor plan of the back half of the house. When we added this mudroom/laundry room, we also added a back door (and a Dutch door at that!) and a whole porch to the back of the house. You can see the house in it’s very rough before state in a video walkthrough of this house when we first purchased it on my IGTV!

PORTLAND print  //  washer  //  dryer  //  jar with black lid  //  basket(similar)

I like to use moody colors in small spaces especially. We used lots of green-gray tones in the house, from the sage green kitchen cabinets, to the taupey-khaki guest bathroom vanity, to the black-green exterior color! Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green felt like the perfect choice for this small but mighty mudroom.

(See our Dutch Door DIY tutorial here!)

black mudcloth pillow (similar)  //  pink linen pillow (similar)

GRASS print  //  wood frame //  baskets  //  vintage rug (similar)


faux olive tree  //  seagrass basket

black mudcloth pillow (similar)  //  pink linen pillow (similar)

GRASS print  //  wood frame //  baskets  //  vintage rug (similar)


Our goal with this historic home was to maintain as much of the existing charm as possible and to add back in a lot of traditional, cottage-y elements in the renovation, while still keeping a close eye on our budget. This $3/piece MDF vertical paneling called Bender Board is a go-to material for me. It’s really easy to install, is super affordable and looks amazing when painted.

Our trim carpenter first installed the paneling, baseboard and top rail and then he built a simple bench out of MDF on site. After he was finished, all of the seams and joints were caulked and the trim was painted Caldwell Green. The walls were also painted to match most of the rest of the house (Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace).

One of my favorite details in this space is these wooden pegs we installed on the top rail trim piece. I’ve always loved English Country style, where wooden knobs and pegs are painted to match cabinets and trim!  A 1920s Tudor style house was the perfect place use do this style! (Check out the painted knobs in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom!)

wood wall pegs  //  GRASS print  //  wood frame

black mudcloth pillow (similar)  //  pink linen pillow (similar)

GRASS print  //  wood frame //  baskets  //  vintage rug (similar)

basket with handles  //  vintage runner (similar)

Our trim carpenter also built this simple laundry surround. We didn’t have enough space in here to put the washer/dryer behind closed doors like I would have ideally liked, but the surround helps things look tidy and hides the mechanical parts in the back of the washer/dryer!

PORTLAND print  //  washer  //  dryer  //  jar with black lid  //  basket(similar)

PORTLAND print  //  washer  //  dryer  //  jar with black lid  //  basket (similar)

jar with black lid  //  basket(similar)



PORTLAND print  //  washer  //  dryer  //  black planter (similar)  //  baskets(similar)

We hope you love this space as much as we do! I love how the Caldwell Green walls are saturated enough to pack a big visual punch, but the color is also muddy enough to be easy on the eyes. Here are few of our go-to moody and muddy paint colors that works SO WELL on cabinetry and trim and walls of small spaces! And don’t miss a full list of sources used in this space at the bottom of the post!



Evergreen Mudroom Source List:

Paint Color – Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green



3 3/4 bender board

Wood Wall Pegs

Door Hardware

Vintage Rug (similar)

Square Baskets(similar)

Round Baskets

Jar With Black Lid


GRASS print

Wood Frame with Mat

Wooden Stool(similar)

Copper wall clock(similar)

Faux Succulent

Pink rug in the hallway(similar)

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18 thoughts on “Evergreen House: Mudroom Reveal (and Our Favorite Moody Paint Colors!)

  1. Love the color.
    I thought that MDF wasn’t that durable and didn’t hold up well in areas with moisture. Is that not the case?

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the classic details. I’m planning to do a similar vertical plank treatment in my entryway but I’m struggling with figuring out how to handle the transition to adjacent spaces. I see that you painted all the trim (window, doorway) in the mudroom the same color as the paneling. How should I handle cased openings that open into the space where the paneling will be? Do I paint the plane of the opening on the entryway side but keep the other two sides of the cased opening white like the rest of the house? (I hope this makes sense – hard to explain in writing!)

  3. I love that this looks modern and classic without looking “farmhouse.” The vertical shiplap looks great!!

  4. Question! Your door on the inside is painted the same color as the moody trim but the sides and outdoor portion are black. Is that how you would suggest for painted trim/doors in a bedroom? I really want to paint the white trim in my bedroom, but curious what I do with the doors.

  5. Hi! I’ve been trying to figure out how to achieve that same paneled look for our mud room! Did your carpenter just space the bender board to create the T&G look? If so, how big was the space? Did he caulk in between at all? Super specific questions – sorry! Thank you so much!!

    1. Jenny mentioned in her stories that the carpenter just used another bender board as a spacer between, no additional caulking and it was easier to get the sides painted with that size of gap.

  6. I love how you made it feel vintage and modern at the same time! The Dutch door is perfection

  7. This is really stunning! I came over from The Cottage Market. I love the paint colors and clean aesthetic. Shared on my FB page. Beautiful work!

  8. Gorgeous. Love the moody colors you’ve selected. Any other suggestions for a muted green island that would pair with putty colored cabinets?

  9. Hi Jenny!

    Were the bender boards placed right up against the top and bottom trim or did your carpenter install the boards and place the trim on top of the boards? Also, how did you space them?

  10. Thank you for listing the colors out and where they were used. This is a beautiful room, nicely done!

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