Using Two Twin Beds In A Kids Space

Wether you are short on space or your kids just love being in the same room, shared kids spaces are a really popular choice! Not only does it solve design challenges, it can be such a fun and creative environment for your kids.

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Matching twin beds are a great place to start in a shared space. While matching beds aren’t totally necessary, it can really help give the room some symmetry and a cohesive palette. Always allow for a minimum of 3 feet between the beds. If you have enough space, it helps to have each bed pulled about a foot away from the wall. This really comes in handy when making the bed!


Sticking with symmetrical bedding also helps to keep things cohesive. If you want to mix it up a little to let each kids’ personality shine, try varying the artwork on each side, but try to keep it in the same general color palette.  Anything too drastically different will leave the room feeling a little disjointed.

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If you have the space, opt for a chest of drawers between the beds rather than a small nightstand. This helps give a little more surface area and storage to each kid! Don’t have room on your nightstand for a lamp? Wall mounted scones are a great way to clear up space!


We are constantly getting asked about our twin bed recommendations on the Juniper Home Instagram. They are surprisingly hard to find! We scoured the internet to find some of the best options out there. From budget-friendly to unique and special, we think there is something for everybody on this list!

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6 thoughts on “Using Two Twin Beds In A Kids Space

  1. Love this! I would also love to see how to style a bedroom with a guest bed and a crib or a twin bed and a crib!

  2. Would love to see more category/archive features on the blog. I’ve followed for years and there’s SO MUCH good stuff buried away, but you kind of have to know what you’re looking for. I remember when you DIYd arched Billy bookshelves, so I can navigate to that post when I want to, but I’m sure so many new Print Shop followers have no idea! Also, yours is the only blog I visit that I can’t right-click on links to open in a new tab. I don’t think you want folks leaving your blog just to open a link to a lamp; I would think you’d want for them both to click on the link AND continue reading the blog.

    1. Thank you for the great feedback, Molly! We have forwarded your note to our web developer and we’ll work on these things.


  3. Such a timely post! I am currently decorating a guest bedroom with twin beds. I selected bed frames from Overstock. Your bed frames reinforced the direction of my inspiration. I currently have an IKEA bedside stand between them. But need to rethink that with a small dresser for storage. Your post really inspired my vision. Thank you!!!!

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