Evergreen House: Guest Bathroom Reveal

  The Evergreen house was built in 1920 as a 800 square foot Sears Kit house. Over the decades, there were several additions and now it is 2500 square feet! Most of those additions (like the beautiful sunroom at the front of the house) are great, but the southwest corner of the house was strange….


The Evergreen house was built in 1920 as a 800 square foot Sears Kit house. Over the decades, there were several additions and now it is 2500 square feet! Most of those additions (like the beautiful sunroom at the front of the house) are great, but the southwest corner of the house was strange. We had a dark, tight hallway and two rooms that were both at the same time way too big and also too small, so we ended up completely reworking this space and adding a back porch while we were at it!

We gave up that tiny 8×8 bedroom (which really couldn’t have been used as a bedroom anyway) to get a full master bathroom and it also gave us some real breathing room in the hallway (which is now light and bright!). The new layout also allowed us to add a full bathroom. Can you believe there was no bathroom on this floor except for in the master? There was a toilet just sitting in the laundry room, but still! This new layout works a million times better for this house!

We were still working with a pretty tight foot print, but as a rule of thumb, if you can squeeze out 5×8′ of space, you have enough room to add a full bathroom. I’ve always found that the best layout is sink, toilet, tub/shower in a row for these tiny bathrooms. You could get away with slightly smaller too if you don’t add a tub, but since we didn’t have a tub in the master anymore, I liked the idea of having one in the guest bathroom for bathing littles. We actually salvaged this cast iron tub from the old master bathroom and had it resurfaced. I love the old shape!

I also love the brass fixtures we used in this space! The shower/tub trim is a bright, warm brass and looks great with this SUPER affordable sink faucet on Amazon! The vanity is completely the star of the show for me though! The finish looks so expensive and it comes with that pretty Carrara marble top, the black drawer hardware and the sink! It ends up being a HUGE cost savings over custom cabinetry and stone fabrication!

The brass sconce was also from Amazon and was only $60 (brass out of stock – similar option here). It is gorgeous and also comes in black. I like to use these white globe bulbs for sconces this size. These are the same bulbs we used in the kitchen sconces.

To make this space as kid-friendly as possible, we tiled around the whole room at 48″ above the floor and then all around the tub surround. We used tiny pencil trim pieces to finish the tile edge off, which feels more traditional than a mitered edge or schluter trim. I love it.

For the floors, we picked this 2″ black slate hex. We used the same grout color for the walls and the floors, which is always what I recommend! (This color is Mapei Cobblestone)

And finally, adding a layer of pretty and useful accessories always helps to cozy up a bathroom space! I like to keep things pretty simple in a bathroom though. I think some greenery, special towels and color/pattern in the art and textiles really help too.

I hope you love this little bathroom as much as we do! As always, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments and we’ll put all the sources here below!


Vanity (comes with stone top, sink and drawer hardware)


2×6 Carrara wall tile

2″ Hex Slate floor tile

Cobblestone Grout

Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Walnut Mirror

Brass Toilet Paper Holder

Brass Sconce

White Globe bulbs

Leather strap picture frame

Desert Print

Black Vase on sink

Amber Glass and brass soap dispenser

Bristle Brush by sink

Small tray for brush (similar)

White tassel hand towel

Brass Shower Fixtures

Shower Curtain

Matte Black Shower rod

Black Shower curtain rings

Basket on Floor by Shower

Black Turkish Towels

Matte Black Towel hooks


Match bottle with striker

Interior Doors

Door Hardware

Faux Maple tree in Hallway

Tree Basket (similar)

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42 thoughts on “Evergreen House: Guest Bathroom Reveal

  1. So pretty. Totally using for inspiration for my boys bathroom. Where is cute tray and pottery vase on sink windowsill from?

  2. Everything you do is BEAUTIFUL! Obsessed with every little detail. Both links to the globe light bulbs keep taking me to the page for the sconce, just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all the inspo!

  3. Love! I’ve so enjoyed watching this house come together. What software did you use to show the layout? Going to try to squeeze another bathroom into my new house, and it would be so helpful to plan the new layout with a computer instead of graph paper.

  4. Beautiful as always! Could you share about transitioning from floor to wall tile? Is that a tile baseboard?

  5. Love it! What a beautiful little bathroom. I would be interested in information about the window treatments and the frosted glass. Is that a peel and stick film?

  6. I LOVE the door trim casing details and the doors! Did you add a trim piece inside the shaker panels or are the linked doors just similar? I always prefer a little trim inside a shaker panel and not just squared.

  7. it looks wonderful!
    I am so impressed with your generosity of sharing the sources .. not to be mention how detailed and organized everything is.

  8. I love this bathroom! Really lovely, however, your comment “can you believe there was no bathroom on this floor except for in the master? ” made me laugh out loud! I live in a 3 bedroom 1250 sq foot ranch, built in 1952, that has ONE bathroom. No powder room, no odd toilet in the basement. ONE full bath. This it! I have lived here with my two boys (now teens) for 10 years. The people before me were a couple with three kids who lived here for around 10 years til the kids went to college, the original owners also had three kids (and lived here for over 40 years). I just find life amusing sometimes. Also – because we live just 6 miles from downtown Boston, this 1250sq foot ONE BATHROOM ranch is worth $857,000 (current zestimate – actually probably around 50K more because houses in our town routinely sell for over asking in less than a week! Now, the 1952 bath is also original (sage and burgundy tile), so you can imagine that it needs an upgrade, which I would love to do, however renovating a bathroom, when you only have one, is tricky! I am going to do it, though, somehow, within the next year or so, so love the inspiration!

  9. This is gorgeous! All your finish choices make it feel sorta old, like the rest of the house actually is, yet clean and fresh! Marble tile with dark grout will always, always remind me of the beautiful old museum I used to go to as a kid so there’s an automatic vintage/antique nod for me.

    Is the undertone on the LUSCIOUS vanity greenish? It looks different in a couple shots but usually kind of a sage.

    1. Thank you! That’s exactly what we were going for! And yes, the undertones are sagey green! It’s sort of a khaki olive.

      1. I know I am late to this party, but I also LOVE the color of the vanity and wondered if you had a paint color that you would recommend to achieve the same look?

  10. Talk to me about maintenance of unlacquered brass fixtures in the bathroom. Dying to do it, but it just seems a bad idea.

  11. Looks great! Question, as this came up recently when helping my mom renovate her bathroom. If you have the layout as you do, with the sink next to the wall and you buy a prefabricated vanity with an overhang, how do you recommend addressing the gap between the wall and the cabinet? It looks like you installed it an inch or so off the wall but hard to tell in the photos

    1. Yes, we left a small gap! This vanity looks more like a furniture piece and it looked better slightly pulled away from the wall.

  12. Gorgeous bathroom, I love every detail of it! I’ve been on the hunt for a vanity but have yet to find one that I didn’t want to drastically customize – this vanity is beautiful and exactly what I’ve been searching for! Any chance you can share what the drawer situation in the vanity is like? Amazon doesn’t have interior pictures. Thanks!

    1. The top “drawer” is just a hinged storage area. The second drawer has a small notch in the back few inches of the drawer to accommodate the plumbing and thee bottom drawer is full sized. Hope that helps!

  13. I can’t believe there was no bathroom on that floor. What a great transformation! You definitely added value to that home with that bathroom. I love how bright it is! And the floor tile is stunning! My bathroom is quite narrow, so not so easy to design, so I’ve been looking for some narrow bathroom ideas and I found an article which has some good tips as well, so I thought I would share
    Thanks for sharing your creation!

  14. Okay, I love, love, love this bathroom. I also think your new layout is brilliant. I love the marble paired with the black hex tile. Just gorgeous!

    Is it an optical illusion that the mirror is not hung precisely centered over the vanity? It is driving me a wee bit mad.

  15. So lovely…you refinished you’re bathtub? Can you tell me more about that please? Is there a specialty for bathtub refinishing or was it just powder coated? Thank you!!

  16. Love this bathroom! I am currently adding a bathroom that will be this same size using the same tub (pretty sure) and I’m trying to figure out if an elongated toilet will feel too cramped. What toilet model was used in this remodel?

  17. I’m using this bathroom as inspiration for my own house Where you found the trim tile on the wall to match the Carrara wall tile? Thanks for the help!

  18. Hi Jenny, this post has been an inspiration. I’m finally ready to redo the bathroom. Getting this vanity (thanks for finding it!) can you share what toilet you used in this space?

  19. Hi, Really love every detail, but today I am struggling with a 5 x 8 bathroom and trying to decide on vanity size. Is the vanity you used really 37″ as the link suggests? I have two of this size bathroom (exactly 5 x 8, not an inch more or less), one with a 30″ tub and the other will have a tiled shower which with the curb will be more like 34″.

  20. This is beautiful, we are currently doing a bathroom based on this look!

    A few questions, what did you use for the trim?
    And did you tile behind the trim?

    Thank you!

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