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Ceiling Fans We Don’t Hate

Ceiling fans don’t usually have the best reputation, it’s true. But when you live anywhere with a warmer climate, ceiling fans are a MUST for most of us, especially in bedrooms! I am pretty opinionated about my ceiling fans though and thought I’d share my tips and some of my tried and true favorite fans…

Ceiling fans don’t usually have the best reputation, it’s true. But when you live anywhere with a warmer climate, ceiling fans are a MUST for most of us, especially in bedrooms! I am pretty opinionated about my ceiling fans though and thought I’d share my tips and some of my tried and true favorite fans here today.

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My rules for choosing ceiling fans are pretty straight-forward:

  1. Simple is best. I like the style of my fan to swing more modern and sleek and rather than ornate and eye-catching. I also prefer blades that are more linear than curved.
  2. If you have can lights, choose a fan without a light kit.
  3. If your ceilings are shorter than 8′, I would not install a ceiling fan and would just keep a portable fan on a dresser or nightstand (this one is great!). Most ceiling fans have a total drop of at least 14″ and you really don’t want your under-fan clearance to be too far below 7′. In general, you’re going to want to pay very close attention to the measurement of the drop/fan height if your ceilings are not soaring!
  4. If your ceilings are shorter than 8’6″, consider using a white fan to visually blend into the ceiling (assuming your ceilings are white). Otherwise, you might want to choose a finish that matches your door hardware finish and/or window color.
  5. If spaces are open to each other, I think it’s a good idea for fans to match exactly. I usually end up picking one style and finish for an entire house.
  6. Work with an electrician to properly install your fan! No one likes a wobbly fan!

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15 thoughts on “Ceiling Fans We Don’t Hate

  1. This is a very helpful post! Thank you! I’m really digging #7 with that round globe shape. I’ve been following your blog, Jenny, for many, many years and you always have the best taste. I soooo appreciate you passing along your tips and finds to the rest of us!

  2. This is so helpful. Thank you! We have second story bedrooms that are always warm in the summer and fans feel like a necessity.

  3. Happy day! The thrill! After a million hours searching for fans (needed one in all 4 bedrooms and was so underwhelmed by all of them), I finally found what is your #8. And love it! Did you hear that world? I picked something Jenny picked all. by. myself. Now, if I had seen this awesome post pre-purchase, it would have saved me 999k hours, but my joy at picking something not ugly to me AND to you makes it all worth it.
    Thank you for all of the great content you share, I love it and have learned so much in a few short months. Also, if you ever do a make-up tutorial, I would not be sad about it.

  4. Thanks for the great list! I love the blue bed cover in the first pic. May I ask where I can purchase it? Thanks!

  5. Agree with all your tips. Hopefully, you influence people in the market for fans to choose wisely. I recommend the Casablanca Panama. Not only is it a classic with no bells or whistles, it rates high for air movement and cooling, important factors. I can’t imagine a style where it wouldn’t fit well. Generally, I feel fans should be fans, and lights should be lights. It’s too tempting to turn on the fan and get light that’s too bright and unflattering. My counsel would be to stay away from the lights, just as I caution about staying away from reliance on cans and overheads. One more thing, If the ceiling is high, add a rod to lower the fan to 8 ft. or so. A high ceiling with a fan way up there looks silly and doesn’t do it’s job.

  6. Ahhhh “Ceiling Fans That We Don’t Hate”! So perfect (and EXACTLY what I needed right this minute!). Do you have any recommendations for good looking fans with lights that have more focused/task-type lighting (instead of just a single overhead type)? I desperately need this kind of downlight at my kitchen island and feel like I’ve scoured the ends of the internet with no luck. O, Jenny, can you help? Thank you infinitely for everything wonderful, always.

    1. Hi Susannah! I don’t usually recommend a ceiling fan in the kitchen but I’ll keep an eye out for you for this type of fan!

  7. Jenny this post is so helpful and exactly what I’m looking for at this stage of my home updates. One question: all these fans are 52″ – is there a case for getting a smaller fan (like 42″) for certain size rooms? It looks like the evergreen kids room is on the smaller side but you used 52″ there?

    1. Hi Anna,

      I usually prefer to no go smaller than 52″, even with small rooms. I like the proportion of the 52″ fan so much more! I hope that helps!

  8. It’s hard to find a cute ceiling fan and this is FANTASTIC round up! Thank you! I have a question though: I need to replace a couple of ugly ceiling fans in bedrooms where they are the only light source. The current fixtures each take four 60-watt equivalent bulbs, which has been a nice amount of light for the rooms. When I look at the newer integrated LED ceiling fan lights, they are mostly about 800 lumens, which I understand is about the equivalent brightness of one 60-watt bulb. That’s a 1/4 of the brightness compared to what we have and I’m worried it will be too dim. I did find one that said 1400 lumens, but that’s still less than half as bright. What has been your experience installing one of these in a bedroom? Is it bright enough to light a bedroom well? Or do you have any suggestions for how to find a ceiling fan with a higher lumen number? I’ve spent so much time looking unsuccessfully. Thank you!

    1. Mary,

      I’m in the exact same search! I need a ceiling fan with a bright light as its the main light source for the living room. What ceiling fan did you decide, and are you happy with it?
      thanks so much,

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