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Evergreen House: Side Porch Reveal

This post series is sponsored by Lowe’s. The first time we walked the Evergreen house, when we were considering whether or not to take on the house as a rehab/flip project, I knew that the side porch had major potential to be one of my favorite spots in the house, even though it needed a…

This post series is sponsored by Lowe’s.

The first time we walked the Evergreen house, when we were considering whether or not to take on the house as a rehab/flip project, I knew that the side porch had major potential to be one of my favorite spots in the house, even though it needed a TON of work. Like, I’m not saying “it wasn’t much to look at” – it was downright SCARY looking (scroll down for the befores!). So when we partnered with Lowe’s on the exterior of the house, and I started finding amazing and affordable materials like the $2/ft checkerboard tile and the gorgeous brick pavers we laid in a herringbone pattern, I breathed a big sigh of relief and started to get REALLY excited about the potential of this space.

It’s truly amazing what can happen in just a few months time! Look how far we’ve come!

One of my favorite moments in this space is the wall herb garden we hung right by the door to the kitchen using these black metal rings and 6″ terracotta pots! It took about five minutes to hang and every visitor has been commenting on this simple addition! I love easy, affordable and impactful projects.

The lounge area is another favorite part of this space! Can you believe this Safavieh Acacia wood outdoor living set is only $420?! And check out that AMAZING outdoor rug by Kaleen that looks like a vintage Oushak! That was such a great find on the Lowe’s site!


I honestly couldn’t be happier with this side porch! I love the mix of materials, the flow of color and pattern, and just how many areas we created for gathering together! If you’re looking for our sources on the Lowe’s site, look no further! We’ve got you covered here and would be happy to answer any more questions in the comments!




1. Safavieh Wood Patio Set  //  2. Patio Life Pot Hangers  //  3. 6″ Pot  //  4. Kaleen Outdoor Rug  //  5. Herbs

6. Emser Stadium Cement & Concrete Tile  //  7. All Things Teak Dining Chairs(similar)  //  8. Safavieh Outdoor Dining Table  //  9. Pennington White Terracotta Planter(similar)

10. Portfolio Ellicott Galvanized Outdoor Sconce  //  11. Small Potted Succulent(similar)  //  12. All Things Cedar Trellis  //  13. Dark Gray Bench(similar) 

14. I/O Black & White Lumbar Pillow(similar)  //  15. Jordan Sisal Pillow(similar)  //  16. Door Mat  //  17. Large Potted Succulent(similar) 

18. Round Black Table(similar)  //  19. Safavieh Gray Side Chair Set(similar)  //  20. Medium Potted Succulent(similar)  //  21. Rust Colored Planter(similar) 

22. I/O White Fringe Lumbar Pillow(similar)  //  23. Majestic Home Goods Black & White Striped Pillow  //  24. Concrete Look Garden Stool(similar)  //  25. Moss 

26. Straw Hat   //  27. Allen + Roth Rattan Lantern(similar)  //  28. Mayne Black Resin Planter(similar)  //  29. Terracotta Bowl



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56 thoughts on “Evergreen House: Side Porch Reveal

  1. It looks incredible! Could you source the gold / brass look side table? (Sorry i zeroed in in the one thing you didn’t link!)

  2. I have been patiently waiting for all the final reveals of this incredible project, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! This is tantamount to a miracle what you’ve worked in this space, I can’t even believe it’s the same house! I live in Gilbert so I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do some downtown Mesa sleuthing so I can stalk this baby in person, lol! Bravo!

  3. Is the chalkboard tile laid over cement? Just wondering the foundation because I want that time for my backyard.

    1. Yes would LOVE the step for the tile. Want to DIY this over our concrete patio in San Diego. Thanks–love it!!

  4. Oh man. I love this house so much already. Am considering whether the green siding would be something for our extension. Do you think that could work having it only on the first floor and leaving the upper half white?

  5. Truly stunning! I love the mix of textures and colors against that blue wall. Seriously though what color is that blue?!

  6. Love it!! I would have never thought to mix the pavers and tile; it makes such an impact!

  7. This is SO GOOD!! And I love the patio set rec and the price! I’ve been on the hunt for something similar. Is it comfortable?? I couldn’t find any reviews on it!

    1. Hi Stacey!

      I wouldn’t call it uncomfortable at all, but it isn’t super loungey if that makes sense! The cushions are a little stiff (hence all the outdoor pillows! They help a lot!) It’s a great set for smaller spaces and is so pretty, especially for the price! xo

  8. I am amazed!!! Every choice is so well-thought-out and so appropriate for this home. Bravo!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot! We were trying to make the design feel exactly like that – appropriate for the house – so I’m so glad to hear you think so too! xo

  9. Me: Impatiently waiting, stalking your instagram and blog!

    This is the cutest porch EVER! And I remember you asking about the direction of the tiles. The way it is laid is PERFECTION!! Oscar winning design. The best!!!!!


  10. Jenny, The space is incredible! Love everything about it. Did you mortar the brick pavers? Thoughts on sand vs mortar?

  11. What is the name of the brick color. It’s so perfect and exactly what I’ve been looking for our outdoor patio project!!!! Everything about the entire house is perfection!!!!

    1. There isn’t a different color option – just the brick paver I linked to from Lowes here! I love them so, so much!

  12. So gorgeous! I kinda want to see this space before it went to shreds! The original patio shape is kind of cool, but you just knocked it out of the park!

  13. This porch is marvelous. Your vision and the transformation is phenomenal! Quick question: is the trellis & planter box separate? Is the trellis just leaning against the wall or is it attached? If so, how?

    1. Hi Jane! The trellis comes with the planter, they are not connected though. I moved the planter a little for the photos and didn’t realize until later that the trellis didn’t move too. Whoops! Also, we linked to the smaller version of the trellis in the board because it looked better in the round up, but here’s the link for the exact size we bought here:


  14. Gorgeous!! Do you happen to have details on the fence?! It’s not wood is it? We have a similar vibe to our house and are getting a fence soon. This is exactly what we want! Any sort of details would be so helpful!

  15. Love the design! What is upkeep/regular care like? What do you leave out, what do you simply cover, what do you take inside? Questioning how those white couch pillows hold up…

  16. Correct me if I am misremembering, but I think earlier in the project you talked about potentially doing a fence/bench around the perimeter of the porch. What made you change your mind? (Or nevermind, if I’m thinking of something different.)

    1. We were planning on it but we had to cut it for budget reasons and also because we marked it out and it made the space feel cramped and cut off from the yard. We built up the soil a little on the yard side and that helped a lot! xo

  17. You are magicians!! This transformation is incredible. I remember watching your IG stories re: the checkerboard tiles and totally doubting it….and I’m happy to say I was so wrong haha! Beautiful work.

  18. Can you share the process and materials for the lovely patio? Did you actually use the tiles advertised below?

  19. Hi,

    The photos bounce back and forth in time. Can you post a few more, demonstrating the process, and perhaps give some idea as to cost? The end result is stunning, and just what I’d like to do. No more wooden decks!


    1. Hi Sue! There’s not much more to post about the process! It’s just tile laid on concrete slab, which works really well for warmer climates like ours! I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you have! xo

  20. Hello, Lovely just lovely!
    What two tile colors did you use for the floor? When I went to the site provided they had lots of options. I love your, and think it would look great at my place.
    Thank you

  21. This is all gorgeously done. I love it when folks make do within a budget and the project slays. Speaking of which, would you share tge color of dark green/ black paint on the board and batten.

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