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Evergreen House: Living Room Reveal

The living room at the Evergreen house has come such a long way! When we first bought this flip house, the fireplace had been demoed and the flu was buried in the wall. There was an awkward small window in the corner and a strange door to a bedroom right smack dab in the middle of the main wall, a straight shot from the front door. The pass through to the kitchen was short and narrow. There were THREE types of flooring in one room. And the ceiling was basically falling down. NBD, right?

The first thing we did was frame in the doorways and windows we wanted to delete. We replaced the ceiling drywall and laid new floors since there was no wood to even salvage in half of the room. Everything under the linoleum was plywood, so there must have been some serious water damage at some point or something! I was bummed we couldn’t use original wood floors in this house, but I love the tones of the new flooring (Grand Pacific in the color Sea Lion).

We built out a new firebox and framed out shelves on either side.

On the other side of the room, we opened the pass through to the kitchen and added an arch detail that mimics the arch we designed for the fireplace surround. We installed some original built-ins we had salvaged from one of the bedrooms. It fits perfectly on this wall!

From day one, I had a vision of using a picture rail system in the front room for hanging art easily on the original plaster walls (which can be a BEAST to nail into!). I think the picture rail installed a few inches from the ceiling also compliments the coved ceiling detail in the sunroom! The french brass gallery rods were purchased from Swan Picture Hangers and I was super impressed with the look and quality.

The walls were painted Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore and the trim and builtins are Seapearl. I love the tonal warmth in the colors of this room and I think the brass accents from the gallery rods are the perfect final touch! (And they match the original door hardware too!)

brass floor lamp  //  indigo pouf (similar)  //  black leather sofa  //  rug

marble & wood side table   //  pilea plant

SHADY I print  //  SHADY II print

black ring frames  //  green glass vase  //  tall black candle (similar) 

short black candle (similar)  //  faux snake plant

If I’m starting from scratch with decorating a space, I almost always pick the rug first, because rugs are the hardest thing to find for me, and they are so, so important for a room! In fact, if you are stumped with your room, make sure you have the right rug for your room. It needs to be the first puzzle piece!

COASTLINE print  //  POPPIES print

rug //  ottoman coffee table (similar)  //  black leather sofa  //  cream sofa

faux fiddle leaf fig tree  //  floor lamp  //  gray tassel pillow 

The size needs to be right for the space and for your furniture (our rug here is 9×12 – perfect for a larger layout and all the front legs are comfortably sitting on the rug). Beyond size though, the pattern and color tones of your rug will completely change the feel of your space!  I love this particular rug for this room because it was tonal with the floors. I love all the warms colors and the movement. (Also it was super affordable and GORGEOUS!) BUT the pattern is definitely on the busy side, so that dictated the direction of my furniture upholstery and throw pillow choices. Even my art needed to go in a different direction to compliment the busier rug pattern.

COASTLINE print  //  POPPIES print //  CONFETTI I print  //  CONFETTI II print 

rug //  ottoman coffee table (similar)  //  black leather sofa  //  cream sofa

faux fiddle leaf fig tree  //  floor lamp  //  gray tassel pillow  //  rust chairs

rug  //  rust chairs  //  cream sofa  //  white patterned pillow(similar)

indigo striped pillow (similar)  //  gray lumbar with tassels(similar)  //  striped kilim pillow (similar)

rug  //  striped indigo pouf (similar)

We chose rust velvet arm chairs, a white slipcovered sofa and a black leather sofa to all fit together in the living room. It’s a big space and it could handle a lot of seating. I love how these pieces work together to create a balanced look in both tone and style!

speckled tray (similar)  //  candle (similar) // matchstick holder (similar)

Can you believe the legs on this sofa?! HEAVEN.

rug  //  indigo striped pouf (similar)  //  rust chairs  //  black leather sofa  //  coffee table ottoman (similar)

wood & marble side table  //  floor lamp  //  mirror over mantle

I originally tried a wood coffee table in here, but the pleated ottoman(similar) won over in the end! I love using a small dining table as a side table in a living room and it felt like we had too much wood in here with both tables. The soft, textural ottoman with trays works perfectly. And the large side table (which was a vintage find) allows us to display art and other pretty objects with still plenty of room for an oversized table lamp.

rug  //  indigo striped pouf (similar)  //  rust chairs  //  black leather sofa  //  coffee table ottoman (similar)

wood & marble side table  //  floor lamp  //  mirror over mantle

CONFETTI I print  //  CONFETTI II print 

black leather sofa  //  cream sofa  //  gray tassel pillow  //  pink tassel pillow

black leather sofa  //  white sofa  //  gray tassel pillow  //  pink tassel pillow  //  fiddle leaf fig

The faux fiddle leaf fig tree was a great affordable find. I love that it has many individual trunks rather than a single skinny one. I did end up removing about half of the leaves to thin out the top a lot before manipulating and fluffing the leaves. I think this helps the tree look more realistic! I “planted” the tree in an oversized white basket, propping up the tree with a few boxes underneath and supporting the sides with recycled packaging materials before covering the top in moss.

CONFETTI I print  //  CONFETTI II print

rug //  ottoman coffee table (similar)  //  black leather sofa  //  cream sofa

faux fiddle leaf fig tree  //  floor lamp  //  gray tassel pillow 

We placed a small bench (similar) behind the sofa to help fill in a little space and to add some layering and dimension.

Check out the sawtooth shelf supports! They just don’t make things like they used to! I’m so happy we were able to reuse these built ins with only a few minor adjustments!

We’ll be doing a separate post on our shelf styling tips (since this post is already monster sized!), but usually I like to start with larger storage pieces, art and art books, and then I fill in with smaller books and finally plants and small accessories. As a general rule, I tend to prefer more books on bookshelves. Too many accessories starts to feel like a store instead a home! Books are so homey and inviting to me. I think very, very loosely making small groupings of books by cover color looks a little more organized and helps give the eye a place to rest as it moves around your shelving. Each little grouping becomes its own object of sorts. Don’t get too literal about it though, or else it will feel stiff.

I followed the same styling rules for the shelving that flanks the fireplace. I tried to really focus on the books, but then fill in with pretty objects that feel collected and help the eye move around. And don’t forget the greenery! It’s SO important to have a lot of plants in a room in order for it to feel alive!

WILD OAK print  //  MERCER print

SHADY I print  //  SHADY II print

black ring frames  //  green glass vase  //  tall black candle (similar) 

short black candle (similar)  //  faux snake plant

rug  //  indigo striped pouf (similar)  //  rust chairs  //  black leather sofa  //  coffee table ottoman (similar)

wood & marble side table  //  floor lamp  //  mirror over mantle

WILD OAK print  //  MERCER print

 This antique copper urn is one of my most prized possessions – I love it. It was only $2 at an antique mall. I have kind of given up on most thrift stores and have doubled down on antique malls. In my area at least, the finds are still very reasonably priced and are infinitely better curated!

mirror  //  vase (similar)

I’m so happy with this pretty space and wish it were my own living room! What questions can we answer for you? As always, the sources are all listed together here at the bottom of the post and I’d be happy to go over anything in the comments or on Insta! xo

rug  //  indigo striped pouf (similar)  //  rust chairs  //  black leather sofa  //  coffee table ottoman (similar)

wood & marble side table  //  floor lamp  //  mirror over mantle



Black Leather Sofa

Cream Sofa

Coffee Table Ottoman (similar)

Mirror Over Mantle

Indigo Striped Pouf (similar)

Rust & Wood Armchairs


Floor Lamp

Wood & Marble Side Table

Rattan Stool (similar)

Small Round Gray Ottoman

Indigo Pillow (similar)

Cream Bench (similar)

Birch Logs

Fireplace Grate

Pink Pillow With Tassels

Pilea Plant

Faux Snake Plant

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig

Tall Black Candle (similar)

Short Black Candle (similar)

Black Frames With Rings

Black Curtain Rods

Linen Curtains(similar)

White Patterned Pillow

Small Kilim Lumbar Pillow (similar)

Square Kilim Pillow (similar)

Square Down Pillow Inserts

Small Lumbar Down Pillow Inserts

Gray Lumbar Pillow With Tassels

Cream Speckled Vase(similar)

Candle (similar)

Gold Vase

Brass Knot

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63 thoughts on “Evergreen House: Living Room Reveal

  1. It’s looks really amazing. Did you end up using a rug pad with this rug? I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on this purchase, but heard it’s a bit on the thin side. Looks really incredible with everything you’ve paired with it!!

    1. We didn’t! I don’t love using bulky rug pads (they always get tripped on!). The furniture on all four sides helped keep this one in place, but for the most part I use thin, non-skid rug pads and that’s it.

  2. I love the rug you used in this room. I am having a very challenging time finding a rug large enough for my space. I thought the rug you used might work but my room is 13 1/2 x 19 and the 9 x 12 is too small. I am not quite sure what size I should buy for my room. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Its a little more about your furniture placement than your room size. Place your furniture where you want it and figure out what size would fit all of your front furniture legs comfortably. If it’s a really weird size, you may need a custom rug! You can have carpet remnants bound, or jute rugs can be ordered to size easily. Vintage rugs are usually long and skinny and layer beautifully with natural fiber rugs!

  3. Such a lovely room! You have such a gift for creating interesting, beautiful, warm, and welcoming spaces. Love it!

  4. What ate the dimensions of the room? Im trying to envision my space decorated like your beautiful room.

  5. LOVE everything you guys did in this space! I’m REALLY into that rug, it’s so beautiful! I would love to order it but my husband might actually murder me if I buy another rug! LOL!

  6. Thank you for considering everyone’s collective lower backs when it comes to that throw pillow on those beautiful rust colored chairs. I don’t love when comfort details aren’t considered!

  7. This room is stunning! Can you share what type of wood was used for the mantle and the stain colour? Also, did you paint the ceiling Chantilly Lace as well?

  8. stunning room! i’ve been eyeing the cb2 hoxton sofa for a while (in fabric, not leather).

    any feedback on it’s sit/comfort? good tv watching sofa, or more of a sitting and visiting sofa?

    1. second this comment. i’m interested in this as well but worried if it’s actually comfortable.

      1. I would say it’s really comfortable for a leather sofa! It is VERY high quality. It has a nice depth and firmness and the leather is buttery and beautiful! That said, I don’t think leather sofas can ever be as cozy as an upholstered sofa, you know? But for a leather sofa, it definitely gets my stamp of approval! I was really impressed when it was delivered! I think it’s prettier in person even.

  9. Absolutely stunning room. Feels like it has been collected over time and family friendly. Love the use of the two different sofas. What’s the trick when doing this sort of thing? Do you do one leather, one fabric or one light, one dark?

  10. I love your style! Can I just say to be able to make a room “busy” but not in a bad way is a talent! I struggle with making shelves look full, yet still have a flow going on and if I had all those shelves, I’d definitely feel overwhelmed but you have talent! It turned out amazing, I love the furniture and especially that gorgeous rug! I inherited a rug from my great-grandpa that is from Morocco and I just got it professionally cleaned by a rug cleaning company and it’s ready for my living room! I’m definitely using these photos as inspiration!

  11. Just a quick note, the link to the black frames with rings isn’t working. I could find them myself at World Market, but I would prefer to buy them through your affiliate link

  12. Absolutely stunning! You outdid yourself in this home and I love the layers and warmth. Design nerd here: how did you make the fireplace mantle? Is that a mitered corner at the top front edge or is it one large piece of wood?

    1. Thank you Paula! It is one solid piece of wood! :) I have done the miter trick before though and it works well enough!

  13. Man I love this room! Can you please expound on this: “Even my art needed to go in a different direction to compliment the busier rug pattern.” How so?

  14. Oh man. I have been checking back every week waiting for this reveal. You never disappoint! This room is so stunning. I love the layering of the art (e.g. the Mercer print on that tiny easel in front of the Wild Oak print). I also love how the greens in the bottom of those gorgeous built ins flow to the greens in the kitchen. You’re the best, Jenny! Now I’m waiting for you kitchen reveal, ha ha!

  15. Jenny,
    You really knocked it out of the park with this house. Both the design and staging are superb.
    Can you share the source for the frames on the “Poppy” & “Confetti” prints? Also, is the black pillow with the cream pinstripe from your collection?

  16. LR looks so good! very inviting & cozy.
    I didnt see a link to the door hardware. do you mind sharing the brand/source?

  17. This room is stunning! I have been eyeing that World Market sofa for a few weeks. What are your thoughts on the quality? I love the price point, but do you think it’s a good long term investment?

    Thinking about buying it versus something like Six Penny home or Maiden Home. Thanks for always being such an inspiration!

  18. Love it all!!! Don’t know if I missed it but where is that beautiful picture from above the couch from?

  19. This room is amazing. The best layers to make it seem so warm and cozy but still styled and beautiful. How did you hang the rail system? Did you add trim specifically for it?

  20. This is such a gorgeous room! Beautifully done! I love how you balance everything in the details. Like the rug vs. the paintings, the books vs. the knick knacks, the gold hanging rods. So lovely.

  21. Love the room! what size is the coastline picture? Also, what color frame did you use for that print?

  22. I keep coming back to look at this space. It’s absolute perfection! I have studied your bookcase styling and can’t get over it. There’s so much stuff but yet it doesn’t look too busy or overdone at all. I’m obsessed! :)

    Can you tell me where the big white bowl to the left of the fireplace came from?

  23. I really love this home so much. The windows in the back are still my favorite! I was wondering how you obtain so much “stuff” to stage with (all the books in particular!) and how much of it stays?
    I love your coastal print. It’s going in my bedroom at the end of the year as a present to myself so PLEASE do not discontinue it!

    1. We buy a lot of the furniture for these spaces new, but a lot of times the buyer wants to purchase the furniture. We have collected a lot of accessories and decorative items over the years for the smaller styling needs! That’s a fun part of my job. :)

  24. Really love the look of this room. Amazing job on the rehab as well! I have one question… I found the rug on Amazon, but there were negative reviews regarding that it felt like foam and looked printed. I would really like a rug similar to yours for my bedroom and don’t need it to be top quality. Would you say it’s a good buy? Thanks for your opinion.

    1. I LOVE this rug, especially for the price! I can see what people are saying about it feeling slightly foam-like, but I don’t think it is overly noticeable. It’s obviously not a $5000 vintage rug, but for the price I think you get a similar visual result and sounds like it would be a great option for your bedroom!

  25. I understand you did a video about choosing the rug and it showed the colours and what it is you liked about it. Where would I be able to find that video? Thanks.

      1. this room is amazing!!! trying to recreate with a slate velvet couch with the same legs as black couch. you mentioned looking at a wooden coffee table first–could you share that one?! please!!!

  26. Very interested in the rug but can you tell me if there is any grey or black in it?Couldn’t tell from the video.

  27. Good Morning! As usual, your spaces blow me away and are so beautiful!! I have been searching for a solution to a problem wall in our home for such a long time and the brass hardware you have on the walls to hang the pictures and mirror is it! Would you mind sharing the hardware?
    Thank you!! -Courtney

    1. Ah, you had already shared it, thank you!!! Trying to read a post with multiple toddlers, thank you!

  28. Love the room, so inviting! Could you tell me the sizes of the prints/frames you used on the large wall behind sofa?

  29. Love this room! I wanting to paint the sea pearl trim and chantilly lace walls. It’s a beautiful combination do you mind sharing what color you painted the ceiling with that combo?

    1. I love the brass French rod hanging system! Would you be willing to share what you used to hang the rods? Was it a piece of wood with a lip on it painted the same as the walls? Thank you!

  30. I LOVE this room and rug. Could you tell me exactly which color this is? Amazon links to a couple options and its hard to tell

    thank you

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