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Evergreen House: Dining Room Reveal

Just off the living room in the Evergreen house, we created a little dining nook that was the perfect size for a small dining table! I love having dining spaces that are separate from the kitchen but connected to the living spaces. It creates such a casual, livable flow that I really like! chandelier(similar)  // …

Just off the living room in the Evergreen house, we created a little dining nook that was the perfect size for a small dining table! I love having dining spaces that are separate from the kitchen but connected to the living spaces. It creates such a casual, livable flow that I really like!

chandelier(similar)  //  dining table (similar)  //  caned chairs

linen curtains  //  curtain rods(similar)  //  woven shades

We started with this gorgeous round dining table (similar) – I love the two-tone woods and the brass accents! The black chandelier(similar) was another fun Amazon find. I like how the black of the chandelier ties into the black of the sunroom walls, the living room sofa and the kitchen countertops. Black can really help tie a space together and keeps the eye moving!

BOSSEN print

chandelier(similar)  //  dining table (similar)  //  caned chairs

linen curtains  //  curtain rods(similar)  //  woven shades

BOSSEN print

Chandelier(similar)  //  dining table(similar)  //  caned chairs

BOSSEN print  //  STOCKHOLM print  //  KNOTS I print  //  KNOTS II print

chandelier(similar)  //  dining table (similar)  //  caned chairs  //  white sofa

linen curtains  //  curtain rods(similar)  //  woven shades

There’s quite a bit going on in the living room and with the adjacent built-ins, so we tried to keep this space low key. I do like how the layered art steals the show. Most of these pieces are available in Juniper Print Shop, but a few are vintage finds. In case you missed the link in the living room reveal, we used Swan Picture Hangers to source these French brass gallery rods to hang our art and mirrors on the plaster walls without putting a million holes in the walls.

white sofa  //  bench(similar)  //  rust chairs  //  mirror over mantle

STOCKHOLM print  //  KNOTS I print  //  KNOTS II print


This faux maple tree was an awesome and inexpensive find! I like that it’s not a fiddle leaf fig! It’s fun to mix up the tree species from room to room. This one with the small leaves felt perfect for our little dining room! And this short but substantial plant stand(similar) was the perfect base for our tree. It added a little height so that the tree felt grounded but the pot itself wasn’t so big that the tree base was swimming, you know?

STOCKHOLM print  //  KNOTS I print  //  KNOTS II print

The linen curtain panels(similar) were such a lucky find! They are thick and lined and come with drapery hook tape, which makes them easy to hang in just a few minutes. I’ll be sharing stories in my highlights about how I like to hang curtains, but in general I like to use French rods that return back into the wall instead of finials (these are my very favorite and the ones here are a less expensive version). I prefer to hang my panels with 1″ of extra fabric so the panels just kiss the ground. Instead of grommets or rod pockets, I like to hang my panels using drapery hooks and curtain rings (I skip the clips in favor of hooks!).

BOSSEN print

chandelier(similar)  //  dining table (similar)  //  caned chairs  //  white sofa

linen curtains(similar)  //  curtain rods  //  woven shades

As always, we hope you love this space! Let us know if you have any questions! xo

KNOTS I print  //  KNOTS II print  //  chandelier(similar)  //  dining table (similar)

woven shades  //  linen curtains(similar)  //  dining chairs  //  BOSSEN print

faux tree  //  curtain rod  //  drapery hooks  //  curtain rings

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32 thoughts on “Evergreen House: Dining Room Reveal

  1. It’s a beautiful space and I love the caned chairs! I’m wondering why you chose not to put a rug under the table to define the space? Is it a small / irregular space? Or do you feel that rugs under dining tables aren’t a good idea? Would love to know your general thoughts on the pros / cons of having a rug under a dining table.

    1. I don’t usually love rectangular rugs under round tables! Since I can go either way using a rug or not in a dining room, I opted to not in here with the round table. Between the rugs in the living room, sunroom and the patterned tile in the kitchen, all just a few feet away, it felt nice in the space to get a little visual relief! :)

  2. I haven’t had the chance to comment much, but really love the way you’ve brought this house back to life. Such an inspiring story, and love to see your style tweaked to fit this space.

    I did wonder how you determined the room placement in the smaller nook I love having a dining room be the heart of the home that people walk into; was there consideration about putting the dining area in the larger space in front of the fireplace, and what are the cons against that layout in general?

  3. Thank you for this post and the accompanying Instagram stories. This information is exactly what I need to fix my living room curtains.

    Also, I love the Evergreen house! The buyer is lucky to get to live there.

  4. I like the caned chairs, but my eye was immediately drawn to the exposed screws on the back of the back stretcher. I notice that they’re not exposed on the UO website. Just wondering if this was intentional?

    1. I KNOW! Ugh! I hate that too. We ran out of time or else I would have filled those with wood filler before the shoot!

      1. It looks like that back stretcher can just be turned around so the screws are on the inside, under the seat. Not difficult, but fiddley.

  5. I am so curious to hear your honest review of those dining chairs! There’s only one on UO and it’s terrible. I read it several months ago and automatically dismissed them as options for our house. But they are so gorgeous and look fantastic in this space! Are they comfortable to sit it? Do you think they would hold up to years of wear and tear with young kids as our main dining chairs? Or should I be a grown up and invest in higher quality? As always, I love your honesty and openness in discussing all things in this realm! You are totally my Instagram BFFIMH (bff in my head ;) Xoxo!

    1. Hi Katy! Laughing at your comment! I was nervous to order these chairs too based on that hilariously bad review! I would give the chairs 3.5/5 stars personally. They are not loungey comfortable, but they are not UNcomfortable. They are not the highest quality, but they don’t explode into matchsticks like that review pic! Ha! I think they are priced fairly for the quality level. The exposed screws in the back sort of bug me, but I think those can be filled with wood putty. I’d definitely use them in my house but to be honest I don’t think they’d last five years like caned chairs from the greats that you can still buy at DWR. I hope that helps!

  6. Such a cute space! I love how you mix the vintage chairs with the modern black light. And then the variety of types of artwork makes it even more interesting!

  7. Beautiful space. Serene. Will the table accomodate 6? the website says up to 4 but for us, we would need six. no leaf, right? do love the design of that table!

  8. Jenny I just love all of your content, your design. I think it is all incredible! I learned so much from your curtain tutorial even after working for a custom drapery shop! Your way is still so elegant but so more affordable and doable for the everyday lifestyle with a limited budget! You’ve shown there’s still ways to have a beautiful look with a certain budget. I just love it all!

  9. Such a good job with whole house . Love it! You are definitely one of my favorite feeds to follow. Curious if you could share which color way the linen curtains are? Hard to make out color on the Wayfare site but I like the way you’re still up against the white walls and I have white walls so figured a safe bet

    1. Hi Beth! Jenny says they are the Flax Beige in her tutorial on Instagram Highlights, but I bought Flax Beige, and it is SUPER brown. Like, not a nice color. And then I bought the gray, which is light, but not it either. I just sent both back and I ordered the Khaki — FINGERS crossed it works in my space. That being said, I think she linked to the Ancient Ivory. My walls are half Manchester Tan (BM), and half Simply White (BM) beadboard so I’m hoping the Khaki goes. (I got the rod too!)

  10. Jenny, I just love everything about this house and your style. It’s a feast for the eyes! Thank you for always sharing all the details so willingly. <3. And your own renovations – what a dream!

    The chandelier caught my eye right away – it's a big one! Do you think it would work over a rectangular table? I see it says 51" diameter and the table is 44" wide – would people hit their heads? Would it look too oversized? Augh! My first thought is a linear fixture, but something different is so hard to find.

  11. I’m head over hills for your dining room! It looks so bright, airy and inviting. Love the art pieces and the faux maple tree, they bring the mix of jungalow and modern vibe to space. The chairs are also stunning and the surrounding area looks so cozy.

  12. This house is beautiful! What floors did you use throughout the house?! We have a main floor that has 3 different types of floor that we are looking to make cohesive! Thank you!

  13. Hi Jenny! LOVE this house and appreciate all the wonderful details you’ve been sharing about it. I especially enjoyed your tutorial on the curtains and I’m looking forward to fixing mine. For some reason all the curtain hardware links send me to the chandelier listing though? Don’t know if it’s just me.

    Thank you for sharing your world with us!

  14. Love this beautiful space! I am looking for your curtain rods but all of the links go to a light fixture. Any chance you can pass along the link to the french rods?

  15. Ready for new curtains in my home and remembered your insta tutorial. It’s so helpful! In it you mention a curtain rod and rings that you prefer over the ones you used in the Evergreen house. Would you share the brands or links for those?

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