6 Etsy Shops You Need To Know About!

“Where’d you get THAT?!” is my favorite response to sharing a space with you guys. I love using unique home decor and fixtures and Etsy is one of my secret weapons for finding pieces that feel special. When my friends at Etsy invited us to share some of our favorite shops with you all, I knew we could…

“Where’d you get THAT?!” is my favorite response to sharing a space with you guys. I love using unique home decor and fixtures and Etsy is one of my secret weapons for finding pieces that feel special. When my friends at Etsy invited us to share some of our favorite shops with you all, I knew we could highlight so many just from the Gentry project alone! Here are some of the Etsy shops we keep coming back to over and over again!

Cascade Iron Co.

When we started designing the Gentry kitchen, I knew that in addition to our upper cabinets, we wanted to use open shelving to help keep everything light and airy. These handmade steel brackets from Cascade Iron Co. fit the bill perfectly! This shop allows you to pick both size and finish. We chose their 12″ depth and the waxed raw steel finish on these brackets and I think they’re perfect in this home!

Gentry Kitchen-24

Gentry Kitchen-49

Gentry Kitchen-39

Next up is one of my all-time favorite shops, Lucent Lightshop!

Lucent Lightshop is a local company, run by the MOST amazing people. They can make basically any light for you, but they also have an amazing selection posted in their Etsy shop, ready to go.  We commissioned a lot of these pieces we put in the house, and many of them have been added to Lucent’s collection! :)


Gentry Kitchen-12

Gentry Kitchen-25

Gentry Kitchen-9


The next Etsy shop on our list is Vintage Kilim Shop!

Nothing completes a room like a vintage rug. Something about adding a bit of old with all the new brings the entire space to life! I have been buying vintage rugs on Etsy for years, and one of my favorite shops is the Vintage Kilim Shop! They break down all of their rugs into categories which makes it so easy when you have a good sense of what you’re looking for. Trust me when I say that you can spend hours browsing absolutely STUNNING vintage rugs on Etsy, so this feature is a big time saver! If you’re new to the world of vintage rugs, I think Oushaks are a great place to start. These rugs are always faded into the most beautiful tones! Another one of my tricks is to search the term “Oushak runner” from Etsy’s home page, which will show you everything Etsy has to offer in this style! (We recently used vintage Oushak rugs here and here too!)

Gentry Kitchen-1

IMG_3852 copy

IMG_3855 copy


IMG_3861 copy

Another great Etsy shop to check out is The Bead Chest!

Decorative beads are so pretty on a coffee table or an entry console. These beads are in local shops for $50 or $60 per strand, but I love getting ours for WAY less on Etsy in shops like The Bead Chest. They have a large selection and ship fast.


IMG_3847 copy


IMG_3870 copy

Here are a few of our favorites that look so pretty on a tray or a coffee table book.

Our next favorite Etsy shop is Sew and Cloth!

IMG_3922 copy

pink mudcloth pillow, similar

IMG_3931 copy

black and white dash mudcloth pillow, similar



black and white mudcloth pillow, similar

Sew and Cloth is another great local company, run by amazing people! I LOVE their Etsy shop for finding affordable mudcloth pillows, which are my favorite layering pattern. The subtle color and pattern pairs SO well with more colorful pillows.

Our next favorite shop on Etsy is the Air Plant Greenhouse.

I love incorporating faux or real plants into every room I design and air plants are one of my favorites. They are low maintenance, require zero potting and many are the most beautiful shade of bluey sage green!

Sourcing unique air plants locally can be challenging, and when you do find them, they tend to have a limited selection or be overpriced. Buying air plants online from shops like Air Plant Greenhouse gives you access to a large selection at totally reasonable prices!

IMG_3892 copy

5I5A0463 copy

5I5A5377 copy

5I5A5517-copy copy

Okay, your turn to dish! What are some of your very favorite Etsy shops? I’d also love to know if you are an Etsy shop owner so we can check out your page!

A BIG thank you to our friends at Etsy for sponsoring this post! And thank you for supporting our sponsors. :)

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33 thoughts on “6 Etsy Shops You Need To Know About!

  1. Etsy nerd here! I love Etsy, and shop there regularly. Your suggestions are welcome additions to my list. I’m recommending by shop name and assuming folks can use the search box on Etsy to find them. Barruntando makes quirky ceramics that look great on a kitchen shelf or bedside. (I recently bought the ghost saltshaker for my husband and included part of the lyrics from “Say you won’t let go”…you know the part…”I wanna live with you even when we’re ghosts…”) enamelsign makes porcelain enamel house numbers that are very classy. I love papercuts. Both misterrob and catfriendo have beauties. helendardik makes wonderful whimsical art. Lola Donoghue paints gorgeous abstracts; her color sense is what gets me. I’ll stop now. :-)

  2. What a great roundup!
    I am a ceramic artist on Etsy. You can find me at I make the usual suspects, like mugs and bowls. But I also make neutral, modern home decor items like bells and hanging planters.

  3. Etsy has so many hidden gems! I’m always on the lookout for affordable rugs that are beautiful, so thank you for sharing your tips on them. Also, I’m kind of dying over all the different textures you use in your home. I just want to jump in the picture and touch everything, lol.

  4. Great roundup. Can anyone share their tips for searching on Etsy?? I always have trouble finding good shops when I search, especially for art. If I just search “art” or “prints” it seems like I could scroll through multiple pages and not find anything I like.

    1. I am an Etsy seller (simpleanalogy) and sell diaper clutches. The best tip for searching on Etsy is to be very specific. Instead of just “art” pinpoint what type of art you are looking for. Like “succulent watercolor” or “New York skyline photography”. That will narrow down the options. Then you can look for something that catches your eye. Always read the entire listing so you know what you are getting. Some are physical pieces, some are downloads. Hope this helps!

  5. I love Etsy and have been buying more and more from the site. I just bought a round straw bag from the shop LakeofLife. All my new pillows from the past five years have been purchased on Etsy. I also recently bought a very pretty and modern wreath for our front door from BloomValleyMarket. I love that you’re buying from a real person who can work with you to find or create exactly what you want. (I sell vintage home decor and furniture in my shop AnAcquiredHome.)

  6. These are awesome!!! The beads are beautiful too my favorite Etsy shop for beads, bracelets etc is TheSacredBunny. She makes the most beautiful things! Very chic with high quality. She even makes healing Mala beads for dogs. It’s so cute!!!

    1. yes, wanting to know the same. The bookcase with thick white shelves and black frame. it’s wonderful. please let us know.

      1. She did an instastories about it-was 2 bookshelves that she combined, painted the shelves and turned them upside down! She got at a big box store in AZ. Might be in the Gentry living room post on her blog.

  7. Great post! I love your mix of modern, vintage, target and high end finds. Such a nice blend. I like the following Etsy shops…
    Motif Pillows
    MegMade for vintage furniture
    Salaberna for rugs
    BEFoundCollective for rugs
    Antiacasa for outdoor pillows
    FaithEvansSills for art

    1. Hi Terra,

      Yes, these are white oak, but they are pre-finished! You can find them at Lumber Liquidators, they are called Delaware Driftwood Oak.

      Hope that helps!

  8. Hi!

    As I am planning to build our new home starting next year, this post was helpful.
    I am also a seller or Etsy. I make myself and sell recycled/upcycled glasses and vases from wine, beer, whiskey, rum etc. bottles. In the near future there will be more products.
    My shop here:
    Hope you like it! :)

    Have a nice week,
    Eva :)

  9. I adore finding new Etsy shops, so this post is just heaven! I am always on the lookout for great new lighting options so can’t wait to check out the gorgeous looking Lucent Lightshop! Thanks so much for all the recommendations!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  10. Good morning
    I too have an Etsy shop
    I sell some jewelry ~ hearts ~ and baby receiving blankets.
    I would love it if you check out my store.
    What ever you need you can find it there.

    Have a wonderful Easter
    Much love,

  11. I’m dying for the step stool source in the kids bathroom?? We need one for both my little girls!

  12. Hi Jenny,
    I just love this post! All of these Etsy shops are fabulous. I am particularly excited about cascade Iron Co! I have a favorite shop you may want to check out for fabulous lucite pieces…
    luxholdups.. I ordered lucite with brass towel bars and toilet paper holder. I do have an Etsy shop
    as well! I just launched last month so I am still adding product…. luluandolovevintage, a shop
    of fun vintage finds for your home.
    Thank you, Kim

    1. Thank you Jenny for the mention! We are honored you chose our shelf brackets and part of such a great group of Etsy shops. This space is amazing!

  13. I love that you are generous with your sources! You never cease to amaze me with your openness and incredible talent. I am an interior stylist in San Diego and I also have a vintage shop on Etsy so I’ll throw my shop in here too. You can search for me on Etsy: Steph Piontkowski Shop.

    I love the Gentry project and can’t wait to see your next flip!

  14. Can you send me details on the two matching chairs with wood arms/legs you have featured in this post? The ones with the pink mud cloth pillows on them. I’ve been searching for something like this

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