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Gentry Kids Room Reveal


DINO print

5I5A1093 copy

Next up on the Gentry reveal list is the kid’s bedroom! This was the perfect space to use one of our newest prints, DINO from photographer Kate Lines. Isn’t it the coolest? I think this would be fun blown up really big even in a living room! The colors in the new print look great with these AMAZING vintage headboards we got at an antique mall. I’m just loving the combo with the striped rug and those bright yellow blankets! I also love the proportions of the longer console table (similar) we used as a shared nightstand between to the two twin beds. There’s plenty of room for the cute table lamps and a few books!



SPLASH print  //  LUNA print  //  NAUTICAL print  //  YELLOW BUTTERFLY print (similar)

I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH print  //  ALPHABET print  //  FERRIS print

5I5A1094 copy


This was a fun, quick room to put together. I like that it is clearly a kids space but the colors and textures still work nicely with the rest of the furnishings in the house.


headboards, vintage  (similar)  // lamp (similar)  //  sheet set

yellow throw blanket  //  blue pillows (similar) //  mudcloth pillows (similar)


SPLASH print  //  LUNA print  //  NAUTICAL print  //  YELLOW BUTTERFLY print

I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH print  //  ALPHABET print  //  FERRIS print


DINO print

IMG_3899 copy


Headboards, vintage – similar

Media Unit/Night Stand


Wood Fire Truck

Black Lamp (similar)


Blue Plaid Ottomans

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig

Pom Pom Basket

Sheet Set

Cream Blanket

Yellow Throw Blanket

Blue Square Pillows

White Mudcloth Pillow (similar)

Bed skirt

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18 thoughts on “Gentry Kids Room Reveal

  1. Super cute room. Love all the color! Could you share the source for the door hardware (knobs and hinges)? Thanks!

  2. I love how you manage to decorate without the space looking contrived.
    Can I ask what size blue square pillows you used? Are they Euros?

  3. So adorable! The console table as shared nightstand is genius!! I really love the actual black lamps. Are they vintage???

  4. Such a fun kids room! The console idea is a good one. Gives more room for the kids-obviously it will be a playspace/table top, and it’s a space saver for furniture layout.

  5. for some reason, it’s really a pain for me to leave a comment….(required log in) but I had to go through the steps to say…..
    DANG< GIRL……this is SO SO SO good!
    you never stop amazing me with your talent but this is just captures it all. I will be buying the dino print for my son, at a minimum form this inspiration.

  6. Pretty sure those are the west elm lamps that I don’t think they have anymore ☹️

  7. Jenny, Can you help me? I’m trying to get the August print printed on a canvas, but the file is too large for the website. Do you know how I can make the file smaller so I can use it?? Thanks!

  8. I would love to know what sizes of prints you did and where each of these frames are from. I want to copy this photo wall in my house. It’s perfect.

  9. Hello. You probably mentioned it somewhere, but I have searched and can’t find it. What kind/color carpet did you put in the kids rooms? It looks nice and neutral, but it looks like maybe it has a subtle texture? I am struggling with putting carpet in the kids rooms, but it’s for resale and I think that’s what people like? Plus it’s obviously more budget friendly. I’d love a specific recommendation so I can trust it will turn out well.

  10. I have these headboards—and use them side by side for a king bed. I got them (for $15!) at a restore store near a beach community. There were tons of them, which made me think they might have come from a hotel/beach condo community that had been remodeled. Fun to think about!

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