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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – For Him

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  1. “The Boys in the Boat” Book – This book is an amazing true story about the University of Washington rowing team in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It’s a really inspiring story, and just an incredibly written book!
  2. “Leaders Eat Last” Book – Simon Sinek is one of my favorite authors for books about business and self development. He has a soulful approach that I appreciate. He and I both believe that if you put people first (both your team and your customers) that the business side of things will often just take care of itself. Start With Why series was foundational for me, but Leaders Eat Last might be my favorite of his!
  3. Leather Duffel Bag – If there is one thing that makes our hearts flutter, its when function and style come together seamlessly. This duffel is classy and functional. We may now know when we can travel again, but we’ll be ready!
  4. Marble Checkers Set – This stone checkers set is SO chic! If you don’t have small children in your house anymore, I think this would make for such a fun coffee table accessory.
  5. Brass Weather Station – This beautiful brass weather station reminds me of my Grandpa, who had a similar gauge mounted on the wall outside his workshop. I’d love one for our house.
  6. Vintage Baseball Cap – Classic shape and material. The profile is a little taller in case your guy is not into the low ones, like mine isn’t.
  7. Ceramic Toothbrush Holder – I know it’s weird to be obsessed with a toothbrush holder, but… yup! I am!
  8. Vintage Wash Pullover – Another classic closet staple! I love the little V detail at the neck – feels very vintage, but still subtle.
  9. Wood Step Ladder – A step ladder, but chic enough to leave out in the open. We need this for our pantry!
  10. Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket – How many times can I say “classic closet staple” in one gift guide?! You know the drill here!
  11. Blue Light Glasses – Tom Brady is one of my celebrity crushes, so it’s only natural that I am bias over his line of eyewear. These glasses are a really cool shape and a great color!
  12. Nike React Running Shoes – These are a great running shoe that also look great with a pair of jeans. And did we mention they’re incredibly comfortable?
  13. Apple Watch Band – This leather band dresses up and down and is really durable!
  14. Green Waffle Beanie – Waffle knit anything has our hearts, and the color of this one makes it a winner!
  15. First Aid Flashlight – A flashlight AND a first aid kit together in one beautiful package?! This would make a great gift but also would be a good thing to have in every car!
  16. Beard Oil – Nobody wants a dry scratchy beard. We love this beard oil, and we love supporting small shops!
  17. Essential Cleansing Kit – Pomade, Deodorant and a cleanser that smell amazing. Bonus points for pretty packaging!
  18. Leather Mouse Pad – We had to buy a literal dozen new mousepads in the past couple of months with all the hiring we’ve been doing this year. These are beautiful and affordable!
  19. Leather Boots – They look like and perform as well as Redwing boots, but they are half the price. Michael loves these.

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  1. Lower Back Stretcher – I am a big fan of foam rollers for stretching out sore muscles, but I haven’t found a lot of lower back relief with rollers. This little board is a DREAM for that. After working out and rolling out my legs, I’ll lay down on this board for five minutes or so and I feel like a new person when I stand up!
  2. Leather Cord Organizer – Who else is always trying to untangle their cords? Just us? These little organizers help keep your cords nice and tangle-free!
  3. Fleece Pullover – If Fred Rogers was alive for the fleece trend, I feel like her would be on board with this sweater. And really, what guy doesn’t want to be like Fred Rogers? Life and style goals!
  4. Brass Tie Bar – Another classic closet staple! :)
  5. Neon Beanie – This one is decidedly NOT another classic closet staple, but it is a really fun addition to keep in your closet for any dreary winter days ahead.
  6. Black Electric Toothbrush – We used the Sonicare toothbrushes for many years. I thought it was fine, but when mine finally kicked the bucket last year, I picked up this $40 electric toothbrush instead and I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon! Total recommend for anyone in the market. I’d choose this all black design!
  7. Leather Bookmark – The perfect gift for the book lover in you life! We love supporting small where we can, and this beautiful leather shop has some great gift ideas. Personalize with the recipients initials or a funny phrase.
  8. “Extreme Ownership” Book – Michael, who is decidedly not a bro-y meathead, read this book earlier in the year and was super into it! The concepts about leadership are nuanced and inspiring for us both as we make important decisions this year for our business and family.
  9. Theragun Muscle Massager – As I approach 40, it’s hard for me to imagine continuing a running/workout routine without a good foam roller, a lower back stretcher board, Tiger balm and a Theragun. :) I love this smaller and more affordable version!
  10. Hoodie – Michael is a hoodie connoisseur. He doesn’t like the material to be too thick or too flimsy, and this brand passes the test. I love all the color options!
  11. Bartending Kit – For the cocktail lover in your life! This comes with all the tools you’ll need to make the perfect Martini or Old Fashioned.
  12. Portable Blender – We love having smoothies in the morning, but it can take a lot of time and make a big mess with multiple people. This is the perfect size to leave at the office and makes for way easier cleanup.
  13. Plaid Christmas Tie – I love a good skinny tie. This one is beautiful for this time of year! Maybe your guy can wear it to a zoom family gathering? :)
  14. Waterproof Speaker – I love listening to books or podcasts while I’m getting ready for the day. This waterproof bluetooth speaker is small but powerful and is perfect for the shower!
  15. Moccasin House Shoes – Warm and cozy with a hard sole. Perfect for winter work-from-home days ahead!
  16. Bidet – Something we wish we would have bought sooner. Toilet paper shortages got nothing on us!
  17. Joggers – These joggers are Michael’s favorite. They are a heavier weight with thicker than usual material, but they also aren’t too hot.
  18. Electric Longboard – Quarantine has made us all a little stir crazy, and we are always looking for fun things to do outside. This electric longboard fits the bill perfectly!
  19. No-Show Socks – It’s the simple things sometimes! What guy couldn’t use some new socks? These no-shows are perfect with running shoes as well as Vans.




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7 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – For Him

  1. I love the guide, but why are business books only on the “for him” list? Aren’t we all interested in growing our careers?

    1. Of course! I just had a lot more suggestions for the Her boards. :) This was just a matter of space! I’ve read each of these and have gifted them to both men and women. They’re great!

  2. Thank you for these awesome guides – I picked out a few things last night, but now none of the links are working for me…is rstyle down? Or?


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