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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – For the Home

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  1. Wood Cutting Board – I stumbled on this incredibly affordable and beautiful bread board recently and bought three. One for me, and a couple to give out as gifts! I am obsessed with butterfly joints! And the delicate handle on top is gorgeous. This would be gorgeous on the counter or open shelves of any kitchen.
  2. Frame TV – Check out my full review and a tutorial for putting our digital downloads on the Frame TV here!
  3. Candle Holders – Modern, plaster candleholders! I have mine paired with the tapers below.
  4. Taper Candles – The perfect ochre color candles – seem them in action here.
  5. “A Place to Call Home” Book – Gil Schaffer is one of my favorite architects to follow. This book is an amazing source for home design inspiration!
  6. Brass Garland – I snagged two of these amazing brass garlands for my house and I feel like I might want two more to add to my stair garland!
  7. Evergreen Kitchenaid – This new matte evergreen Kitchenaid mixer is on great sale! I love the color and the matte finish.
  8. Oil Diffuser – This oil diffuser is beautiful! I have this terra cotta color in my office and the matte white one on my bedside table.
  9. Honey Oil – I like to mix different oils, but for scent alone I love a mix of honey, Volcano and Santal.
  10. Volcano Oil – This oil smells just like the Capri Blue Volcano candle from Anthropolgie. It’s such a universally loved scent that has hints of tropical fruit and citrus!
  11. Santal Oil – If you love the Santal 33 perfume from Le Labo, then you’ll love this oil. It makes your whole house smell like a boutique hotel!
  12. Woven Baskets – These are pretty for bathroom or pantry storage!
  13. Cream Tassel Fringe – I get asked a lot for the source of the cream cotton tassel fringe I use on our Christmas tree – well here it is! It’s affordable too!
  14. Flocked Tree – I bought a flocked tree last year and I don’t think I’ll ever go back!
  15. “William Morris’s Flowers” Book – Classic papers and a great lesson in pattern design.
  16. “City Guide: New York” Book – This city series from Cereal magazine is gorgeous and is an excellent read!
  17. Pebble Ice Maker – We splurged on an under-counter ice maker for our kitchen remodel, but my mom has the countertop model that was a fraction of the cost and works great.
  18. Fabric Shaver – If you have any pilling in your life – sweaters, jackets, upholstery – you NEED this fabric shaver. But you’ve been warned – once you start, it’s hard to stop!
  19. Wood Bead Garland – Another great tree trimming addition to the cotton tassel fringe.
  20. Dog Food Dish – Our doggies could use a Christmas present this year too!
  21. Homesick City Candles – This brand is so giftable because you can find scents that are personal to the recipient. Phoenix is a really good scent if you need a starting place!
  22. Muslin Throw Blanket – Beautiful, textural and a pretty color.
  23. Linen Tea Towels – I love real linen tea towels and this small shop makes the prettiest colors!
  24. Chris Loves Julia X Loloi Rug – So excited for this new rug line from Chris and Julia. I have this one in my dining room and it looks stunning!

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  1. Ceramic Candle Holder – I bought a pair of these double candle holders for our Thanksgiving table this year. I love them!
  2. Olive Wreath – I’m sure you’ve heard, but olive stems are the new eucalyptus! This live wreath is gorgeous!
  3. Brass Bells – I love bells for the holiday season. These are beautiful!
  4. Cy Twombly Book – This book (inside and out) is a big winner.
  5. Pineapple Evergreen Candle – Okay, the scent combo sounds weird, I know. And it is a little weird to be honest, but in a super interesting way!!! I’m into it.
  6. Rattan Chair – This chair is affordable and beautiful!
  7. Brass Pepper Mill – This is my go-to gift for friends and family. It just feels SO special!
  8. Wood Trees – I love these little wood trees for shelf styling around the holidays.
  9. Dog Bed – Dog beds CAN be beautiful! I love this one.
  10. Olive Tassel Pillow – I really like this pillow and have it in a few different colors. This olive green color is beautiful.
  11. Rust Ribbon – I like to keep my gift wrap pretty simple – one or two seasonal papers, but mostly brown, black and cream kraft paper. I love pretty ribbon and I stock up on these big bolts of velvet ribbon yardage every year!
  12. J.M.W. Turner: The Skies Sketchbook – This book is on the small side, so it makes for a very special gift. It is a reproduction of a Turner watercolor sketch book and it is a joy to flip through! One of my favorites for sure!
  13. Bread Canister – This bread canister is gorgeous AND the lid doubles as a cutting board! Perfect to paid with the sourdough starter kit below!
  14. Sourdough Starter Kit – I’m not the worst at making bread, but it does not come naturally to me! I prefer cooking to baking, but I’m hoping to get better at bread making this year!
  15. Rosebud Oud Candle – This candle is huge, slow-burning and throws a TON of scent that really lingers.
  16. Hand Soap – This hand soap is SUPER moisturizing and smells amazing. Plus, they donate a bar of soap to communities in need for every bottle purchased!
  17. Hand Towel – These woven cotton Turkish towels are my go-to for guest and powder spaces! They would be great for a hostess gift.
  18. Weighted Blanket – A total game changer for restless nights!
  19. Drawer Organizers – These drawer organizer inserts are so handy. Since they are adjustable, you can move them around as your needs change and you aren’t stuck with any particular configuration.
  20. Dyson Vacuum – If you have mostly hard floors, this cheaper version of the cordless Dyson vacuum is THE BEST. I have two other versions of this vacuum that cost twice as much, and that I’ve learned are really only great for carpeted floors. This version here though is specifically for hard floors and low pile rugs AND it can vacuum up larger things without getting clogged or stuck in the vacuum head, like with the other models! Total score with this find!
  21. Jute Rug – I LOVE this braided jute rug for layering with vintage rugs and runners for a couple of reasons. Not only is it really pretty (the tones are perfect – not too yellow, not too brown), but the pile is probably only about a half an inch thick, so it’s less of a tripping hazard. I also really love that the rug border is also braided rather than the twill binding that often gets dirty looking! (You can see this jute rug in action in our Juniper Offices Entry Reveal!)
  22. Dry Rub Spice – For the cook in your life! This vegan, small-batch dry rub is amazing on beef, pork, poultry & seafood. You can see more about how these spices are made on the Essiespice Instagram!
  23. Roomba Vacuum – The Roomba is a must-have for all the busy moms and dads out there. Some of the girls on the Juniper Team swear by it!
  24. Brass Art Easel – Little prints or paintings on pretty easels is one of my favorite styling tricks! It’s also one of my favorite gifts to give. I think it would be so sweet to pick a print, order a digital download and print it (even at home!) in an 8×10 size. This frame would pair beautifully with this sweet little brass easel.




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  1. Definitely buying those trees! Unrelated question: what are the fonts you used in the “Holiday Gift Guide” photo (serif and script fonts)? Thanks!

  2. That pineapple evergreen candle is controversial to me lol! I bought it two different times and felt like I changed my opinion day to day whether I liked it or hated it! Mine had way more pineapple than evergreen though. It was a strange experience :)

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