Evergreen House: Main Bedroom Reveal

The main bedroom at the Evergreen house was small and cramped before! We had quite a bit of rearranging to do. The main bathroom used to be in here too, but we were able to use some of an adjacent bedroom to gain more closet space and to make this bedroom feel a little more…

The main bedroom at the Evergreen house was small and cramped before! We had quite a bit of rearranging to do. The main bathroom used to be in here too, but we were able to use some of an adjacent bedroom to gain more closet space and to make this bedroom feel a little more spacious.

Check out that weird little pass through that goes to the kitchen! We think it was for plumbing access. We closed it up though!

Here you can see where we kept one of the old closets (on the left) and we gave up the old closet on the right for the water closet in the new en suit bathroom.

We also had quite a bit of restoration work to do on this original steel corner window. The previous homeowner had retrofitted the window to accommodate a window air conditioning unit. We added central air during the renovation and restored the missing steel pieces and window panes.

These windows, even after restoration, are not the most energy efficient, but the two we kept in the house (the other is in the kitchen breakfast nook) were luckily on the north east corners, so they don’t really ever get that burning hot direct sun. We replaced the rest of the windows in the home with more energy efficient windows that matched the black steel corner windows.

These corner windows are SO pretty! They are a little tricky to dress though, so we left them bare for the staging, but recommended outside mount flat shades to the new homeowners, or custom corner curtain rods. You can hire metalworkers to make these for you. I would show them a photo of these rods as my inspo!

I always start with a rug when decorating a room. Like truly 99% of the time, I won’t pick anything until I have the rug decided on/in the space. Rugs are HARD. They are usually a big investment and the colors aren’t usually represented accurately in listing photos. I found this Loloi rug on Amazon, and while I really do love it, the colors were punchier in person than I expected based on the listing photos. I was glad I waited on selecting other items until I had the rug in the space. The rug was begging to be the star of the space, so we went a little softer on the other decorative elements, like the bedding and the art.

nightstand  //  vase (similar)  //  art easel  //  gold bowl (similar)

You guys I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS LINEN BEDDING. It is also from Amazon and it is amazing! The homeowners bought a lot of our staging pieces, including this bedding, but I loved it so much I bought a new set (in the king size – both the duvet set and the linen sheets) for my own bedroom.


rug  //  chaise lounge (similar)  //  side table (similar)  //  pink throw (similar)  //  rust pillow (similar)

side table (similar)  //  chaise lounge (similar)

We found this chaise (similar) on Amazon too! The upholstery is a gorgeous washed and brushed canvas in a blue-gray color. I love the wood base!


rug  //  chaise lounge (similar)  //  side table (similar)  //  pink throw (similar)  //  rust pillow (similar)

I don’t have any photos of the inside of the closets (haha – there’s a TON of staging stuff hidden in there!), but behind those sliding doors is a really big closet with tons of storage. I was so happy with the new layout of this space. There’s a smaller, but still good sized closet on the other side of the room to the right of the bed.


floor mirror (similar)  //  faux tree (similar)  //  rug

floor mirror (similar)  //  faux tree (similar)  //  rug

The art above the bed is called White Sands from photographer Sarah Ellfeson that we sell in Juniper Print Shop. This is the 55″ print size, that we cut down to fit in the 22×55″ IKEA Bjorksta frame. I love this look for over a queen or king sized bed!

bed  //  nightstands  //  rug //  mattress  //  duvet  //  down insert 

The caned bed was one of my favorite purchases for the space. I love the color and the texture! The nightstands look PERFECT next to the bed. That blue-green-gray color is my forever favorite color and I love the black pulls!

bed  //  nightstands  //  rug //  mattress  //  duvet  //  down insert 

bed  //  nightstands  //  rug //  mattress  //  duvet  //  down insert 

The arrangement on the nightstand is dried pampas grass we bought at our local flower wholesaler, but you can buy it online here too! We found the giant green glass jar on sale at Arhaus (similar).

ANN STREET print  //  WHITE SANDS print

bed  //  nightstands  //  rug //  mattress  //  duvet  //  down insert 


duvet & shams  //  linen sheet set

bed  //  nightstands  //  rug

bed  //  nightstands  //  rug

bed  //  nightstands  //  rug

The sconces were made by local friends Lucent Lightshop. I love how you can twist the sconce head to face different directions. So sculptural!

What other questions can I answer for you?! I love this pretty space and am so glad the new homeowners love it too!

Here are all the sources in one long list:

Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (flat)

Trim Color – Benjamin Moore Seapearl (satin)

Closet doors

Rug (9×12)

Rug Pad


Pampas Grass


Art Easel


Linen Duvet Set

Linen Sheet Set

Vintage Lumbar (similar)

Pink Throw (similar)


Print above bed


Chaise (similar)

Rust Pillow (similar)

Garden Roses Print

Wood Side Table (similar)

Gold Bowl (similar)

Gold Floor Mirror (similar)

Yucca Tree


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  1. Hi!! I am trying to find the linen lumbar pillow from this gorgeous room and the link does not work! Can someone help me with this?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Demi! We used to sell these lumbars but we have sold out and won’t be bringing them back, so we took the listings down. Sorry about that!

  2. Hello, just wondering if you know of a paint color that would match your night stands? Love the color to paint a piece of furniture we have!

  3. I have this rug and would love to be able to match paint to the night stands. Any suggestions?

  4. I bought the Bjorksta frame and the print but the frame didn’t come with glass or a back on it. Did you use glass? How did you assemble it without a back on the frame?

    1. Hi Lisa! We have some tutorial videos on the juniper print shop site and instagram feed. You can follow the same instructions included in the IKEA frame packaging. No glass with tthis frame – It mounts almost like a canvas! Hope that helps!

  5. Love this! I have been thinking about this rug for our living room, the couch we have is similar color to thr chair you have in this room. And then we have black and white herringbone side chairs……. Do you think thats too busy with this rug? Cant tell if it would look awesome or be too much!

  6. bonjour, super belle décoration , j’aimerais confirmer avec vous la couleur de la couette sur amazon .ca est-ce bien Blush/Gray ? sur votre photo la couleur semble être crème avec des rayures grises et sur amazon cela semble être rosé avec des rayures grises, s’agit -il de la même couette? je viens de faire l’achat du tapis et j’aimerais vraiment faire comme votre style que j’adore. merci de me répondre

  7. I just became so excited as I discovered your page and clicked on the link to this beautiful rug to find it’s on Amazon and affordable!! Wondering what size you used for the queen bed here?

  8. I love this room! Can you tell me where the long linen lumbar pillow and cover on the bed are from?

  9. I am trying to recreate this look for my home. I love it! The link for the amazon duet cover takes me to a blush and grey one. The pictures do not look blush in your space. Is this the correct color or is it just sold out? Any recommendations if that is the case? Thank you so much! I would recreate every single look you do if I could! Love it all.

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