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Juniper Home Studio Tour

It’s been awhile since we shared any photos of the Juniper Home studio space! This is an ever evolving space for us. We are constantly moving pieces in and out, which is so inspiring for the team!

sconces  //  teak canisters  //  white plates  //  ochre mugs  //  rug

We are still totally in love with the green we chose for our kitchen cabinets, Sierra Night by Pratt & Lambert. You can read more about this space in this post!

We always get tons of questions about these shelves. They were custom made for our space and you can read more about that process here. We love that we can move the shelves up and down to accommodate any type of styling pieces.


The OG fans will recognize those leopard chairs! They are still a favorite around here! The rest of the team uses these leather swivel chairs, which are amazing. We recently stumbled on this dupe and ordered a few for our growing team.


lamp base  //  cream pillow  //  blue pillow  //  faux ferns

metal and copper baskets  //  woven lidded baskets

Fabric and tile samples are a must for us, so we try to keep them all corralled in these metal and copper baskets. Organized chaos! The large lidded baskets hold even more fabric samples!

GARDEN ROSES I print  //  GARDEN ROSES II print  //  metal and wood cabinet

The rest of the space serves as the Juniper Print Shop headquarters!



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9 thoughts on “Juniper Home Studio Tour

  1. I’m curious, since you don’t take client work anymore, what there is for a whole team to do? We don’t see you on IG for long stretches of time and I just wonder, whatcha up to?!

    1. Hi Kat!

      We’re focusing on flipping (and then styling) houses and developing products for the print shop! If you want to learn more, I have a saved highlight in my stories called BIZ BTS, where I share how we make our revenue at Juniper. The team works on print shop and pillow fulfillment as well as daily posting on the @juniper.home and @juniperprintshop accounts. We also try to post three times a week here on the blog. I don’t post every day on my insta account because it’s a particularly busy season at home and work right now and posting to instagram is like drinking from a firehose for me. It’s hard to post and for it not to become a four hour commitment to answering questions.

      I hope that helps clarify!

  2. This has been my inspiration pic for the longest time for my dream library… which may actually be finally happening this summer! I have a question about the ladder- is that something that I can order online or did you get it through your carpenter?

  3. The cabinet at the top. That is a green I’d never in my wildest dreams think of using, but it’s astounding! So moody and natural with the sort of rusty amber colour of the baskets and shelf brackets, the little brass touches, bits of black and creamy walls. Wonderful!

  4. That kitchen space has me swooning! Would love to see a post about how you made those shelves and painted the refrigerator. As always, beautiful!!

  5. I didn’t see any links to the library ladder? It looks like it’s awesome and doesn’t need cathedral ceilings for it?

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