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Weekly Favorites 4.19.19


1. Journals  and 2. Instax Camera – We were at Disneyland last weekend (check out this post if you want lots of great Disney tips!). One of our favorite traditions is to get a little blank spiral bound journal for each our kids before a family trip (we did this when we went to Europe last summer too). We bring a couple of markers and some washi tape and my favorite Instax camera and the girls can draw and do some journaling while we’re waiting in line or in a car. We all love getting to look back on these journals from past trips!

3. Concrete Fluted Planters – I’m obsessed with the texture of these fluted concrete planters and they’re on sale! They remind me of the beautiful planters in front of Katie Hackworth’s gorgeous office.

4. Pillows – This Etsy pillow shop is amazing and I can’t believe the prices on some of these pillows! I bought a bunch for the Evergreen project and for my house!

5. Comfiest Pullover Sweater – I’ve been finding the cutest clothes on Amazon lately! This sweater is my favorite right now – I have it in a few colors. It’s the perfect weight for this time of year, when you never know if you’re going to be cold or hot!

6. Rattan Bed – This bed is absolutely stunning and we can’t believe the current price!!!

7. Round Marble Based Lamp – We spotted this one online and it’s a total dupe for this table lamp that we also love!

8. Gold Coin Necklace – I just got this 18k gold plated coin necklace on Amazon and I can’t believe it was under $20!

9. Ninja Blender – You guys had a ton of questions about my morning smoothies! I learned all about the Fab Four way of eating in the amazing book Body Love below. This personal blender with a couple extra cups makes my life a million times easier!

Chia SeedsProtein Powder – I have tried a million different protein powders and this is the brand I love the best. I do not love the taste of most, but this one is DELICIOUS. Collagen Peptides – After about two months of drinking my smoothie every morning with collagen powder, my hair stylist asked what I’ve been taking. My hair, lashes and nails are noticeably thicker!

10. “Body Love” Book – I also have been trying to clean up my eating. This book was eye opening. In the same way I’m reframing my mindset about workouts, I’m trying to think of food and diet in a different way. The author shares interesting food science facts that I loved learning and has helped me think about eating for fuel and health instead of a restriction diet. It’s about how to eat to feel good, not how to eat to hack weight loss. It’s awesome. She shares recipes that I like that are meant to fuel your body with nutrients and healthy energy. The book recommends starting your day with a green smoothie with fat, fiber, protein and greens (the fab four). I make a chocolate banana nut butter one that is delicious and makes me feel great until lunchtime.

11. Eyeshadow Primer – A friend shared this eyeshadow primer with me and I feel like my makeup stays on SO much better through the end of the day.

12. Steamer – You guys keep asking for the link to our favorite steamer again so here it is! We LOVE it and it’s so affordable!!

13. Running Shoes – Earlier this year I started working out consistently again with the goal of feeling better, stronger and less stressed out, instead of focusing on losing weight. I use the 10k Runner app to go for long slow jogs two or three times a week and then I also do the Sweat app which is a quick, challenging but also fun 30 minute workout you can do from home. I hate (HATE!) working out at a gym, so I feel like this is a routine I’ll be able to keep this year, and so far so good. I’m sleeping better and getting a great stress release during my week. It feels wonderful! Kate on our team recommended these running shoes, and they have been GAME CHANGING.

14. Folex – We’re working on sharing some kid friendly furniture, but I always recommend keeping this upholstery cleaner handy for homes with kids and pets! Its THE BEST.


Weekly Sales:

Overstock is doing their Spring Black Friday sale!!

World Market is offering 20% off outdoor furniture with code 20OUTDOOR

CB2 is offering 20% off select outdoor furniture.

Target is also offering 25% off select outdoor furniture.

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  1. The bed isn’t listed and that was what caught my eye. Could you share the link please. Thanks!

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