Green Bedroom Reveal

5I5A0282 copy
Today we are sharing all of the sources for the bedroom reveal we posted last week!!
5I5A0728 copy
rug  //  bed frame  //  sconces (similar)  //  fiddle leaf fig
If you remember, we are temporarily moving into our playroom during our home renovation. We didn’t want to spend a ton of money buying everything new, so we reused most of the furniture from our guest bedroom. Isn’t it crazy the same furniture and rug looks SO different next to the new paint color?! Painting your walls is such an easy way to give new life to your old things!
5I5A0545 copy
lamp  //  lamp shade  //  fur stool (similar)  //  curtains
5I5A0622 copy
bed frame  //  rust throw  //  wall sconces  //  nightstand (similar)  //  white quilt
5I5A0278 copy
bed frame  //  rug  //  fur stool  //  leather chairs  //  fiddle leaf fig (similar)
5I5A0443 copy
5I5A0303 copy
curtains  //  fiddle leaf fig (similar)  //  black basket (similar)  //  leather chairs (similar)  //  floor lamp
5I5A0433 copy
speckled vase (similar)  //  nightstand (similar)  //  pink tray (similar)  //  crystal
5I5A0390 copy
POWELL print  //  rust throw  //  striped duvet  //  rug  //  sconces
5I5A0308 copy
fiddle leaf fig (similar)  //  rug  //  chairs (similar)  //  floor lamp  //  black basket (similar)
5I5A0415 copy
pink throw  //  black mudcloth pillow (similar)  //  faux plant (similar)
5I5A0389 copy
 5I5A0596 copy
night stand (similar)  //  sconce  //  faux plant in planter (similar)  //  sheet set
5I5A0737 copy
light fixture  //  striped duvet cover  //  rug  //  leather chairs (similar)
5I5A0708 copy
KNOTS II print  //  lamp base (similar)  //  lamp shade
5I5A0367 copy
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50 thoughts on “Green Bedroom Reveal

  1. Hey Jenny! I just wondered if you might have a source on that New York landscape artwork? I wasn’t sure if that something that is for sale somewhere, or if it is just a one of a kind painting. It’s so pretty!

  2. Love that wall color! Do you think the rug would work with some olive green accents too? It’s so hard to tell the actual colors in it on a computer screen. Thanks!

  3. HI! I see that someone already asked this, but I too wondered about the nyc print! Thanks! :)

  4. The room looks beautiful! Can you share where you got the baskets on the bottom shelf on the nightstand? (perfect :))

  5. Hello Jenny, thanks for sharing all of this! I was wondering if you could tell us where you got the frame from for the Powell print – also, what size is the image cropped to? I love the look of it hanging above a bed, and am hoping to copy those dimensions.

  6. Ditt on the question about the frame and ratio size for the Powell print! Currently trying to figure this out myself by eyeballing the size of a bed.. hmm.. would love your insight!

  7. Ditto on the question about the frame and ratio size for the Powell print! Currently trying to figure this out myself by eyeballing the size of a bed.. hmm.. would love your insight!

    1. Hi guys! This is the IKEA Bjorksta frame in the 22×55″ size. Stay tuned because we will be offering this size in a physical print in about a week! Yay!!

  8. Love this! Ordering my paint sample now. Only problem is that I can’t stop thinking about that lumbar pillow! Any chance of a special re-release of that color??? Thank you!

    1. Hi Melissa! We don’t have plans to re-release it in the near future, but we are always adding new styles to the shop. We will be sure to make an announcement if we decide to bring it back!

  9. Would this rug work well in a room where kids sit on the ground a lot? Ie. is it scratchy/flat weave or it it soft?

    1. This rug is super soft! It is on the thinner side though, so I would recommend a rug pad if you use it in a playroom!

  10. Hi Jenny! This is so good! Did you leave the ceilings white, or paint them a different color? I feel like the sunshine is giving a different photo. What color is it?

  11. Hello! Disappointed the rug is no longer available, are there other sources or any similar options?

  12. Love this room! Is this the same room that had the bird wallpaper in it? What happened to it?

  13. I can’t find the rug or the picture over the bed. I viewed both Juniper and Wayfair for them.

    Can you tell me where I can find them?



  14. Any advice on how to track down this rug? I love it, but it appears that the link to the Wayfair website is no longer available …. seems it’s not available on that site any more.

  15. Hi! Love this room you created so much. Question – where did you source the curtain rods? Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you!

  16. Gorgeous! I think I’m going to recreate this in my own bedroom! I’ve found dupes for a few of the things that are no longer sold but still looking for a few of the items.

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