Playroom Makeover with Mixtiles

Sponsored by Mixtiles. After years of saving, and now weeks of meeting with contractors and trades, we are getting VERY close to starting a big remodel at my house. I’ve got a big post coming up that shares the details of the plans now that they are almost final! In the meantime, we are spending…

Sponsored by Mixtiles.

After years of saving, and now weeks of meeting with contractors and trades, we are getting VERY close to starting a big remodel at my house. I’ve got a big post coming up that shares the details of the plans now that they are almost final! In the meantime, we are spending our recent nights and weekends shuffling rooms around, preparing for months and months of half the living space (and no kitchen or laundry room!).

Juniper Mixtiles 5-2

blue chair  //  rug  //  rattan daybed  //  pouf  //  basket

Last week we moved Evie in with Grace and turned her bedroom into a playroom and I think with just a couple quick changes and additions, we’ve got ourselves an adorable, comfortable kids space! I’m the hugest fan of playrooms if you can manage to squeeze a space into your square footage. I love having a dedicated place for toys and games to live – it really helps the rest of the house stay more tidy – and the girls love having a space of their own for arts and crafts, legos, watching movies and hanging out with their neighborhood friends.

Juniper Mixtiles 23-2

Juniper Mixtiles 39-2

I knew I wanted to do a gallery wall above the daybed in here, and when I heard about the Mixtiles app, I got SO excited about the idea of using all trip photos from our recent family vacation to Scandinavia! Mixtiles syncs directly with your phone’s camera roll to quickly and easily order high-quality prints that come in less than a week. And they always have free shipping!

Juniper Mixtiles 41-2

The Mixtiles are really easy to hang – no hammer and nails required here! They have a sticky adhesive strip on the back of the frames that allows you to place and move the tiles anywhere without damaging your walls. Perfect for renters or people like me who don’t want to put a million holes in their walls for a big gallery wall arrangement like this one!

Juniper Mixtiles 42-2

Since I ordered a lot of Mixtiles for the wall, I had the idea to use some scraps of packaging materials from the new furniture as a guide for hanging all my new wall decor. It wasn’t necessary since the adhesive is reusable and you can pull off and readjust quickly, but it made a simple process even simpler for me! I used a piece of styrofoam as my spacer for the bottom row and a 3″ piece of wood for the rest of my grid.

Juniper Mixtiles 37-2

Juniper Mixtiles 38-2

The gallery wall was up and perfect in about five minutes! EASIEST GALLERY WALL EVER. (PS make sure you don’t miss the discount code at the end of the post!)

Juniper Mixtiles 29-2

Juniper Mixtiles 11-2

The walls were already painted Chantilly Lace, my favorite bright white, so we definitely needed some colorful art and accessories in here to make things a little more playful. (PS To see the room transform in real time, don’t miss my Insta Story highlights called ‘playroom’!)

Juniper Mixtiles 10-2

marble and brass table  //  gray shell chairs  //  rug

Juniper Mixtiles 20-2

black alarm clock  //  faux string of pearls plant  //  gold elephant trinket dish

Juniper Mixtiles 35-2

Juniper Mixtiles 27-2

rattan daybed  //  rug  //  marble and brass table

Juniper Mixtiles 14-2

rug  //  lamp  //  white and brass globe  //  faux cactus

Juniper Mixtiles 17-2

This rattan daybed was my first purchase for this new space. It is SUCH a great deal already and I got it with an extra 30% off coupon!

Juniper Mixtiles 24-2

rattan daybed  //  rug  //  pouf 

Juniper Mixtiles 3-2

The blue chair was a lucky PB Outlet find and the warm denim-y blue upholstery was the start of my color inspiration for this space. I found the perfect inexpensive rug that was colorful but not crazy, and I think really compliments the art and accessories in here!

Juniper Mixtiles 16-2

Juniper Mixtiles 1-2

Juniper Mixtiles 26-2

I can’t tell you how much I love this new space and especially that wall of memories! Our trip to Denmark, Sweden and Iceland this summer was nothing short of life-changing, especially getting to see where my grandma grew up in Sweden (check out my story highlights for more!). Having these special photos up on the wall, reminding us of those magical two weeks, has been SO COOL.

Juniper Mixtiles 25-2

And I love that when our reno is finished in a few months and Evie moves back into her room, I can move the Mixtiles back down to our regular playroom quickly and simply, with no damage to our walls!

Juniper Mixtiles 12-2

Juniper Home Collection Lumbar in Rose

Thank you to Mixtiles for sponsoring this room makeover! For 15% of your first order (and free shipping, of course!), use the code NOTEBOOK15 at checkout on the Mixtiles app. The promotion runs only for a limited time, so hurry fast! :)

Juniper Mixtiles 40-2

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27 thoughts on “Playroom Makeover with Mixtiles

  1. Love it so much! Great mix of colors and textures. My only wish is for that blue chair to be larger in scale. aybe that is what bothered you about it?

  2. Will you be adding any of your trip photo’s to your print shop? I spotted a few that I would absolutely love to add to my spaces!

  3. They look fab! I had a peek at mixtiles, but can’t see an option for the white framing yours seem to have, any ideas? Thanks!

    1. The frames are a brand new option, but they should definitely be on the app! If you’re not seeing it, you might need an update! :)

  4. Ugg, I really like these but have no room on my phone or desire to download another app. I wish these kind of companies would also have an online equivalent – that’s not hard.

  5. Love this room! Where did you get your roman shades? These are exactly what I was looking for for my bedroom!

  6. The room looks great! I’m curious about the daybed. I see online that it says it takes a standard twin mattress but it looks smaller than that in your pictures? Is it a twin? Does the bed seem sturdy? I’d love it from my daughter’s room!

  7. Hello Jenny,
    I have just recently discovered your beautiful IG gallery. I love it and your design style! So nice. I was wondering were to get that painting/photo you have above the blue chair in the playroom. I loved it. Is it from one of your prints? I looked for it but could not find it. Thanks, Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thank you so much for the kind words! This print hasn’t been released yet, but we plan to very soon. We will be sure to post about the release over on my print shop account, @jennysprintshop, so be sure to follow along there for updates!

  8. Hi Jenny,
    You may have introduced me to my new rug. :) I am wondering, if the true colour of the rug is more like the darker pictures on the Wayfair website, or are they lighter, like the ones you posted? I am looking for light, fresh and, well, light. The darker images are scaring me away from the rug… YET the lighter ones make me my hear beat a little faster. I live in Canada and have found the rug on, but returns in my country, particularly for something large like this, are really cost prohibitive. Sometimes chances work out! And sometimes they are just expensive. . Thank you for any information you can provide!

  9. Don’t you think 3 windows are too light for a room? By the way, this arrangement is quite good but I think it will be much more better if you decrease number of things to make less messy as possible. – Lenny Face

    1. First off, you can NEVER have too much natural light in a room; the three windows are lovely!

      Second, it’s a children’s playroom…inherently they have lots of things. If this is messy, it is the most well organized, stylish “mess” I’ve ever seen!

  10. I LOVE THIS ROOM! I just went to buy this rug because i’m obsessed and have been looking for a rug- and always love your rug choices- but the one linked is not the same rug
    :( I think it was- but then they sold out and when it came back- its different.
    Have you seen any similar style rugs lately you would recommend?? ;)

  11. Please, Jenny. We are dying to know about the rug – Is it light like your pictures pr dark like Wayfair? And can you suggest other options? We are a curious, rug-obsessed bunch. :)

    1. Hi Jody!

      The rug sort of changes colors depending on the time of day. For the most part it is a medium warm pink! If you look in my instagram stories on the PLAYROOM highlight you can see lots of phone photos that are less blown out than these real camera photos. Hope that helps!

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