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Happy Friday! We’re a little late getting this post up (busy day!) but we’re really trying our best to stick to the posting schedule! Our goal is to have at least three or four posts up a week and a Love Notes post up every Friday. This one’s coming in just under the wire, but I’ll count it as a success! :)


First up, did you see Emily Henderson’s dorm inspired post? We were so excited to see some Jenny’s Print Shop prints featured in her collage wall! I love what Emily and her team did here! The post is full of great tips if you are heading off to college, or if you are just trying to channel your inner 18 year old :). How many Print Shop prints can you spot?








Speaking of the shop, this week are are retiring four more prints to make room for four new prints that will hit the shop next Friday. Some of you have seen the sneak peeks on my stories and you know they are going to be good!! :)

We’ll be saying goodbye for good to Prickly Pear, Lines, Carnival and BQE and you know what that means – they’ve all been dropped to $8 in the shop. Grab ’em before they’re gone for good! Some people have mentioned that they buy the download even if they don’t have a current place for the print, just so they can have the option to print down the road.









5I5A2639 copy




I also wanted to mention that Michael’s is running a sale on frames right now and everyone’s favorite 24×36 inch frames are only $16 instead of $50! If you use Kinkos or Staples to get an Engineer Print for about $6, you are getting yourself a HUGE piece of art for not a lot of money! I think BQE and ANN STREET and both of Lynne’s floral abstracts look especially amazing as Engineer Prints.


Lots of you have DMed me to ask about my eye makeup when I do Stories so I thought I’d post the products and routine for you here. I am all about cheap makeup that you can get at Target (except for my expensive-but-worth-it sunscreen foundation). I also need my makeup routine to be fast – like five minutes max start to finish. I’ve used this exact same covergirl eyeliner and mascara since high school! I just put eyeliner (Espresso color) on my top lash line and then use a small brush to soften and smudge the line. And then I run that same brush (that now has some of the eyeliner makeup on it) along my lower lash line. Two coats of mascara in brown-black (not the waterproof kind), AND THAT’S IT. So, so easy. It lasts all day but comes off easily at night. I tried switching to fancy makeup at one point and I feel like the $45 eyeliner was melting off my face by 2pm, so I ran back to my CG with open arms. :)

IMG_6335 copy

mascara  //  eyeliner  //  brush


Speaking of DMs on Instagram! I got approximately 34,276 messages this week that Shea McGee and I were wearing the same top on the same day on Stories. We both were cracking up at how many people were letting us know. :) It IS a cute shirt though, right!?

Jenny's Closet-2

top  //  shoes  //  bag

I got a new bag too when I bought the top and I’m OBSESSED with the color of the leather! It is the perfect size and has the cutest double drawstrings on either side that make the bag super easy to access. I think it’s going to be a great bag for fall!



Gentry Project update!!! The wood floors are going in TODAY and everything is starting to look so good! The next two or three weeks are going to get real exciting! :)


We have started buying stuff for staging the house and grabbed two of these gorgeous marble side tables that are on sale right now! The metal base is obviously amazing and the top is a really pretty marble! But I especially love the top is a generous size. You can easily fit a table lamp, small vase or planter and a stack of books. It’s an amazing deal for under $100!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 9.22.39 AM


side table  //  kilim pillow 



And this it for us this week, friends! I hope you’re loving the Love Notes posts as much as we are. Any special requests for us?

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23 thoughts on “Love Notes

  1. I would love to know – what is your worth-it suncscreen foundation? I have not found one that doesn’t bother my skin. Thanks!

    1. I get it from my derm but I’m sure it’s online somewhere! It’s called Revision Intellishade Matte. It’s AMAZING!

  2. Stopped by just to check if a love notes was up ❤️ Your new posting schedule is making my heart happy!! Loving every single thing you’ve been up to!

  3. There needs to be a club for us 30 somethings who have used that SAME Cover Girl eyeliner for a solid two decades. I’ve used it for so long I don’t even have to look in the mirror when I put it on- ha! PS I am loving your love notes!

  4. Love, Love Notes. I was thinking the other day how it’d be so fun to have a Ask Jenny/Juniper Studio series (or maybe just a question a week answered or something)? I find myself thinking all sorts of times as I’m learning to decorate our house, “I wonder what Jenny would recommend for this?”

  5. I love Love Notes and was keeping an eye out for it all Friday! Love your print shop too!

  6. What was the name of the super awesome green for the kitchen at the studio? I told myself I would remember it after watching your Instastory, but no.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! It is Pratt & Lambert’s Sierra Night. It is SO GOOD!!! You will love it. :) The perfect Green-Gray-Black!!


  7. Love these! I would love a post with natural wood frame sources! They are so hard to find. Also favorite pillow etsy shops. Maybe your favorite sources for funky vases and which TJ’s flowers to pair them with (for amateurs). And your favorite ways to display family photos. Oops-lots of requests

  8. What are the chances you could tell us where that cute pink vase is from that you styled the marble side table with?!

      1. Thanks guys! That vase is from a pottery studio called Tortus Copenhagen. It was a special birthday gift from my thoughtful husband! xo

  9. I would LOVE a post on how to find/add personality in a tract home! We just moved into a hole built a decade ago, and we did totally renovate the kitchen and flooring, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what kind of decor fits this weird house! I love a more modern and timeless style, or desert vibes, or even touches of modern farmhouse, but this house is such a bland, blank canvas that I don’t know where to start (never mind that we are also dealing with a super weird first floor layout). Anyway, I would love to hear your tips for finding what style is right for a boring builder home!

  10. Absolutely loving the marble side tables you’ve picked up. I think that’s a piece that would really work well alongside any sort of furniture – contemporary or old. So you can’t really go wrong!

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