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I am in the middle of what shall henceforth be known as The Great Sconce Hunt of 2014. I need no less than SIX pairs of sconces for upcoming projects (that I’m so excited to share with you all – exciting stuff happening around here!). I’ve searched high and low for cool, modern and expensive-looking…

I am in the middle of what shall henceforth be known as The Great Sconce Hunt of 2014. I need no less than SIX pairs of sconces for upcoming projects (that I’m so excited to share with you all – exciting stuff happening around here!). I’ve searched high and low for cool, modern and expensive-looking sconces for less than $150 each, which I think is officially my “expensive” threshold when it comes to most lighting (chandeliers excluded). I want several of them to be brass or to have brass accents.

 photo lampcloseup.jpg
Here are the ones I’ve really been drawn to and I’d LOVE to hear if you have seen any others that fit the inexpensive/awesome/modern/amazing bill!

 photo headboardwide.jpg

First up is this AMAZING beauty. I’m already breaking my rule (these are about $180), but there is a smaller version for $150. The four extra sockets are worth the extra thirty dollars to me though! Man, I love this sconce! The makers are Arizona locals and it looks like they take custom orders. I will be making friends with these people! :)  (PS Some of you have been looking for a maker from the Gossip Girl sconces – I think it would be worth reaching out to Lucent Lightshop for a quote)

 photo il_570xN578739402_hujg.jpg
Shop One Forty Three is a blogger favorite for good reason! This two-light sconce is only $65!
 photo IMG_2446_1024x1024.jpg

The Urban Outfitter Eyeball sconce is an easy favorite (I used it in Heather’s old room above), but they came out with a chrome and shiny brass finish recently. Can’t beat $29!

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-10at94845PM.png
I love the mix of metals in this RH sconce. It’s on final sale, so get ’em while they’re hot!
 photo rhbc_prod395530.jpeg
These sconces are so cool and they might be making an appearance in my kitchen. I love the fresh shape and the brass finish. Very cool. And so worth $159.
 photo TiltCone.jpg
This eyeball sconce from Schoolhouse Electric comes in black too, but how pretty is this cherry red?! I would love a pair of these for my bedside lamps.
 photo 2540078ps_1.jpg
I LOVE the shape of the shade on this adjustable sconce. So pretty! And I can’t believe it’s only $129 (full price!) from Restoration Hardware. Part of me loves the loose cord and the other part of me thinks it would drive me crazy in real life…
 photo E32210056_TQ.jpeg
These $67 sconces are a new find for me. I love the ceramic canopies and the knuckle hinge joints. I already bought a pair of these for a bathroom we’re working on. I can’t wait to install them this week!
 photo il_570xN578447261_ddxa.jpg
Okay, so spill the beans! Which sconces am I missing here? Do you have any of the above?
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49 thoughts on “Affordable Brass Sconces

  1. Jenny- Try Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. They carry several sconces you'd be interested in.

    Issac Sconce in brass (not shiny, short arm)- $128.Also available in long arm- $158.

    Martha B.

  2. Hi! I love your blog! Here are a couple of my favorites:

    These are mint green, which I know is on trend, but not really my thing. You could always paint them brass? I love the shape though.

    Also not brass, but I'm loving these guys too:

    And these:

  3. Hi! I have the UO eyeball sconces, but opted for the brushed (as opposed to the shiny) brass for my bedroom sconces. I love them! The price is fantastic, too.

  4. My vote is for the Cedar & Moss fixture. I have seen these in person and they are beyond beautiful. They would be an excellent addition to you home. And while all of these fixtures are really cool, I think the Cedar & Moss have the longest lasting appeal.

  5. Fantastic roundup! I am looking for sconces for my bedroom and the Urban Outfitters eyeball ones might be the ones!

  6. One King's Lane has a sale on Hinkley lighting today (I think they say for the dining room.) They have a very nice double bulb brass sconce for $129.

  7. Oh, that loose cord would absolutely drive me insane! While not sconces, I do like the tolomeo wall light, but they are twice the $150 limit. Arrgh!

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  9. I actually just painted some allen + roth swing arm lamps for our bedroom a powder blue, but did look around for something decently priced that I loved. They were about $45, so I thought it was a great deal and they're classic in shape, but the blue seems to modernize them quite a bit. Thanks for all of these great sources! The more I study design, the more I realize how important your lighting fixtures are, they really can make or break a space!

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  11. Thanks for the great round-up of sconce options! I've been looking at a few options from, like this one: or possibly this option:
    I really love the range of colors, cord options, and metals. Thanks for another great post, Jenny!

  12. What do you think of these from Ballard, Jenny? I have a library bookshelf project going (built out of Billys just like you taught me! :) and I'm thinking of using these sconces above the bookshelves. What do you think? They're on sale and combine that with the 20% off coupons Ballard is always sending via email, I thought they were a deal! I've been wondering what you're planning to use in your amazing library… with that awesome ladder!

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  14. we have the one forty three sconce (in that exact combo) and love it in our den! the light is very bright. we hardly ever turn on the overhead anymore. i think a half mirror or dipped bulb would make it less directly bright. only downside is the lead time is a little longer than the bigger retailers, but worth it. very easy to install, too!

  15. Hi Jenny! Would you mind sharing the paint color of that dark green room? It's exactly what I'm looking for for my master redo. Thank you! Love your work!

  16. I was in Puerto Rico for a clients job and was so pleasantly surprised by the Mid-Century Overarching Wall Sconce from West Elm. It's ginormous so worth it's slightly higher price. We are using it over their game table!

  17. Where did you find the brass sconce that might make an appearance in your kitchen? No resource is listed. Dying for these! Thanks!

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