More Plans for the Master Bedroom

Some of you may have seen my little announcement here yesterday. Thanks for the well-wishes!! My first story for Domino will go live soon (probably next week sometime) – and I’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as that happens. I did some projects in our bedroom for the story, but the images will focus on mostly one corner of the room. Now I’m looking at the rest of the room, dreaming of the other purchases I can make to get our room more comfortable. As always, I’ve been using Keep to manage my ideas and wish lists for our bedroom.

 photo Knoxvillgrayandpax.jpg

I have this mint embroidered hotel bedding that I really like and I think it will look really nice with the Chinese wallpaper panels I had hanging in our old loft’s dining room. I painted our walls Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray and I think the color combos will be lovely, but we need a few punches of color thrown in there.

 photo fDSC_0436.jpg
 photo IMG_2931.jpg

One thing I’ve been especially stumped over is the rug. I have a bright pinky-red overdyed rug in storage that I think is about the right size for the room (ours looks similar to this (very affordable!) option).

 photo ScreenShot2013-10-03at102944PM.png

I might regret not having something lighter on the floors though, since the walls are so dark now. I think my heart is set on something like this (too boring though?). Maybe an exciting pattern in a more neutral color, like this or this or even this?

 photo RUGS.jpg

I had been struggling with what kind of bed frame/headboard to go with, now that we are upgrading to a king-sized mattress and need to find something new quick. I’ve been drawn to something like this bed with a bench at the foot. (or maybe a pair of trunks??)

 photo BEDANDBENCH.jpg

But I think I’ve figured it out and I’m going to attempt a DIY. I’m hoping the end result looks a little something like this.

 photo ScreenShot2013-10-03at103720PM.png

I found some really simple white sheets at Homegoods that are dotted with little tiny white squares and I love them, but if I didn’t have them, I’d be tempted to snatch up these small-scale ikat sheets. I do need some fun pillows in here I think and these marbled ones are calling my name!!


I’ll probably reuse my white Murano-style lamps from before, but seriously – how awesome are these $50 sconces? Please buy them for me.

 photo ScreenShot2013-10-03at104412PM.png

The fireplace in our bedroom is getting a second coat of white paint today (yay! looks so much better already!) and I’ll hang a big mirror up there to cover the arch.

 photo IMG_7845.jpg

I’ve always imagined a pair of chairs by the fireplace, but I don’t want the area to look too formal or stuffy, you know? If I weren’t doing a tufted headboard, I would totally go with a pair of something like these club chairs. Can you believe that price?! (I also saw a brown leather version in the store and it looked very promising considering the cost.) But I already have a pair of vintage bergere style chairs too that need to be reupholstered. Something similar to this would be nice and I think more to scale for the room and the floor space.

 photo CHAIRS.jpg

I’m going to go with simple blue-gray roman shades on the windows to cover up the arch, which looks a little dated to me. I’ll probably make my own in the end, but if I run out of time, there are plenty of options online. JC Penney always has a sale on fabric shades and some of their offerings are really well-made (be sure to study the helpful reviews). I also like these silk shades on sale here. I’m waffling a little though because I kind of wanted to do a version of these goldenrod yellow curtains. It probably would be too crazy with the fireplace though and doing a simple blue-gray to play on the wall color would be nice.

 photo SHADES.jpg

I’m so excited to figure out the rest of this space. I’ve added a ton more Keeps to my Master Bedroom collection (and other collections – this bag is a recent fave!). Check them out here and have a great weekend! xo
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29 thoughts on “More Plans for the Master Bedroom

  1. Love the ideas for the bedroom! I like the mix of textures and colors and neutrality (we use a similar color palette in our bedroom). Congrats on Domino – can't wait to read it!

  2. Woah, Crystal! That is COOL fabric! I haven't been in to Joann's for a few months and it looks like I need to stop on it!

  3. On the fabric at JoAnn's – just so you're aren't suprised if you go looking for it – they only had one color (the golden/brown one) at my local store and the other two are online only. :)

  4. I cannot decide if I want to go light and airy or dark and moody in my bedroom (and if it's the latter that color was a top contender) — sooooo can you just hurry up and finish so I can see it and make up my mind?! (and probably be swayed to go dark) :)

  5. If you put a mirror in front of the arch above the fireplace would it be worthwhile hinging it and using the space behind it for storage?

  6. I love it all! We have those lights for beside our bed. They're larger than I expected but give off the perfect amount of light. We wrapped multi color yarn around the cords to make it look more global and less … black and white.

  7. So many great pieces. I really can't wait to see some of these rooms come together! I'm sure you can't either. :)

    I kind of love the red rug. I love the pop it would have, but knowing you, there'll be a pop or two somewhere!

  8. The master bedroom plans are great ideas! Love the bright rug!! I like how the fireplace is coming along! Great idea to have two chairs & I don't think it's too formal, I think it's cozy!
    Our family is downsizing from 3200 sq ft, two story. I want a one story one with lots of character, & would love to remodel an older home here in chandler gilbert area!! Any sugestions??

  9. May I ask where you got the hotel bedding? I need that same style and color! Thank you. And go for the red rug. Seriously. I like what it would do to pull out those warm accents in your paper panels. So much fun. Love the surround for your Pax units – beautiful!

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  11. I especially like the fireplace in white as it shows the detail more. Why not try to pink rug and see how it goes; I personally love it.
    I am perplexed with why you think Palladian windows are passe. My 100 yr old house is full of them and I think they're gorgeous. Yours don't look like the cheapo ones new houses often have that are just stuck there for no reason. I admit, they are difficult to dress; I just hate it when people bifurcate them with drapes, etc., but if done right the look is so elegant.

  12. Hi Jenny, Nothing to contribute to your current post but I just thought you'd like to know you have become my biggest time waster!!.. And when I say time waster I actually mean diy and decorating inspirer and motivator that "Yes I can" do these projects too.. Having now covered a number of outdoor chairs (some reclining and some directors chairs), painted roadside bookcases, walls, artworks, also sawing a desk in half, creating a new top and painting and artwork directly on top, my mind is constantly buzzing with new ideas. I have lots of things to thank your inspiring blog for and my hours spent scrolling through your endless ideas!. Thanks so much !!

  13. I love looking at different condo apartment trends. It always makes me think that I would love to have more apartments and a possibility to furnish and decorate each of them differently. The green armchair in the third photo is my absolute favourite:) Hugs, Kay

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