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I never thought I was much of a purple lover in the past, but I know better than to say that now. For a few years I’ve been so drawn to almost every shade of purple (except I’m still not a fan of grape purple, like Crayola box purple, in home decor). I loooove lilacs and lavenders and plum and oxblood and cobalt and indigo that lean more purple. They’re all so good and so fresh-looking to me. Not a lot of people use purples in their homes, so maybe it’s the novelty of the thing, but I mean, come on. How could you not want a sofa that looks just like this? THOSE. TUFTS. ARE. EVERYTHING. EVER.

 photo ScreenShot2013-10-07at103259PM.png

It costs a royal fortune, but wow – what inspiration! I’m painting an old jewelry box lavender this week, partly inspired by this sofa and I love how it’s come out so far. I’ll be sure to share more soon.

So, tell me how you feel about purple and shades of purple? Am I nuts for thinking about how much a I’d love to have a lavender sofa myself?…

 photo front-room-sofa-sofas-rustic-wood1.jpeg

PS – Remember how Julianne Moore only dresses in and decorates with black, white, gray, green and purple….

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41 thoughts on “Lavender Sofa Inspiration

  1. One of my best girlfriends told me she hated purple. (This was ten years ago.) I said, What?! you can't hate a color. She said oh yes you can. She compares it to a bull seeing red. Well, one day, I found myself disliking purple, and avoiding choosing purple. Then one day I hated purple too.
    My friends and family know this about us.
    It's ok – I don't hold their liking purple against them, so they return the favor. I've made some strides – aubergine is okay. The more blue in the violet the better. But the purple couch here is a PURPLE couch. Plenty grape right there. ;)

  2. I didn't notice the lavender as much as I did in how deep of a seat that couch has. Being a short woman I know the only way I could sit there would be on the edge of the seat. Purple is fine in moderation otherwise it reminds me of an eight year old girl's room.

  3. I too have been a life long purple hater – have never had it in my wardrobe or in my home (I love red wine though – does that count :)). I must admit though that sofa is the bomb.

  4. You are talking to an original lavender lover – it has long been my go to neutral AND accent color. It mixes with almost anything. Join John Saladino and Katie Ridder in this appreciation – they have both used it for years too. I'm only freaked that it is becoming trendy – and that will somehow give it an expiration date. But if you love something, it can be a forever choice, which is what I keep telling myself…
    And be sure to check out May Daouk's home in AD and Vanessa Bruno's Paris loft for some great lavender!

  5. Julianne Moore's home is OUTSTANDING. Purple has always been my favorite color – when I was Gracie's age I had big lavender glasses and everyone called me the Girl With The Purple Glasses. When I was still a single girl, I painted my walls the palest shade of lavender and I LOVED it- the color was Benjamin Moore A La Mode. I paired it with whites, silvery beiges and pale turquoise/blue. All this said, it is so hard to pull off well, which is why I think a lot of people avoid it, but why YOU can show us the way! :-)

  6. I loved purple as a child and wanted to have everything purple. Then, I grew sick of it. However, about 15 years ago I realized that I was really drawn to purple and buying more and more purple things. Purple is back in my house! Not quite to the degree of that photo you posted, but more than most people have in their house. My plan is to reupholster both my couch and chaise lounge in a dark purple velvet. Yum.

  7. Just dashing out the door and realized – My coat is purple :) I like purple…and that tufting, too! Great discussion everyone!

  8. Three years ago, I was inspired by the very same Steven Gambrel room that his tufted sofa is photographed in to paint my dining rooms walls a shade of purple. His paint color there was BM Passion Plum, but I ended up choosing a less magenta version Eggplant. It was such a fun energizing and cozy color, especially at night. I say go for more purple, Jenny!

  9. I'm not a pastels person, but I have always adored smoky hues–and that means plum (leaning blue, not red-violet) and dark (not bright) purples. Both are surprisingly interesting in small doses with mustard and gold and brass and citrine. The plum-citrine combo in throw pillows livens up my neutral winter bedding, and I love it for a change. Looking forward to seeing how your work it into your decor.

  10. I have a deep aubergine half bath in my home. LOVE it! so unexpected and always gets compliments. My mom loved it so much when she visited she painted her dining room almost the same color.

  11. I had a purple sofa once and it was a really good sofa…I must admit that I was tired of the purple after just a couple of years. It wasn't a good choice for me. to big a piece and not a neutral enough color. The shape/tufts of that sofa however is lovely.

    also – I'm tainted with purple now. the way Marie from breaking bad decorates her house and dresses all in purple…I don't think I can ever use it again…HA!

  12. I have a deep aubergine half bath in my home. LOVE it! so unexpected and always gets compliments. My mom loved it so much when she visited she painted her dining room almost the same color.

  13. I think among a lot of people my age (ahem, 40) there is a backlash against purple because it was SO popular when I was a child and tween/teen. Prince and his Purple Rain seem to date that vivid purple for me (full disclosure, my room was lavender in 7th grade). So, I've steered clear. But I find myself coming back around to some of the duskier hues. I even injected some lavender back into my daughter's room. It looks fresh with her ice blue and navy. I love how designers like Angie Hranowsky make it sophisticated!

  14. I love purple! I recently redecorated my bedroom using purples (various shades), grays, black and white. It turned out great, not juvenile.

  15. I love purple too. Eggplants and lilacs and even puce. I painted my kitchen/family room gray so I'm taking that as license that I get to decorate with more purple!

    I'm dying my extra sofa cushion covers a deep eggplant. I can't wait. I think it will be gorgeous!

  16. Years ago someone said to me "I can't believe you're wearing the horrible "new" purple." So I decided right then and there to LOV it. I especially love it as an accent to deep greens. k

  17. Boy 5this is timely for me. I just bit the bullet and painted my kitchen purple, a dusty shade that is medium in depth. The floors are terra cotta tiles and I love the orange and purple together ( I am an artist). So now I have a problem…what color do I paint the cabinets? Appliances are stainless. Help me please! I do not mind being daring or being calm, I just want it to look terrific. :)
    Go for the sofa!

  18. Purple is my favorite color! I was thinking the other day about how under-utilized it is in interiors and went looking for inspiration…which is when I realized that a lot of people just don't know what to do with purple. All of the photos I found on Pinterest went either too juvenile, country-sweet (not my thing) or really in-your-face. Some colors work repeated in all different shades throughout the room, but purole is more difficult. I found some good examples of layering with purple that I am excited about.

    Oh and that lavender couch? In love.

  19. That thing is dreamy! I love purple. And yes, the more royal purple or lavender, than the grape variety. I have some lavender in my living room and it looks great with the orangerie fabric and some different shades of green I have going on. Can't wait to see the jewelry box!

  20. I knew I liked purple, but never really considered myself a "purple person" until one day last week I found myself OUT IN PUBLIC in plum skinny jeans, deep purple nail polish, a perfect purple purse, and a lavender notebook. It was….it was a lot of purple all together in one ensemble.

    So, apparently, I *am* a purple person.


  21. It would be interesting to see what the favorite color is of individuals who dislike purple would be. I can appreciate the color but I never wear it or design with it.

  22. I'm not a purple gal, but I can totally appreciate that others like it. It just hasn't ever been *my* color; I'm all about shades of turquoise!

    Now that Breaking Bad has happened, I can't see the color purple in quite the same way. I keep picturing Hank and Marie's New Mexico home with all that awful honey oak cabinetry and purple textiles, haha. Purple definitely looks better when you get to pick more grayed-down woodwork, don't you think?

  23. Gawd… I usually HATE purple but this sofa and the wall even? Really cute. Oh and P.S.? If you ever need a good before and after project in Arizona? I'm up in N. Scottsdale and have PLENTY of rooms/patios that are dying to work with you. Just sayin' ;)

  24. I just bought a lacy, lilac Schumacher fabric last week. It felt like a bit of an impulse buy since I don't know exactly how I'll use it, but it was just. so. pretty.

    I'm thinking master bedroom canopy, balancing it out with some navy and gray…we'll see.
    Bottom line, yeah, I see where your head is.
    alison g.

  25. Love purple. I'm more of a lilac purple and it's its different colors. I like the cool purples. Whatever u do it will look great

  26. Painted a bath Sherwin Williams "Studio Mauve" 2 years ago…not mauve–really, a grayed lavender. Love it still. Works like a neutral; accessories pop.

  27. I have never been a purple fan either. Then my five year old stated it was her favorite color and after buying her tons of purple clothing, I started to see it in a new light. It has to be the right shade though. Plum, eggplant, the very right lavender. She has since moved on to blues like me. We did our family photos a few years ago in gray and purple and they turned out really lovely. My hubby has coloring like Julianne Moore and I put him in a plum, gingham shirt. He looks great in all those colors. She needs to add navy though because it looks great on red heads!! I LOVE the sofa as well. Although, personally I think that wall color takes away from the sofa's fabulousness (I am not sure that is a word) and I would paint it a different color.

  28. I'm gaga over purple, always have been! Luckily my hubby loves it too, so we have a purple dining room. I'm currently modifying the furniture in there, but I think every house needs a little purple ;-). It does have to be used very strategically though.

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