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Jenny Keenan’s Home

I was looking through my files trying to find some Chelsea Editions furniture to share with you guys (inspiration for a furniture redo I’ll hope to share Friday or Monday), when I stumbled across these great photos from Pink Wallpaper. There’s that side table I was looking for! Man, I love Chelsea Editions. It’s like the best parts of mid century and Gustavian furniture designs all wrapped up in lacquer. So good (with a price tag to match).

Shannon featured photos from Jenny Keenan’s home here and shared a link to Jenny’s great blog. I love the lived in, comfortable vibe of her home. But it’s still colorful and a bit preppy. Couldn’t you see yourself living here? Me too. I think this is going to look awesome!

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11 thoughts on “Jenny Keenan’s Home

  1. Absolutely! So funny. I pinned that second picture on Pinterest because I just LOVED the blue and white and everything about it, and it's by far my most popular repin. Thanks for introducing to me the rest of the home! ~Ana

  2. Hey Jenny –

    Love this piece too because it could fit in with many types of designs. I found a similar version through Anthropologie's Home Collection. http://tinyurl.com/3uubr86
    Not sure where this price point compares to your Chelsea Edition, but maybe it's possible.

  3. I love Jenny's home and blog and posted the very same images some time ago. It's just so darn pretty. I also owe you a big thank you as I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to track down that furniture line since I saw it at the Atlanta Mart a few months back and failed to note the manufacturer. The line looks amazing in person. The finish is so beautiful and the color palette, sublime.

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