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Dipped Legs

I’ve been saving photos of painted chairs and stools with raw legs (or natural frames with dipped legs) for a couple years, but I didn’t really realize how much I loved the idea until I saw this image in April’s Better Homes and Gardens.

They used this chair from World Market (on sale for $100 each!) to get this amazing look. I want a whole set, please and thank you. That lavender is lovely.

A few more dipped legs, for your viewing pleasure…




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43 thoughts on “Dipped Legs

  1. I love this idea, but I don't think I would have the heart to implement it on brand new chairs. Especially if those chairs have a Flemish finish, another trend. I like the idea for a vintage set in need of some lovin.
    I recently stripped years of paint of my mother/mine/ and now my daughter's childhood dresser and it was a nightmare. I used to be willing to paint anything that didn't move, thinking I could just strip it one day. I now have second thoughts.

  2. I'm sure you'll get lots of comments from readers who love this… but I think it's horrible :-) I'm all for the unexpected, but these chairs are way too "out there" for me!

  3. I've loved this look since I first saw it on apartment therapy a couple of years ago…but your pics are really inspirational! I think I'd really love to do it to some vintage finds.

  4. Very cool. I love these examples, at first I was on the fence about it but I really love the way it looks with that sanded down bistro chair. I think it compliments natural wood tones really nicely — especially that pop of yellow!

  5. This is so interesting. I have had some old, painted chairs along the way as an antique dealer. More than once I have had some with dipped legs, but always with black paint on the bottom. I have wondered if it might have been so that the chair legs wouldn't show dirt, as if the chairs had been used first in primitive houses in the country.

    I also have some newish, colorful bar chairs with black paint at the bottom. Maybe I will shoot a picture, post it, link back to you, and see what others know about the old ones and what they think of the new trend!

  6. It's an interesting look, but it's not for me. I don't mind the ones with the paint on the bottom as much, but the painted ones with the wood showing at the bottom just don't look right to me.

  7. I like the ones with color on the bottom, but paint on top and raw wood below looks like they ran out of time and didn't finish the paint job.

  8. I like them. It is almost as if furniture pieces wear cute little boots! Of course, some look better than the others, I love those tables!!

  9. All very fine examples. I've had this dipping thing on the brain.

    Jenny I am so glad the storm wasn't as fierce as it could have been.

    Anyway hope all is well and don't forget that I am still one of your number one fans.

    xx – CB

  10. I own some bentwood chairs that I would lov eto do this to! i think i'd paint the legs a mint green and pair them with two industrial stools where the meatl was painted mint green too.

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. But I really am NOT a fan of it at all. It looks wierd and unfinished to me. I especially didn't like the desk. BUT, that's the beauty of this world we live in, everyone has their own style and taste and we're all welcome to our own opinions.

  12. I love the look too and plan on doing it to my mismatched breakfast room chairs. My question: do you think the legs have to be spindly for it to look good? As opposed to chunky legs with other stuff going on.

  13. Interesting! Not sure if I would do it or if it would look good in my space! Very fun though!

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