Huge Artwork Over the Bed

Thank you all so much for the sweet emails, comments and tweets of support about the scariness of last week. I’m sure you heard that hurricane Irene was milder than expected by the time it got to New York, which Michael and I were very grateful for. It ended up being a really nice family weekend. Anyway, thanks again for all the love, concern and support. We had offers to stay at readers homes all over the east coast! I really love you guys. xoxo

Timothy Whealon for Veranda

I’ve been working with Joanna on decorating her bedroom. It’s sooo close to being done and it looks really great! I can’t wait to share the projects here after she does a tour on her blog. The headboard was a killer DIY that you will love, and we really wanted something amazing above the bed, which we found last week and which you will also LOVE! So exciting.

Katie Ridder

Last week we were brainstorming about what size art to go with. I like it when art is placed where it can be easily viewed. Art hung really high on a wall or above a big piece of furniture (like a bed) really should be fairly large. Almost across the board, I only like using a small sunburst mirror (especially for a curved headboard) or really big artwork above a bed. I also don’t mind a grouping of frames, as long as the images are pretty simple and don’t need to be looked at up close.

Laura Seydel

We ended up going with a HUGE photograph above Joanna’s bed – it’s almost the width of her mattress. It’s getting printed this week and hopefully hung next. In my mind and my sketches, it looks amazing! :) These inspiration images are giving more confidence too.

Coburn Architecture

I’d love to hear – what do you have hanging above your bed?

This month’s Elle Decor

Elle Decor showhouse

Kips Bay Showhouse

Elle Decor

Sara Story for Domino

Madeline Weinrib in Elle Decor


Peter Dunham

PS On Babble, I posted a DIY roller shade tutorial that would be perfect for a nursery…

And on one of my all-time favorite wallpapers.

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  1. Some of those pieces of artwork + headboards are amazing! I have a gold starburst clock above my bed, sent to me all the way from New York to Australia actually :)

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