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Unique Ways To Display Art – Our Favorite Frames & Easels

One of my favorite tricks for displaying small scale art is to mix up the frames and the way you display them with stands and easels. This helps breaks up a sea of square edges on a styled shelf!

Citrus II Print  //  Salt Box Print  //  Peanut Print  //  Meadow Flowers I Print

Wood Pedestal Frame(similar)  //  Basket  //  Small Basket with Lid  //  White Vase (similar)

Wood Frame  //  Black Frame

An easel really draws attention to the piece it’s holding. I love to include an easel when I’m gifting smaller art pieces or framed prints. It makes the gift feel so special!

Hillside Print

Rattan Sconces  //  Linen Hand Towels (similar)  //  Black Cutting Board (similar)

Click here to see more of this kitchen!

In my living room, I did a little DIY, screwing a plug-in art sconce into a wooden art easel. I love how it turned out here!

LAKESIDE print  //  KNOTS II print

Frame TV  //  Rust Armchair  //  Wood Console  //  Rattan Ottoman (similar)

Kilim Pillow (similar)  //  Wood Picture Easel  //  Brass Picture Light (similar)

Here are a few more frames with unique shapes, and some options that pair well with easels and stands. We rounded up all of our favorites here below too!

SHADY I print  //  SHADY II print

Black Ring Frames  //  Green Glass Vase  //  Candle (similar)  //  Faux Snake Plant

Women Print  //  Picture Easel (similar)

Big Sur Print  //  Knots I Print  //  Nightstands(similar)  //  Bed   //  Wood Easel

Click here to see more of this bedroom!

 1. Brass Easel  //  2. Rattan Frame  //  Meadow Flowers I Print

3. Black Easel  //  4. Burl Wood Frame   //  Flight Print

5. Hanging Brass Frame  // Wild Oak Print

6. Green Marble Frame Stand  //  Knots II Print

7. Hanging Frame with Leather Strap  //  Citrus I Print

8. Black Easel  //  9. Brass Frame  //  Cove Print

10. Wood Easel  //   11. Black Frame  //  Lakeside Print

12. Black Oval Frame  //  Big Sur Print

13. Marble Heart Frame  //  Moth II Print

14. Wood Easel  //  15. Marble Frame  //  Meditation Print

16. Acrylic Easel  //  17. Braided Frame  //  Botanical I Print

18. Black Frame on Stand  //  Hillside Print

19. Gold Frame on Stand  //  Coneflower Print

20. Black & Wood Frame on Stand  //  Scarlett Print

21. White Easel  //  22. Brass Frame(similar)  //  Dahlia I Print

23. Black Easel  //  24. Gold Scalloped Frame  //  Peachy III Print

25. Brass Frame  //  Gather Print

26. Wood Frame on Stand  //  French Port Print

27. Black Frame  //  Lilies I Print

28. Brass Easel  //  29. Sandstone Frame(similar)  //  Garden Roses I Print

30. Black Easel(similar)  //  31. Gold Frame  //  Format Print

32. Marble Frame  //  Shady I Print

33. Black Frame with Ring  //  Aurora Print

34. Gold Twisted Frame  //  Lowland Print

35. Black Easel  //  36. Gold Frame  //  Butterflies Print

37. Gold Easel  //  38. Rattan Scalloped Frame  //  Sprig III Print


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  1. Love these ideas! I have some cute easels lying around that I never think to use…I need to get on that!

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