Our Editorial Director’s Office Reveal

In today’s post I’ll be sharing photos and sources of our Juniper Print Shop Editorial Director’s office in our newly finished headquarters and also diving a little more into the thought process and products we used in our broader office buildout! OCEAN print  //  BOTANICAL I print Rattan Lamp  //  Leather Desk Chair  //  Round…

In today’s post I’ll be sharing photos and sources of our Juniper Print Shop Editorial Director’s office in our newly finished headquarters and also diving a little more into the thought process and products we used in our broader office buildout!

OCEAN print  //  BOTANICAL I print

Rattan Lamp  //  Leather Desk Chair  //  Round Mirror  //  Brass Knot Chandelier 

Cream & Brass Armchair  //  Woven Trash Can  //  Steel Barn Door

While our office team is currently still working from home due to the pandemic, we sometimes take turns coming in to get our new spaces prepped and pretty for when that blessed day eventually comes and we can all work together again! I have been giving each employee a decorating stipend and free rein for styling their individual offices and I LOVE what Jenna chose for her space. Jenna has classic, effortless style and I think her new office is a perfect extension of her personality and aesthetic!

OCEAN print  //  BOTANICAL I print  //  Wood Frame

Brass Knot Chandelier  //  Woven Trash Can  //  Rattan Lamp  //  Leather Desk Chair

One of my goals for our new office buildout was to find affordable solutions to the design challenges of a typical boring corporate space (think stained ceiling tiles, weird blue carpet, gray vinyl “baseboards,” fluorescent lighting everywhere… the list goes on.) We plan to be in this space for many years and I wanted our offices to feel homey and comfortable. And while I definitely feel more inspired working in beautiful surroundings, I also, of course, had to pay close attention to the budget!

(our office before demo day!)

Here are a couple of ways I saved money, but still got the look I was after:


I chose LVP wood-look flooring for our offices rather than carpet or real wood. It was more expensive than carpet, but much more durable than carpet or even real wood (it’s actually waterproof!). The installation cost is very low with this product because the underlayment is built into the planks and no glue or subfloor is required. It just clicks into place. Since we installed almost 4000 sq ft of this flooring in the office, we hired out the work here (and the installation team finished in a day and a half!). But we are also using this same flooring at my parent’s cabin right now and doing the installation ourselves and it’s honestly so DIY-friendly!

LVP Flooring  //  Steel Barn Door  //  Cream & Brass Armchair  //  Round Mirror


While we did keep some fluorescent lights in areas that don’t have any natural light, we were sure to install more decorative light fixtures in those rooms as well. Yes, this is more expensive, but good lighting is one of the BEST WAYS to completely transform a space and it often gets overlooked by people decorating their own spaces. Great lighting truly makes a space feel more finished and thoughtfully designed. Here’s the secret though – the light fixtures themselves don’t have to be crazy expensive to make the same impact! Pinky promise! When you’re searching for a fixture, focus on interesting shapes and sizes first. Finishes are so important, of course, and that’s usually where you’ll see the difference in cost, but when the budget is tight, I am willing to sacrifice the  *perfect* finish for cost.

Brass Knot Chandelier

We installed these chandeliers in our two directors’ offices and they are incredibly affordable for the size. Do I wish the finish was unlacquered brass instead of satin brass? Sure. But I also think satin brass is MUCH better than sprayed gold, which can look flat and fake. I was mostly sold on the unique shape and large size of this fixture (that has the added bonus of throwing off a ton of light with those three bulbs!). I use 3000k LED bulbs in our office. Bright and clean, but still warm and easy on the eyes.

PS If you’re looking for affordable lighting finds that look great and don’t break the bank, check out the Shop Our Finds section of our site! There are lots of great table lamps listed there too!

Here are a few shots of this same Directors’ offices area from the beginning stages of our buildout. To the right of this photo, across the hallway, is a more open bullpen area, with offices that don’t have doors or solid walls, but still have separation. I thought long and hard about how open or closed I wanted the walls to be in the different areas of our offices. I wanted to encourage collaboration and friendliness, but I also know that I like a sense of privacy when I’m working, so that I can get in the zone more easily, but still be social when appropriate. I’m excited to show you more of these spaces as we continue the office space reveal!


These black metal and glass sliding doors were used in a few places in our offices. You guys, I bought each one for $450! And that included the track too! I thought there was no way the price could be right when I first stumbled on the product listing, but with a ton of great reviews to reassure me, I was willing to take a risk! My official verdict is they’re honestly worth twice the price!

The only thing that was a little disappointing to realize is there is no handle to open or close the door. You just use the door frame itself to pull and push the door, which has turned out to not be a big deal at all. And I like the cleaner, slimmer lines of the door design without having to account for a door pull.

Steel Barn Door  //  Cream & Brass Armchair  //  Round Mirror

Rather than buying overpriced and ugly office furniture for 20 people, I opted to have my contractor build in all of our desks and shelves using MDF and ready-to-assemble drawer units that our trim carpenter installed. I also had him incorporate a piece of homasote board under the first shelf to be used as a pinboard.

OCEAN print  //  BOTANICAL I print  //  Wood Frame

Brass Knot Chandelier  //  Woven Trash Can  //  Rattan Lamp  //  Leather Desk Chair

OCEAN print  //  Wood Frame 

Rattan Ottoman  //  Rattan Lamp

Rubber Plant  //  Basket  //  Crystal Quartz (similar)  //  Palo Santo & Holder (similar) 

Wood Tray  //  Leather Desk Chair  //  “Habitat” Book //  “The House That Pinterest Built” Book

Instax Photo Frame  //  Frame With Leather Strap

Rubber Plant  //  Basket  //  Crystal Quartz (similar)  //  Palo Santo & Holder (similar)

“Habitat” Book //  “The House That Pinterest Built” Book  //  Instax Photo Frame 


I hope you loved this tour of Jenna’s new office space. Next up is the Conference Room! I just can’t wait until we’re all back working together full time in our new offices! :)




Walls – BM November Rain,

Trim – BM Chantilly Lace,

Beadboard on ceiling – BM White Dove



LVP Flooring

5″ eased edge MDF Baseboards with shoe moulding to cover expansion gap

Steel Barn Door (track is included!)

4×8′ Beadboard – cut to size for ceiling tiles

Homasote as pinboard – cut to size and painted wall color

File cabinet built into desk area



Brass Knot Chandelier

Rattan Lamp

Large Round Mirror

Cream & Brass Arm Chair

Leather Desk Chair



OCEAN print


Wood Art Frame

Rattan Ottoman

Brass Push Pins

Woven Trash Can

Basket With Handles

Wood Tray

Rubber Plant

Crystal Quartz (similar)

Palo Santo & Holder (similar)

“Habitat” Book

“The House That Pinterest Built” Book

Instax Photo Frame

Frame With Leather Strap

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25 thoughts on “Our Editorial Director’s Office Reveal

  1. Beautiful!!! Wow, what a space to work in. You have got to be the best boss ever. I would be so happy to come to work every day in a space like this.

  2. This is such a beautiful workspace—I’m so inspired by how you transformed a dreary building into this! I have ceiling tiles in my basement that I hate and have been following along to see how you tackled those. Did you cut bead board to size and pop it in the existing ceiling frame? That is brilliant! Do you have any idea how that affects insulation/noise between floors? Thank you!

    1. We haven’t had any noticeable difference in sound! I’m sure there is a technical difference, but really it hasn’t been something we’ve noticed. I hope you try the beadboard! We are loving it!

  3. This is amazing!! I am moving my staging business into a small older warehouse space, and this gives me so much inspiration. I am going to have all the walls and shelves painted white like you did in your previous space. Thanks for always being so open and sharing your ideas!!

  4. Question about the ceiling tiles, as I need to replace the ones we have in our basement…… are those just cut pieces of MDF beadboard? if so, BRILLIANT!

  5. This is just SO good. I would love coming to work in this space everyday! One source I didn’t see and was curious about… the little round side table next to the brass arm chair? So cute!!

  6. So beautiful, Jenny! Hats off to you and your crew! So glad to see you on IG again. You’ve been missed :)

    1. Hi Denise! The wallpaper in my office is from a Swedish company called Sandberg Wallpaper and the pattern is Raphael in Grey. Hope that helps!

  7. This was fantastic, particularly as it looks like working from home is going to be the new normal for a long while out here in California. Ordered the rattan lamp to make my desk area feel more connected to the rest of my apartment.

    Would love to see the offices of other members of your team — would be fun to see how each of them accessorized, what furniture they chose etc

    (PS really loving the blog posts over instagram… trying to decrease time on IG but don’t want to miss out on your wonderful content!)

  8. I love this space so much. It’s been so inspiring to me to see your office. I love how it’s beautiful but so budget friendly. I’m taking so many ideas away!

  9. Love it all! I hope you continue to share more of the reveal. I especially wanted to know the chairs used at the conference table. Thanks!

  10. Love this office space. Very random q for you! I love the barn door but I’m afraid it is too big. Are you able to tell me how wide your doorway is? Thank you so much

  11. Love all of it! Do you have the source for the wallpaper you used – not sure what room it was – there was just a quick shot of it on stories! Thanks!

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