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2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

  FOR HER: 1. Charm Bracelet – I have a bunch of brass/gold vintage charms and charms from necklaces that I don’t often wear and I’ve been wanting to put them together on a charm bracelet. This one is a great price point and I’m sure will last long enough to see if I really…



1. Charm Bracelet – I have a bunch of brass/gold vintage charms and charms from necklaces that I don’t often wear and I’ve been wanting to put them together on a charm bracelet. This one is a great price point and I’m sure will last long enough to see if I really actually want a charm bracelet. :)

2. “Pacific Natural” Book – I bought this book earlier this year and it is stunning. Not surprising at all, since everything Jenni Kayne touches is perfection! I am so inspired by her choices and her commitment to her aesthetic.

3. Jade Face Rollers – Yes, we all have and love our jade rollers – but have you tried Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage?! I put on my face oil below and roll out a tension headache at the end of the day or smooth out the puffiness in the morning! If I’m watching a show, I’m usually rolling my face. :)

4. Tiger Print Bag – Animal print is classic and neutral in my book. I like that this tiger print feels a little more unique than leopard (which I also love) and the rust tones are so on-trend right now!

5. Face Oil – I love the natural anti-aging properties of this Vitamin C oil and also that it smells like an orange grove in the early spring – not too sweet and very earthy. I love the glow it gives my skin so much that lately I skip foundation altogether and just throw on a little concealer under my eyes and my favorite bronzer and call it good.

6. Wood Earrings – I love statement earrings in organic shapes and materials! These wood bead earrings are on my list!

7. Weighted Blanket – Three of my friends have and swear by this weighted blanket. Yes, it is an investment, but they all swear it is life changing. I struggle to sleep through the night and they all keep telling me I MUST get a weighted blanket. I love that this one is actually pretty though! I’d be happy to have it draped at the foot of my bed!

8. Boots – While I love caramel color leather for bags, I think I prefer a merlot (or black)  leather for boots. I had a pair of boots in a really similar shape and color years ago and I loved them to death. They bit the dust a few seasons back, but I think I’ll be replacing them for myself this year!

9. Travel Jewelry Case – I love monogramed pieces that are small and for personal use. These Wes Anderson-esque travel jewelry cases are right up that alley! LOVE.

10. Gold “Mama” Bracelet – This bracelet would make an excellent gift for baby showers, the first time mothers in your life or for your own mama. I know I would love to get one from my girls!

11. Leopard Print Shirt – Amazon has really cute and super affordable new clothes every time I think to check in. This leopard shirt looks amazing under a blazer and is such a great price point!

12. Dyson Hair Dryer – The hype is real! I have terrible breakage from years of using a really hot blowdryer and curling iron. My hair stylist recommended this hair dryer, which is more powerful but uses less heat. I’m obsessed so far!

13. Olive Green Suitcase – All I really want in life is to travel the world with my family and to have a set of truly gorgeous suitcases. Not that tall of an order, right?! These olive green suitcases, with the leather accents, is just about perfection.

14. “Travel Home” Book – Speaking of traveling the world, my designer friend wrote this book that was released earlier this year, and let me tell you, it was INSANELY INSPIRING, both from a travel perspective but also from interiors. I wanted to jump right into the pages!

15. Handmade Earrings – My friend Krista makes the most beautiful ceramics including jewelry, ornaments and housewears. This pair of earrings has been a favorite of mine this year.

16. Face Spray Set – I love collecting holiday gift sets at this time of year! There are so many deals to be had. I love Mario Badusco’s products and his face sprays make for a super luxe gift!

17. “The Dutch House” Book – I’m not ashamed to admit that the cover first caught my eye with this book, but when I saw Ann Patchett was the author, I knew I had to have it. I finished the book in two days and loved every word. Like all great novels, the story is subtle and the layers continue to peel back as I think about the characters.

18. Diptyque Gift Set – Diptyque candles will always be a SUPER special gift item for me! The scent really stays in a space, long after burning. I like this gift set for trying scents that normally I wouldn’t think to buy in a full candle. Often I’m surprised by how much I love those lesser-known scents and this is a great way to discover!


 1. Leather “Joy of Cooking” Book – I saw this GORGEOUS book at an interior design trade market recently and knew I needed it for my new kitchen shelves. The leather binding is perfection and they updated the graphic design of the pages inside of the book. It is a truly special gift!

2. Green Plates – I love these moody green dinner plates with the perfect little lip.

3. Vintage Distressed Pink Turkish Runner – I re-shared my favorite eBay search for finding great vintage rugs recently on stories and so many of you shared the beauties you found! I love it! Here is the search again and a couple of runners I saw on the first page of the search!

4. Small Vintage Rust Toned Rug

5. Wood Hand Salad Servers – I love a cheeky gift! These wooden hand salad servers are beautiful and super fun.

6. Brass Pepper Mill – This pepper mill is my go-to hostess gift. It’s affordable and looks SO expensive! It’s a gorgeous additional to any kitchen!

7. Sweater Pillow with Tassels – You guys know how much I love a tassel pillow! This one is the perfect seasonal addition for colder months!

8. Exfoliating Hand Soap – I have pretty dry skin and I loved discovering this exfoliating hand soap that smells delicious!

9. “Eat Drink Nap” Book – This coffee table book is beautiful, inside and out! The photography is really special and the cover is worthy of putting at the top of your coffee table book stack!

10. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree – You guys sold out this gorgeous, full faux fiddle leaf tree earlier this year but the great news is its re-stocked and is 30% less than it was before! You can see what the tree looks like in our Evergreen Sunroom reveal.

11. Black 20×30 Frame – We get asked a lot about our favorite frames to pair with our prints. We have many (and you can check them all out here!) but this black gallery frame is consistently one of our favorites!

12. Brushed Oak Wood 16×20 Frame – This frame is my personal favorite. The size and tone is perfection, especially with vintage style prints!

13. Brass Footed Bowl – I love this oversized footed brass bowl for putting on a console or dining table or a kitchen island as a chic fruit bowl.

14. Frame TVLowland Print

We’ve had the Frame tv for a while now and I’m SOLD! It really looks like art hanging on your wall (did you know our digital prints work with the Frame TV? Check out the step by step here in our story highlights) and I love the frame finish options. We got the natural wood color and love it with our floors and white walls. Since the TV screen itself is never black, it doesn’t feel like we even really have one.

15. Bread Boards – I love these handmade breadboards made from 200 year old Beech wood! What a lovely and special gift to give, maybe with these cute cheese spreaders.

16. Olive & Charcoal Rug – This rug was one of the most popular home items we shared with you this year, and for good reason! If you’re looking for a still neutral but not boring rug with a super convincing vintage look at an incredibly affordable price point, look no further! I only wish it came in sizes bigger than 9×12! I could really use a 10×14 in my living room…

17. Footed Bowl – I love weird little bowls and this one is perfectly wonky with its three little feet and beautiful chalky finish.

18. Art Easel – For years I’ve been singing praises of using wooden easels like this one for displaying smaller pieces of art on console tables and shelving. Good interiors for me have a lot to do with finding the right mix of enough stuff and not too much. Little tricks like this one help add visual layers in an interesting way without adding a lot of needless visual clutter.

19. Benjamin Moore Color Preview Paint Deck – I posted about my favorite Benjamin Moore paint deck recently and so many of you were interested in having one for yourself! I find myself using the Color Preview version more than the Classic Colors deck. It might seem like a strange thing to put in a gift guide for most people, but I think we aren’t most people. I’m definitely the type of person that would love a new paint deck in my stocking! :)

20. Chambray Linen Duvet Cover – Chambray is such a great neutral in fashion and also in interiors! I love this great and affordable chambray linen bedding we discovered on Amazon this year and so many of you loved seeing this bedding in our Evergreen Teen bedroom reveal!

21. Brass Sconce – Lucent Lightshop is a local company we love to support! Their products are beautifully designed by wonderful people! Every project I’ve done in the last few years has at least a few of their pieces and I can’t wait to continue working with them in the future! This brass articulating arm wall sconce is one of their best sellers – and for good reason! It’s a stunner!



1. Passport Cover – We’re hoping to do a lot more traveling this next year. I love the idea of a prettier passport cover and I know Michael would love this one with the super subtle monogram in the bottom right corner.

2. Gym Kit – Get a jumpstart on New Years resolutions with this affordable gym kit that is small enough to keep in your car or gym bag and helps you out in a pinch with things like deordarnt wipes, extra headphones, blister bandages and a spare pair of socks.

3. Record Player – We are record-obsessed in our family! It makes for really fun gift gifting around the holidays! I love this beautiful record player that is pretty enough to keep out on top of a storage cabinet, rather than hidden in a closet.

4. Vinyl Records – Amazon makes record collecting and gifting SO easy and fun with their new vinyl storefront. We like to shop for used records at local record stores like Zia and Revolve, but new albums are easy to shop for online!

5. Wallet Tool – How cool is this 10-in-1 wallet tool?! It’s a screwdriver, a can opener, a wrench, a ruler, even a saw! It make me think of the movie Castaway and Tom Hanks’ character using that ice skate blade for just about everything.

6. Ring Doorbell – Do you have one? We’re obsessed and don’t know how we lived without a Ring doorbell before!

7. Theragun – Michael had shoulder surgery earlier this year and he’s still working on healing and strengthening. His physical therapist recommended this deep tissue massager to help with the pain and stiffness around his shoulder and back. He also uses it after leg day or a long run and swears by it’s effectiveness!

8. Leather Keychain – We have a lot of keys with the new warehouse and I’ve been on the hunt for a super simple but effective leather and brass keychain. This is the one!

9. Commuter Bag – Michael has to travel to NYC and LA for his job pretty regularly and since he wears a suit most days he loves this commuter bag with a built in garment bag that protects his shirt and suit from his shoes and dopkit bag, but folds into an easy to carry and tuck into an overhead compartment duffle bag.

10. “Don’t Be A Tourist In New York” Book – Even though we lived in NYC for five years, I still love picking up books about off-the-beaten-path things to do in the city. There’s so much we never did! This book is beautiful and has lots of cool suggestions!

11. Keto Snackschocolate protein bars & chocolate peanut butter almonds

Michael and I have been doing a version of keto-turned-low carb diet for the past two months or so and we’re feeling great! We try to focus our meals on protein and veggies, but sometimes you’re just in a time crunch and you need a snack. These are our two favorites.



1. “Think Touch Learn” Book – This book series for toddlers is beautifully designed and kids LOVE to read them!

2. Rust Fjallraven Backpack – Fjallraven backpacks were trendy at my kids schools before we went to Iceland last summer, but after our trip and seeing those backpacks in every store, my girls extra love them. Grace just asked for the rust color for Christmas, which I can’t blame her on. The color is gorgeous!

3. Hair Clips – With four girls in my house, we go through a lot of hair accessories! I love this affordable and REALLY CUTE set for my daughters and occasionally for me! I’m planning on getting this one and a couple others for stocking stuffers!

4. Wood Rainbow – A forever favorite puzzle that looks beautiful on a shelf and ends up inspiring a million imagination games!

5. Polaroid Set – The original Polaroids are BACK and my older girls are both dying to get one! Instax started the revolution but I think Stranger Things and all the 80s obsession put the focus back on the good old original instant photo!

6. Leopard Vans – Vans must be making a killing the last couple of years especially – they are so, so trendy with young teens. If you walk down the halls of my girls junior high, it’s mostly Vans. Claire wants these leopard print version so she can “branch out from the checkered ones everyone has” and I can’t blame her! They’re super cute.

7. Polaroid Cube Frame – A cute way to let your teens display their new polaroids!

8. Wood Puzzle Boards – Wood toys are always the way to go and these alphabet and number puzzles are a favorite at my house. Margot is learning her letters and how to spell short words, so she’ll bring me little letter combos like MOM or CAT and my heart breaks with the cuteness.

9. Play Tool Bench – Another adorable wooden toy set that kids are obsessed over but isn’t plastic and tragic looking! Keep it up toymakers! More beautifully designed toys please!

10. Peach Sheet Set – My two older girls asked for a room makeover this year and this bedding set was on Claire’s wishlist! CUUUTE!

11. Tetris Puzzle – This wooden tetris puzzle is another one of Margot’s favorites! We have a few different wooden puzzles so I grabbed this storage rack and it has helped us keep all of the pieces organized and not just thrown in the toy box!

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  1. Thank you Jenny! I’m excited to get the touchthinklearn books for my toddler; it can be hard to find books toys that both look good and children really enjoy. Hope you family has a wonderful Christmas!

  2. So many great options! I love the salad servers and that weighted blanket looks heavenly.

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