Cozy Bedding for Fall

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Fall is officially and finally here in Arizona! The crisp air that so many of you have been enjoying for the last two months is creeping in and I LOVE it. I’m a layers person – I love wearing layers and sleeping in them! So one of the first things I like to do when the temperatures drop is swap out my summer bedding for warmer, cozier layers. This year I am really drawn to calm tones and cozy textures to help create a super layered look. We partnered with The Company Store to give one of my team members, Jenna, a bedding makeover and to share my best tips for transitioning bedding from warm weather to cool! We are both OBSESSED with the gorgeous quality of these incredible bedding basics!

Ready to jump in with my tips?

Tip #1: Start with high quality sheets!

This is the part of your bedding that you interact with the most, so this is a great place to invest. When the temps start to drop, you might want to switch out your cool cotton sheets for something a little cozier. We went with The Company Store’s 100% organic flannel sheets and they are by far the softest flannel sheets I’ve ever found. And Jenna says they add just the right amount of warmth, without being too hot.

flannel sheets  //  woven linen duvet  //  king pillow inserts

Tip #2: Pick a neutral duvet

I like having a duvet cover that can take me from season to season. Picking something neutral and textural means that you can switch out your sheets and throws to create a unique look, without having to change every piece. This woven linen duvet fits the bill perfectly! It is SO pretty!

duvet insert  //  woven linen duvet cover  //  cotton throw blanket

flannel sheets  //  woven linen duvet  //  king pillow inserts

Tip #3: Use a warmer duvet insert

I keep two duvets on hand, one that is rated cool for our hot summers, and one that’s warmer for fall and winter. The Company Store is known for their down duvet inserts and has a great selection to choose from. (And if you’re looking for a down alternative, they have an amazing selection for you HERE!) The inserts range from super-light to ultra-warm so you can choose the right insert for your preferences and climate. I usually opt for a medium weight insert for fall and winter.

TIP #4: Upgrade your pillows!

Everyone obviously has their own threshold for how often they get new pillows. I usually swap mine out as soon as they start to get tired and lose their loft after several washings, which is usually every couple of years. I prefer a down head pillow, and usually go with a medium or firm option to avoid it sinking in too much!

down pillow insert  //  down euro insert

Tip #5: Finish with a cozy throw

I feel like you can get away with only neutral bedding where you’re really adding on the layers. I love a good throw for that exact reason! The cloud cotton throw is not only beautiful and textural,  it provides perfect weight and warmth for extra chilly nights! We sleep with the fan on, even when it’s freezing outside, so those extra layers really come in handy for me! I feel like this blanket could easily transition into a summer coverlet too! (I also sort of want one for my sofa?!)

flannel sheets  //  woven linen duvet  //  king pillow inserts

We kept it pretty simple in here with the bed styling and skipped the decorative pillows because we thought the texture of the bedding against Jenna’s gorgeous green paneling was perfect on its own. I love making my bed every morning and less pillows keeps things simple with that chore!

We’d love to hear about your cool-weather bedding must-haves in the comments! And as always, please let us know if you have any questions about the sources!



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42 thoughts on “Cozy Bedding for Fall

    1. Yes, I LOVE this bed frame so much! I would love the source! Thank you so much for creating gorgeous spaces!!

    2. I am looking to buy my first bed frame. What is the one you used? Where did you buy it? I have been typing all sorts of things trying to find this bed

      Please help

  1. What a beautiful bedroom. We’re currently redoing our guest space and I’d love to have something as lovely as this! Can you share the source for the bed side lights?

  2. Love this space. Really like how you kept it simple with the pillows. Would you mind sharing the source of the nightstands? Thank you!!

    1. Thanks, Kim! These nightstands are actually vintage. You can find some of our other favorite white nightstands in the “Shop Our Finds” section of our site!

  3. so, so pretty! and perfect timing as i’m in the process of trying to make our bedroom more of a sanctuary. wondering whether the duvet cover is the natural color or white? love it!

  4. This is so lovely and cozy! Can you share the colour bedding you chose? Is it white or natural and is the throw the stone colourway? I’ve been wanting to update my bedding for awhile now!

    1. Hi Jane. The duvet and shams are the Natural color. The throw pictured was called Safari, but it is sooo similar to the Stone option!

  5. The bedding looks so textural and cosy.
    Will you be sharing a diy on the wall panelling. What kind of wood did you use and what’s the paint color. Thanks so much

  6. Is this linen duvet you’ve pictured the white or the “Natural” color? it has such warm tones and looks fab!

  7. This room is SO COZY ! I love the feel … from the bedding, to the art.. it’s all so perfect :). Could you possibly share sources on the bed frame, nightstands and the adorable rounded corner frame ? The duvet and art are locked and loaded in my cart :) Thanks so much !

  8. I love how you layered the textures! And flannel sheets are my fave when it’s cold out.

  9. Hi love this! I love the neutral colors and the cozy textures. It looks so inviting. I would also love to know where the bed is from? Love, Love, your style and your work!

  10. Love all this so much! I also, would love to know the source of the headboard/bed frame. :)

  11. I know this is an older post but would love to know the source of the upholstered bed if possible :) Thanks so much!

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