How to Style a Nightstand

nightstand  //  bed  //  rug  //  lamp base 

WILD OAK print  //  black vase  //  box with lid  //  horn tray

One of our most frequently asked questions is “How do you style a nightstand!?”. We are firm believers that your space, especially your bedroom, should be the right combination of beautiful and functional. Use the steps below to create a serene space with the perfect place for all of your nightstand essentials!

1. Start with a lamp – Good lighting is key on your nightstand. You’ll want a lamp with a warm bulb that is not to bright, but not too dark for nighttime reading.

2. Layer in a storage basket for throw blankets or pajamas – The perfect place to toss things you use nightly that you don’t want to fold.

3. A pretty box with a lid hides lotions, chapstick and cords – These items are necessary, but can clutter your table up quickly.

4. Use a shallow tray for corralling glasses and jewelry – You don’t want to lose your favorite pair of earrings when you take them off at the end of the day! A small tray is the perfect catch-all for tiny items and reading glasses.

5. Keep your favorite book handy – The perfect way to wind down at night!

6. Florals and greenery add an extra special touch – If real is too much maintenance for you, go faux! Just a hint of greenery will make all the difference!

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9 thoughts on “How to Style a Nightstand

  1. While I appreciate the styling tips and the aesthetics of the items you chose, can someone please PLEASE show us how to style a nightstand if we use a regular alarm clock? I am beyond tired of seeing bedrooms–especially masters where working adults presumably sleep on the regular–where this item is nowhere to be found. You know, a regular old box with digital glow numbers and a cord–not a cell phone and certainly not one of those highly-stylized clocks that is useless in pitch darkness.

    1. Wow – maybe consider less hostility when asking for additional content from a fabulous blog that is provided to you free of charge. I am beyond tired of people spewing unpleasantness for no good reason.

  2. I love that nightstand, but it’s a bit out of my price range. I’d love to see a round up of wider nightstands (26″-30″)! They are so much harder to find at an affordable price! Thanks!

  3. Love the use of the GIF – it’s a really great way of showing how the nightstand comes together with the collection of beautiful items you’ve used to dress it.

    Definitely agree that a warm bulb is essential for your nightstand as it certainly makes your bed more cosy and inviting for some night time reading.

    Looking forward to applying your tips to my own nightstand when I’m finished with renovations.

    All the best,

    Emma at Ironmongery Experts

  4. I have these exact nightstands and the large opening under has always stumped me. I love the idea of a basket for pj’s- my husband will appreciate that too! Love this post and the gif!

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