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Evergreen House: Exterior Paint Reveal

This series is sponsored by Lowe’s.  We had a VERY exciting week at the Evergreen project! The exterior paint (Valspar Duramax from Lowe’s!) went up and all my dreams came true! Can you believe this transformation?! Valspar Nocturnal Green Valspar Gilded Linen HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Cavier Valspar Duramax Exterior Paint for Siding and…

This series is sponsored by Lowe’s
We had a VERY exciting week at the Evergreen project! The exterior paint (Valspar Duramax from Lowe’s!) went up and all my dreams came true! Can you believe this transformation?!
Valspar Gilded Linen
HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Cavier
Valspar Duramax Exterior Paint for Siding and for Stucco
Hardie Planks and Sheets for Board and Batten
Rustoleum Flat Black Metal Spray Paint
Thompson’s Waterseal in Autumn Brown
We had always planned on doing a two-toned exterior, but were thinking of a more mid-tone green on the board and batten. The day before the painters started I had a sudden change of heart and REALLY wanted to do a dark color on the siding! These exterior inspiration images from Atlanta designer Pam Sessions sealed the deal!
So I quickly ran to Lowe’s and picked up a few samples of dark green, almost black colors that I felt worked a little better with the reclaimed brick pavers. From left to right the colors here are Jasper, Forest Canopy and Nocturnal Green.
We picked a beautiful warm gray that reads as white, but I think will hide dust really well. The color is called Gilded Linen and we had it mixed in the Valspar for Lowe’s Duramax formula that is specifically made for stucco finishes. The painters mentioned they were so impressed with the coverage and I’m obsessed with the color.
I missed seeing the dark green paint getting sprayed live, but you can imagine my reaction when I pulled up to the house to have a meeting with the contractor to this gorgeous view! I LOVE IT.
Some of you wondered if the dark color would effect the inside temperature of the house in the hot Arizona summers. We have done dark exteriors here before and there is no interior temperature effect at all! The surface of the dark siding will of course be warmer to the touch than the white stucco, but there will be no difference whatsoever inside the house. One thing to note is that dark colors can fade a little faster than lighter colors and that’s why we were sure to use the Duramax paint from Lowe’s, which is fade resistant!
The board and batten was made using Hardie sheets and planks and I love how they add so much character and dimension to the exterior! And isn’t the fence stain color gorgeous with the new exterior? We used Thompson’s Waterseal on the wood fence (you can read more on the materials in this post). The stain and sealer in one is super fade resistant and is easy to reapply with just a roller! The painters aren’t finished with that project yet, but I love how it’s looking!
The new porch pergola is also getting stained next!

I love this side porch area where the stucco and the dark siding can both be seen with those gorgeous original corner windows. A lot of you asked how we were able to restore these beauties. We had to replace some of the glass and then we used this spray paint to help them match the new Jeld-Wen windows.

The next project is finishing up the checkerboard tile on all the porches! I LOVE the new house color with these inexpensive concrete and cement color tiles!

We are getting to the fun part of the remodel process where the design ideas start to come to real life and every one can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all looking good! :) Can’t wait to get the sod in and some pretty plants!

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40 thoughts on “Evergreen House: Exterior Paint Reveal

  1. I love following along on this project! Everything you’ve done is so beautiful and inspiring (and attainable!!). Can’t wait for the next update.

  2. Stunning! I love the dark green paint–it’s perfect. You really have vision, Jenny. I would not have thought this transformation could be possible.

  3. You nailed it with this color. It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest of this home come to life!

  4. I love everything about this! You are inspiring to follow! Thank you for sharing your design wisdom with all of us.

  5. Wonderful! Now I need to sell my Northern California home and move to Arizona!! STAT!!!!

  6. Beautiful! Would love a post or paragraph on the cement/concrete tile–how to install, anticipated longevity etc. Thank you!

  7. Smart call on the color change. I think Pam Sessions uses SW Iron Ore a lot. I would have been tempted to paint all the stucco the same dark color and maybe wrap the light color around the bottom of the porches and siding to create the look of a contrasting watertable. But your work is always fabulous so excited to see it finished. And I am so excited to see the inside finished; it’s so good already.

  8. I love it! The combination of it all is just perfect! Have you used that spray paint on the exterior of windows before? Just wondering how it holds up over time. My windows could use an update.

  9. Those tiles won’t get slippery if/when it rains?
    LOVE the exterior but honestly, my favorite thing so far are those original corner windows. They give me heart eyes!

  10. Forgive if this is a repeat. My ad blocker is causing issues posting. My question is whether the brick pavers are set in something like mortar or thinset or just on bare ground?

  11. Jenny I know that you have connections to the white mountains specifically Snowflake. Please come by and see me when you come this way. I have an old Pioneer Home built about 1885. Though we are so much slower than you we seem to be headed in so much the same direction. I would love to hear your thoughts and solutions to our home. Love what you do!

  12. Loving this color – loving this project. PLEASE don’t landscape with sod. Its so thirsty and there are so many LOVELY and more creative ways to landscape than boring-old-environmentally-unfriendly grass. I know people will respond with “but we’ve got kids/pets who play on grass” – great news, there are alternative landscaping ideas that kids and pets can enjoy. Would love to see your design savvy applied in a way that serves both families, the environment, and the discerning eye! Thanks!

  13. Hi Jenny- your project looks beautiful so far!! Wondering if you could share the bottom row of color swatches in order left to right. You only listed the dark green color swatches on top. Thanks!!

  14. love the house, i have the same blue color on mine. what color are your shingles? im having trouble deciding what color to go with.

  15. This is really beautiful! I was wondering if you could share how far apart the battens are? We are planning an exterior renovation and batten placement has become unexpected source of marital strife!

  16. THANK YOU for sharing!! I am closing on a dumpy property tomorrow on beautiful acreage and I have been research how to do this siding in black non-stop. Did you do the flat hardie board then add the vertical strips or did you buy the hardie board with the strips? Absolutely beautiful. i’m in NM so also dealing with high heat!

  17. Is the Caviar the front door? The green is so dark it looks black in some photos and checking, as I’m about to paint our house!

  18. Stunning! Beautiful job! What color did you end up using on the house, Jasper- mixed with Valspar Duramax?

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