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Bringing Fall Colors to Juniper Studio

We have a living room set up at Juniper Studio, where we like to sit for longer brainstorming meetings about the Print Shop or calendaring for blog content. We’re constantly changing this space with the seasons and trying out new products that brands have sent to us or that we’ve bought to test before sharing with you all. Rejuvenation sent us a couple of beautiful pieces to cozy up our sitting area for fall and I’m absolutely OBSESSED with these new additions.

5I5A8617 copy

We went a little darker and warmer and a lot cozier – perfect for the cooler temps!

5I5A8693 copy

5I5A8642 copy

rug  //  table lamp

The star of the show here is absolutely the gorgeous Rejuvenation rug! I love that it has the color and styling of a vintage rug, but it is plush, clean and a standard size of a new rug! The best of both worlds! We saved a little money here by ordering down a size (this is the 6×9′) and layering on a flat natural rug.

5I5A8622 copy

striped pillow  //  blue pillow  //  rug

5I5A8634 copy

Isn’t that warm coral color perfection with our black walls?! I also love how Rejuvenation pieces pair so well with vintage furniture like my midcentury modern Plycraft chair and the coffee table (which was a marriage of an antique tiger oak coffee table and a vintage white marble remnant).

5I5A8660 copy

5I5A8657 copy

JUNE print  //  striped basket  //  throw blanket  //  wood console

5I5A8626 copy

GARDEN ROSES print  //  HILLS II print

The pillows are a mix of new from Rejuvenation and vintage finds. You all know I love me a good lumbar pillow and this rust stripe is GORGEOUS, especially paired with the luxe blue velvet pillow!

5I5A8621 copy

The colors are so pretty with one of our new prints HILLS II from Lynne Millar.

5I5A8713 copy

I also love the pop of gold warmth from the inside of the lamp shade!

5I5A8630 copy

5I5A8653 copy

5I5A8670 copy

Here are a couple more photos of this pretty space we all love to hang out in here at Juniper! I’ll link to all the sources here and I’ll include a few more favorites from Rejuvenation. There’s so much to love on that site!

5I5A8673 copy

striped basket  //  throw blanket  //  wood console  //  striped pillow  //  blue pillow

5I5A8715 copy

5I5A8717 copy

striped basket  //  throw blanket  //  wood console  //  striped pillow  //  blue pillow

5I5A8723 copy

5I5A8676 copy


pink rug  //  caned chair  //  brass knobs  //  rust pillow  //  striped lumbar

mirror  //  wood side table  //  blue glass vase  //  wall sconce

striped pot  //  wood bench  //  pendant light  //  white frame 

wood wall hook  //  striped rug

This post is sponsored by Rejuvenation.

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22 thoughts on “Bringing Fall Colors to Juniper Studio

  1. But the COUCH! Where does one find THE COUCH?! (of course, all of it is gorgeous, but I want that couch!)

  2. I’ve been eying it! I think I’ll pull the trigger, and add in several of these lovelies. Thank you!

  3. Love that wall color! Do you think the rug would work with some olive green accents too? It’s so hard to tell the actual colors in it on a computer screen. Thanks!

  4. Hello, I’m curious to know which fabric/color the sofa is. Lovely, love lovely space! Also, was the paint color mentioned? I missed it.

  5. I love the sofa too, and thank you for providing the link. I prefer a tightback sofa because I think that the cushions often look sloppy. I see that you removed yours, did they not wear well?

    1. We still have them and I think they hold their shape well! We take them off sometimes when we’re using larger throw pillows!

  6. Hi,

    What jute rug did you use under the one from Rejuvenation? Loving the layered look. Thanks!

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