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In case you missed it, we are participating in the One Room Challenge this season!! We made all sorts of progress on the design plan for the Gentry master bedroom this week and I can’t wait to share all the detes. This week we shared some before photos, as well as our inspiration for the space here. Don’t forget to pop in every Wednesday for a weekly update!

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Speaking of the One Room Challenge, we are so excited to follow along with my (now IRL) friend Megan Pflug as she renovates the main living space of the Woodhouse Lodge. She recently purchased this A-frame hotel built in 1962 located in upstate New York! Can you even imagine? I’m equally stressed out and excited for her. What a dream! You can follow the progress of the entire lodge on her Instagram, @thewoodhouselodge.

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You know, Pinterest is great and everything (btw you can find me here), but phone screen shots are kind of my favorite thing. When I’m stuck somewhere without wifi, I love scrolling through my screen shots folder and it’s always like a little surprise remembering things that took my breath away! Here are a few of my favorites from this week!

Something about this pattern is completely mesmerizing to me! Also, I’m so drawn to warmer colors these days and this combo is really doing it for me!




We’re hoping to do phase II of our home remodel this year, which will include the kitchen and a lot of exterior work including a new roof. I like the dark color of this beauty!



Though I think we’re going to end up something a little closer to this asphalt plus metal porch combo for our farmhouse style home. I’m obsessed with all of the wood accents.

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We are REALLY hoping we can also afford to put in a pool this year! We’ve been saving for this remodel for about four years and I’d love to knock out as much as possible on our wish list. This pool here is completely my inspiration! I love the simple stone deck and the shallow area that would be perfect for younger kids. Total dream!



Ohhhhhh those bar stools!!!!!!



OBSESSED with the color on these built-ins!



Love the demin-y inky woven fabric on this sofa!



We have a cathedral ceiling in our kitchen and I like the idea of dropping the ceiling a few feet just at the top of the pitch and then adding beams. So unique!!



A great reminder that if things feel extra hard with work or a project you’re doing, it might not mean there is something wrong with your job or the way your are doing your project! It could just mean that you need a nap. :)




And finally!!! We scoured the internet for the best sales and deals this weekend so you don’t have to! There are a lot of Friends and Family sales as well as extra discounts, so be sure you check for any codes for extra savings!!


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I hope you have the best weekend ever, friends! We’re heading into Fall Break with my kids and I can’t wait to cuddle them extra this week after all the craziness that’s been going on in the world. Love to you all. xo

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