Blu Dot Nomad Store Opening!


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You might have seen on my Instagram stories that I got invited to come to NYC last week and help Blu Dot throw a dinner party to celebrate their new 12,000 sq foot store in NoMad! It was a total dream collaboration for me! I have been the hugest fan of Blu Dot products for years, so getting to party with the Blu Dot team and some blogging and magazine editor friends was pretty much my favorite thing.



It was amazing to get to see all of their furniture pieces up close too. I’ve been obsessing over their Toro sling chair and stools forever now and do you remember the Nook bed we used in Lucy’s bedroom? They released a new shade of pink and it is so, SO good!!

(PS Did you see Blu Dot is having their once-annual 20% off EVERYTHING sale right now!? Perfect timing!)


I’m also obsessed with this line of terra cotta vessels they sell. I love seeing such modern shapes in such a traditional material!



The store itself was bright and white and super inspiring! If you’re a New Yorker, you have to stop by! As of yesterday, the store is now officially OPEN! It’s on the corner of Madison and 29th in the NoMad neighborhood, which has become a total design district in the last couple of years especially. There are a ton of design offices and stores popping up everywhere!




Megan Pflug and Rebecca Atwood!! :) :)


Sarah from Shop Style and Jenna from Lunchpails and Lipstick



Jennifer and Georgie from J & G Design


The amazing Blu Dot team set up the most gorgeous dinner spread for us in their customer lounge area. See that gallery wall here? Those are all photographs of the original prototypes of their furniture pieces!! (You can see more on their Instagram feed) It was SO cool to see mock ups made from cardboard and fabric scraps and really rough wood and then to see the finished products out on the showroom floor was so cool. The Blu Dot co-founders were at the party and getting to hear the story of how they started their company 20 years ago was so inspiring!


It was such a great night and it was so fun to see so many friends who love Blu Dot as much as I do. New Yorkers, be sure to stop by the store! Here are some of our favorites Blu Dot pieces in the store and online:


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8

Thank you to Blu Dot for sponsoring this collaboration! All opinions are my own. :)

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