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Toy Room Organization

Remember that little closet in our playroom? I’ve been meaning to tackle the space for a couple of years now. It had become this sort of catch-all space that made it easy for the girls to “clean up” the playroom, but it also felt sort of pointless from an organizational standpoint. They would throw all…



Remember that little closet in our playroom? I’ve been meaning to tackle the space for a couple of years now.



It had become this sort of catch-all space that made it easy for the girls to “clean up” the playroom, but it also felt sort of pointless from an organizational standpoint. They would throw all their toys in there and shut the door. Ta-da!! Clean playroom! But I’m not sure what I expected without giving them a good system for organizing. The biggest problem is we had too many toys, so we first went through and donated a lot of what we had and never used. Some of the toys went upstairs to the girls bedrooms, but much of what we kept was the toddler age stuff for Margot.



I patched the walls with drywall mud where we had taken down the too-big and busted up shelving, and I primed and painted the walls Chantilly Lace (my all-time favorite white). And then it was time for the fun part – the organizing and decorating!

The girls and I went shopping together and we were thrilled to finally have a reason to pick up some of the Pillowfort products at Target. I’m sure you’ve seen the adorable displays in the stores! SO many cute, cute products. The coral pink, neon yellow, mint green and happy lilac colors paired so well with the vintage rug I put in the closet and the bright white walls.


There are a ton of beautiful patterned fabric bins and cute wire metal bins from the Pillowfort line that made it easy to sort the small toys into categories like Legos and wooden blocks and animal figurines.




I LOVE these metal wire ones with the drop fronts that make it easy to put away items without even moving the basket! They are stackable too! I thought about grabbing a few more of these to mount directly to the wall for dress ups storage.



pink touch on/off task light


On the window wall, the girls chose a panda and a unicorn to hang up (they had to make them pipe cleaner tiaras and necklaces first though, naturally!)


I also hung up a vintage pastel and a heart marquee sign (that has an auto shut-off after 3-4 hours! High fives.)


We have some blue bookshelves in the playroom that work really well for the big girls books since they can easily reach them. But I picked up two of these tiny kid bookshelves to mount down low to put Margot’s favorite books out on rotation.



white hanging bookshelves  //  GIRLS RULE wire sign


The light filtering curtains were another fun addition! I love the sweet butterfly pattern and that they are basically black-out curtains (makes nap time about a million times easier!)


I love that this little space works and feels SO much better now, but my very favorite part has been how much the girls love being in here! And cleaning up has been a breeze for them, now that everything has a place.


flamingo  //  tassel pillow



Here are a couple of other favorites from Target‘s Pillowfort line that my girls have been saving up allowance money for. They really want to put a little activity table in the playhouse and we’ve been eyeing these adorable little mint chairs!!


Metal Kids Table  //  Green Glass Table Lamp  // Squiggle Canvas Bin  //  Lilac Teepee  //  Mint Kids Chairs

LGN Pillowfort 2

Lilac Striped Rug  //  Tufted Ottoman  //  Scallop Side Table  //  Panda Lamp  //  Aqua Wire Basket

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34 thoughts on “Toy Room Organization

    1. I know! We definitely had bedrooms this size when we lived in Boston and NYC! Hahah! Suburban living at it’s finest! :)

  1. Nailed it, every component is amazing. The curtain fabric to the stuffed animal heads- I want to copy every single thing! great job!

  2. Oh this is so adorable! I wish we 1) had a dedicated playroom and 2) had a closet like this. Margot is getting to be such a big girl! As a mother of a 15th month old son I would be quite concerned he could (and definitely would try to) pull the wire bins off the shelf down onto him, along with their potentially sharp edges. Did you anchor the bins on the lowest shelf? Or is Margot not handsy like my little one? Or does the door stay closed to the closet to keep her safe?

  3. First of all, gorgeous room. So engaging! I’ve shared your post as the ideal way to use storage for the littles–a mixture of open and closed storage.

    p.s. the picture of her looking at all the bins is *adorable*

    Thanks for the great post!

  4. You have organized that room to perfection, just what little princess need. I love those white hanging bookshelves I was looking for that kind of shelves for year. Great find.

  5. I love the way you organized toys in shelf, great work. I would only make those curtains bit shorter because of child safety , Somebody could step on them an rip them off .

  6. Great way you have organized child playground room. I love those little shelves they are really handy. I have them nest to my work table and I place finished projects scripts in right and working projects in left.

  7. Thanks for this post, Jenny!
    I think I speak for all of us when I say we are desperate to see what you do with the girls rooms!

  8. We have one of those little red kiddie accordions too, and while I’m not exactly pleased I’m sure relieved to see that someone else’s bass buttons have fallen into the instrument too. ;) We’re not the only ones! Whew! :D

  9. What a sweet little room! I have to admit that the playroom is the room that I find most difficult to keep tidy in our house… although I can definitely use some of your ideas. Especially the mesh baskets – they might actually be able to find something in them WITHOUT having to throw everything out!

  10. I love your green print! Is that a Picasso print? Do you know the name, per chance? As always, this room is awesome!

  11. Hi! I love how organized everything looks! And to see the butteryflu curtain in action. I wasn’t sure it would look nice but now that I see it in a room, I love it! Where did you get the wood abacus that can stand on its own?! Thanks!

  12. My name is Cassie and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the toy room organizer tags, and being the OCD woman that I am, I would love to find out what font you used for your tags. Also do you have a blank template that I can use so I can make some more customized tags that match my others? I know this sounds silly, but I love when things match and I Love these darling tags! Thanks so much, Cassie

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