Girls Night Outdoor Dinner Party

Kate’s grandma lives on a beautiful property with tons of gorgeous, mature trees. It was the perfect place to host a low-key girls night last weekend. The weather was gorgeous and the company was even better! oval woven tray  //  white vase We’ve been working with Target this spring to share some of our favorite…


Kate’s grandma lives on a beautiful property with tons of gorgeous, mature trees. It was the perfect place to host a low-key girls night last weekend. The weather was gorgeous and the company was even better!





oval woven tray  //  white vase


We’ve been working with Target this spring to share some of our favorite ideas for easy entertaining and I love this set up we made with a low lounge table, inspired by all the GREAT throw pillows at Target right now! The weather has been so beautiful lately, we all want to spend as much time outside as possible!


 cream textured pillow  //  blush macrame pillow


outdoor pouf  //   yellow pillow  //   cream macrame pillow  //  striped tassel pillow  //  navy pillow

We grabbed a jute rug and an assortment of pillows and throws in different colors and patterns right before the party and threw them out right on the ground underneath the pretty cafe lights we strung up in the trees.



To keep the prep as low key as possible, we hired our friends at 824Pizza to come to the party and grilled some pizzas for us to serve with a delicious salad – so simple!


blue candle  //  blue and white platter  //  white salad bowl

The purple potato and rosemary pizza was my favorite! YUM.


Kate and I are both soda-lovers, so we set up an Italian Soda station on this cute rattan bar cart. We had a few flavored syrups out with fresh fruit and whipped cream.



bud vase  //  cake stand



beverage bins

Some of our favorite combos ended up being Fresca with raspberry syrup and fresh peaches and Diet Coke with peach syrup and cream. I love the hand-blown tumbler and paper straw combo!


pub glasses  //  straws


And isn’t the low table great? It was Kate’s genius idea. We made it super fast with just a sheet of furniture-grade plywood and a few lengths of 1×2″ trim!

table 4

table 5

We stained it with my favorite DIY stain color – Minwax’s Special Walnut and then we added some hairpin legs.

table 6

table 7b

It is lightweight but sturdy and makes for a great indoor or outdoor coffee table the rest of the time! You could always make it a little smaller too. We had the hardware store do all the cuts for us to make this project as simple as possible!


tufted blue pillow


The dark stain makes the bright white dinnerware just pop!


dinner plate  //  salad plate  //  hemstitch napkins


I love how easy it was to throw this simple outdoor dinner party! There wasn’t a lot of planning or prep needed – just a memorable setting, good food and pretty decor. We stayed up really late talking and laughing and eating allll the carbs. :) It was pretty much a perfect night!




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  1. I am trying to subscribe to the newsletter but the feature does not work. How can I do that?


    1. Hi Irina! I’m not sure why the newsletter isn’t working for you! I am getting the email notifications when I post and so are the girls that work for me. I will look into it though! Maybe there is a glitch for people that recently subscribed?

  2. I have these lights and they say not to plug more than two strands together so not sure how to achieve this look in my backyard without a hundred extension cords. What did you guys do? It looks so beautiful!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! We bought the legs at a local shop called Modern Manor, but you can find them in all sizes on Etsy! Hope that helps! :)

  3. Beautiful post! Love the white vase–it’s just what I’ve been looking for! However, the link for the vase goes to the oval woven tray. I searched the Target website for the vase but couldn’t find it. Could you add the name of the vase and/or fix the link for the vase? I’d be very grateful! Thank you so much!

  4. Hey Jenny! Okayyy…you have seriously been reading my mind. I have been planning to make a desk and was thinking, “Maybe I can attach hairpin legs to it? I don’t know but it might work…” And then I saw this post with your process for making the low table with hairpin legs and it’s exactly the confidence booster I needed! I have a couple questions about your process though if you don’t mind!

    1. When you built this table, you said you used furniture grade plywood. Did you use one “thickness” or two? In the photo where you’re attaching the trim, the edge of the table looks like there are two pieces stacked on top of each other. If that’s the case did you glue those pieces together or screw them together first or something? I’m not planning to use plywood for the project I’m doing right now but I’d like to know what you did here for future reference, I’d love to make a coffee table like yours or even a larger dining table with that method someday if I get really adventurous.

    2. For the desk I’m making, my plan is to basically follow your tutorial for the faux marble credenza top you made, but with a larger piece of wood (one of the cheapo basic primed doors from the hardware store actually) and then screw on hairpin legs. In that post you mentioned that you should make sure to continue the marble pattern over the edges so it looks like a continuous slab of marble, but what about the resin? It needs to be flat to dry and cure, right, so did you just not worry about adding resin to the edges or is there another method of making the edges shiny and smooth like the top of the faux marble slab?

    Thanks so much for your help and for being my #1 source of design and DIY inspiration! I’ll send you pictures of how it turns out! xo

    1. Hi Hannah! We put a little bit of scrap wood under the legs, so we could use a longer screw and make the legs sturdier. And in the marble post I talk about smoothing the resin down the sides. It’s not all that easy to do, but it does work! :)

  5. Love this post! Can you please do a separate post specifically addressing how to make the table? I would love to make it but as an amateur DIYer, I need specific instructions.

    1. Hi Alex! I don’t have any more photos, I’m sorry! But if you have any specific questions, feel free to email hello at littlegreennotebook dot com! xo

  6. Hi!!! I’m obsessed with your table and would love to make one for my birthday picnic. Can you let me know what size plywood you used? And did you purchase 2 pieces and glue on top of the other to make it thicker?


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