DIY Upholstered Box Spring

The latest Domino is on news stands now! My story for this issue is all about how to make an upholstered bed using just your box spring and some furniture legs. I love how this project turned out!

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The directions are on pages 96 and 97, but the basic idea is to strip your box spring of any extra plastic corners and then upholster the boxspring with whatever fabric you want. I used the scraps of velvet I had left over from the headboard upholstery project. Then you just attach furniture legs to the corners.

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I bought the hairpin legs at a local shop called Modern Manor but you can find them in lots of Etsy shops. And really, you could use any type of furniture leg you’d like. If you needed to reinforce the corner of the boxspring for more places to attach the leg to, it would be easy to add a piece of 2×4 or 4×4 to the inside corners.

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Fun and easy, right? Grace sleeps on this bed every night and it’s held up great for months now. I love that we got the look of a matching upholstered bed frame for basically no money!

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19 thoughts on “DIY Upholstered Box Spring

  1. I bought a storage bed from ikea that basically appears to be a box spring covered in fabric with legs. What is great about this bed if you live in the city is that there is so much storage inside. It holds 11 flat storage totes. One bed holds out of season clothes, one bed holds holiday decorations, another bed holds skis. They are like having an extra armoire without taking up precious floor space. The top of the storage bed is hinged, and is easy to open. I have covered one with a grey fabric but the rest are still cream.

  2. Looks absolutely amazing! But how do you put on bedding – just on top of the fabric? And she isn't bothered by the fabric edge? Such a great idea – I'd love to try it out!

  3. The bedding shouldn't be interacting with the box spring- it goes on the mattress. The fabric won't be felt because it is below the mattress.

  4. Beautiful!!! Did you add a center support too? I could totally see my littles make the bed collapse during one of their bed-jumping sessions. :)

  5. I love this idea. But I have to ask…did you upholster the headboard also? Or was that something you had done by a professional?

  6. Nicely done! This is such a great idea that could be done for next-to-nothing in terms of budget. By the way, may i ask where the nightstand is from?

  7. I had to look closely to see if that was you on the cover of this month's issue. I've never noticed how much you and Jessica Alba favor!

  8. GORGEOUS! I want to try this – but I had the same thought as one commenter above: I wonder if the box springs would break/collapse under the weight of kid jumping on the bed or just two adults sleeping in the bed?

  9. I was about to write, "Jenny, the styling here is magazine-quality!" and then I realized…ummm….duh, Domino. Absolutely beautiful. You continue to make everyday finds look like $1M, Elle-Decor style (or…ummm…duh, Domino-style, as it were).

  10. I bet you can slip stitch the corners with the pleats / overlapping fabric shut with a curved upholstery needle…. Lots of videos online that show how to do it. You’d see a seam but it’s meant to almost invisible by the time the stitch is done. It’s often used with pillow closures as well in higher end pillows except the sewer uses a straight needle.

    I’ve been looking for examples of of upholstered box springs that have hand sewn fabric stripes (either a back stitch or slip stitch) and haven’t found any.

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